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Written evidence from J Gordon (BUS 125)

I am writing to ask for your help about the disruption in the service 10A. To Greenside. This service was very frequent and dependable. It served this area perfectly; we could go directly to the Metro Centre or Newcastle. All these buses were new clean and comfortable. I know the 10a now stops at upper Greenside this is too far for us and many others retired people in this area to walk.

The replacement service 69a only runs once an hour then does not go to any of the shopping areas, Gateshead, Newcastle or the Metro centre. Hence every journey is very inconvenient and takes twice as long, as we have to change at Blaydon.

These buses that are used for the 69a are old rattles and uncomfortable.

Return journeys can be very difficult; if the bus from Metro centre or Newcastle is a little late then you miss the 69a at Blaydon. This means you have to sit in a cold drafty shelter for nearly an hour.

The government is trying to encourage us all to use public transport, yet this company is making it difficult to do this.

May 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011