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Written evidence from G Oldfield (BUS 66)

I live in a village bordering the City of Norwich.

I am severely disabled and am unable to walk very far—only a few yards. Fortunately I have a Blue Badge and a concessionary bus pass for the city Park and Ride. I use a tricycle to get around, and I use the Park and Ride two to three times a week, and to do so, I have to drive about three miles to the Park and Ride terminus. The bus has a ramp which I use to get on to the bus and I park my tricycle on the bus in the place for wheel chairs.

Unfortunately, our bus terminal has just lost the County Council attendant, and therefore there is no one to give the parked cars security. Since we have lost our attendant the number of people prepared to leave their car exposed to theft has dramatically reduced, and therefore the revenue to the council has gone way done—including the revenue from me.

Prior to the cuts to the service, it was excellent for people like me—and looking at the use of the service now, to many other people as well.

I understand that savings have to made after the activities of the last government, but I am being severely discriminated against.

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011