Bus Services after the Spending Review - Transport Committee Contents

Written evidence from J Willett (BUS 78)

1. The elector is aware that the Transport Committee is looking into the concerns for future bus services, the outcome for rural areas and communities which shall suffer as a result, the accountability of the Councils in rural England are all facing the same, reduced or total reductions in vital services.

2. The Government in conveying greater powers to Councils in the entire capacity in a period of the forthcoming five years, shall by the very nature reduce the income in terms of tourism in such counties as Shropshire with no doubt higher unemployment as a result.

3. The travel to work "circus" will not assist the younger generation in tackling their search for employment nor the aged Society who will be denied the very rights that Governments from one Party to the next advocate.

4. The elector asks what evidence has been taken from the Chief Executive of the Jobcentre Plus as well as local community groups.

The elector cites the lack of forward planning as the changes and reforms continue, the very severity in welfare reforms is not in the least reflective of just how the future five years will realise the total eclipse as the copy of the enclosed leaflet outlines.

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011