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Written evidence from G Hutchinson (BUS 128)


I am writing to oppose and object to the proposed cancellation of the above bus service. I am totally reliant on the service when i do not have access to a car, using it to take my children, aged three and eight months, to playgroup at Elwick, the Play bus at Dalton Piercy, to town, to the Marina, to Tesco and simply to Ward Jackson Park. I have even used it to go to their swimming lessons at the hydrotherapy pool at Tunstall School. I may have to rely on the service to pick up my daughter from the Sacred Heart School at 3.10pm in the not too distant future.

The bus stops directly outside my house and transports us safely to our various activities. As there are no pavements or street lights outside my home and the road has a national speed limit, this makes it extremely dangerous to venture out on foot, especially as i do, with a buggy and a toddler in tow.

Removing the service would be extremely life-limiting for me and my young children. The service also provides a life line for many older people and teenagers in Elwick, Dalton Piercy and en route and this is reflected in the community/social atmosphere on the bus amongst the passengers.

Removing this service is a "cut" too far as it provides no feasible alternative for me or the surrounding community to use and it means I will have to put myself and my family at grave risk to continue just a fraction of our current daily life.

I urge Hartlepool Borough Council not to cut this crucial link with the rest of the town.

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011