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Written evidence from Adapt (North East) Ltd (BUS 45)


Adapt (North East) Limited is a user led organisation, registered charity, company limited by guarantee and a social enterprise that seeks to provide services for the people of North East England and particularly Northumberland. These services especially seek to support disabled and disadvantaged people and those isolated through difficulties in accessing public transport because of issues such as age, sickness mental or physical disability or poverty.

Any surplus that is made is re-invested into the company in order to pursue other activities that will benefit members. The organisation is governed by a board of trustees who are appointed based upon their experience and abilities which they bring to the company. Disabled people have always been integral to the board and this is reflected through the organisations status as a ULO.

Adapt is an active partner within Northumberland Strategic Partnership (LSP for Northumberland) and holds a seat on the Health and Wellbeing Thematic Partnership. Adapt works in partnership with Northumberland Fire and Rescue and Northumbria Police through Road Safety Partnership and has developed training to support Road Safety.

Adapt's primary aim is to "Improve the quality of life of both disabled and disadvantaged people", and through consultation with both members and the wider community identified access and transport as an area requiring services. In response to this Adapt in1996 developed a community transport brokerage, which has successfully developed into a proactive community transport scheme.

Adapt have developed services and undertaken public service contracts namely home to school transport for both SEN routes and routes in geographicaly remote areas within Northumberland. Adapt through working in partnership with community partners have developed dial a ride solutions and provided access for community groups. Adapt recognise the importance of providing a quality service and have invested heavily in low floor and non low floor accessible vehicles.


Adapt delivers several home to school contracts and a small number of contracts to provide services for adult social care.

Adapt uses the down time of the vehicles to provide 14 Dial a Ride Services in rural Northumberland.

The Dial a Ride services provide access in rural areas where there is no public transport available through lack of commercial viability.


Adapt is eligible and claims BSOG at the rate of £12,000 per year.

Adapt also receives funding from Northumberland County Council passenger transport budget.


Passengers are able to access some of the Dial a Ride services with their concessionary fare pass.

Additional problems identified by potential passengers are that eligible people are not able to access the bus due to numbers of passengers from outside the area travelling for a day out.


Passenger issues range from the lack of availability of public transport to access employment opportunities to the lack of accessible public transport.

Issues are fed into the public transport team through ongoing dialogue with Adapt.

January 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011