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Written evidence from R Sumser (BUS 67)


I use "Park and Ride" at Postwick (Norfolk) for shopping and voluntary work in Norwich city centre. I am a pensioner and since the closure in February of waiting room and toilet facilities, less car park security and fewer buses, I have become very dissatisfied with the "Park and Ride" service.

Added to this, with the forthcoming withdrawal of the Saturday service in April and hence the difficulty and cost in parking my car in Norwich on a Saturday I will no longer be able to offer my services for voluntary work.

The whole purpose of a Park and Ride facility is to lesson the amount of traffic using and parking in city centres. With any business the main ingredient is investment and unless this is met then less people will use the facility. On the other hand, the more attractive a business is then the more people will use it.

In keeping in line with government cuts, I will also be implementing my own cuts and that is not to visit the city and therefore saving money not only on the Park and Ride but by not eating out. My shopping however will be done on-line and at out of town supermarkets.

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011