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Written evidence from H Whitaker (BUS 82)


I am 92 years of age, and the free bus pass is a great help and necessity to and from our area, and is much appreciated by our age group. I live in a bungalow at the foot of Rombalds Moor, I can manage to walk down but find it impossible to walk uphill, therefore the free bus service (Horse Close) is a boon.

The fare for under age passengers is £1.80 single, which in a matter of four or five times per week would be more than we can manage. I use a taxi for a week's shopping which is £4 one way. There are numerous visits to the doctors as you can imagine at my age, and local hospital. Sometimes an appointment coincides with a bus, apart from this, it is nice to have a day out in Harrogate. Unfortunately that services has been reduced. Keighly is another good free bus service which enables us to shop at Marks and Spencer's too.

I travel to Gargrave to take flowers to my brother's gravestone, if our free bus pass ceased, I would be robbed of a life line. I sometimes think I am living beyond my sell date, but as long as I am able to get out like this, I do fairly well considering. I look after myself, do my own housework etc, and life seems worthwhile so long as I can manage and get out, otherwise I'd be confined to four walls and vegetate, probably go mental or live in a home of some sort, costing the earth to the powers that be. So please, please, do consider to continue to give us a free bus pass.

This Government promised they would, that is one reason we voted for them. Look at it this way, if you had an aged mother, or other relative, who was on a low income, could you honestly rob her of one of life's such luxuries. Surely we aren't going to be cast aside without these little extra's added to our meagre pensions, we who fought for our country, my husband served in the army from 3 September 1939-46, Dunkirk included, and I worked on munitions for a while. Are we not entitled to something more than just an existence in life now, after all you may not have many more years to support us. Our MP Julian Smith has asked all Craven residents to make their views known on the future of our free bus service, well, I've done my bit and my best to point out my feelings and hope and pray all things will be given due consideration to OAPs with a favourable answer.

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011