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Written evidence from J Powers (BUS 131)

Can I take this opportunity to make you aware of the situation have found ourselves in because of the Government cuts which have lead to the withdrawal of bus services to the rural village in which we live.

We live in Elwick Village which is on the outskirts of Hartlepool, which is in the region of four miles from the nearest sixth form college, with no footpaths out of the village. Because of this when my daughter began college she was given a bus pass which didn't go directly to the college, but did get her into the vicinity, she was then able to walk the remainder of the way which wasn't ideal but meant that she could pursue her further education. Since the removal of the bus service my daughter now has NO way of getting to and from college. As we work in Darlington which is approx. 25 miles away all she can do on an evening when college closes is walk to the nearest shopping centre and wander aimlessly until the shops close until we can get there to pick her up. Considering some days she finishes college at 12.15pm and we can't get into Hartlepool until 5.30pm it's not surprising that my daughter is worried about her future. Is she surely not entitled to the education she deserves? My daughter works very hard and gets excellent grades and I feel appalled that her future education is being jeopardised in this way!

At the moment the only way she can even get to college is because she is allowed to get on the High Tunstall school bus and walk the remainder of the way to college, but she is only allowed this provision until July when she will be totally stranded with no way of finishing her A levels and the education she has worked so hard for.

My daughter's social life has also been badly affected as she can no longer meet up with and go out with her friends who live outside of the village. She had a part time job in town which she has recently had to give up because of the removal of the village bus service. Does the Government not want us to bring up children who want to be educated and work for a living?

I would be very grateful if you could pass on our worries and concerns to the Transport Select Committee about this matter and help save the future education of our children.

I look forward to hearing about the outcome and conclusion of the investigation.

April 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011