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Written evidence from A Darbyshire (BUS 69)

The cutbacks will hit hard on our communities (Wigan, Greater Manchester), the school children instead of paying an 80p subsidised fare and now being told from April that the fare will be half the adult fare which will be in the region of £1.80 each way. This is a huge blow to families even with one child but a disaster to families with several children who need a bus service. Personally I feel this will put more cars on the road, parents will find it cheaper to take children to school even with petrol costs so high than pay the new bus fares.

It will add to congestion, accidents and impact and the state of our roads with more repair costs due to private vehicles using them for school runs.

In the long term I cannot see how money will be saved, it will just have to be spent on road improvement programmes and repairs which will be counterproductive to the savings plan!

The sick and disabled wishing to attend early morning hospital appointments at the moment can travel for the same 80p before 9.30 am. This is also being raised to the half fare rate before 9.30am Monday to Friday, so you will have people trying to book later appointments being unable to afford to travel on the new rates. The subsidised 80 pence fare I think was affordable even though it was free after 9.30 am. With the National travel pass some would still make the journey and pay the 80 pence but I cannot see anyone now paying the higher fares which is also counterproductive—people will just travel for free after 9.30 am and the hospitals early morning clinics will have vacancies and the bus companies will have lost the 80 pence revenue!

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011