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Written evidence from C Walker (BUS 86)

I am 17 years old currently studying at Craven College, Skipton. I have seen an email that says your company wants people to write in about cuts made to public services and how it has affected people. North Yorkshire Council are cutting the times of the X59 bus from Skipton to Harrogate, this bus is the only bus to link Skipton and Harrogate. It's £3.10 return (with a half fair pass) £6.20 without. Many users are affected by the time reductions, the bus currently runs every hour, from 8:30 am leaving Harrogate, the journey is around 50 minutes. North Yorkshire Council want to cut the service to just two times a day, the first one leaving Harrogate would be 9:50 and the final journey back to Harrogate would be 2:50 pm.

I regularly use this service along with many others, I use the bus to do my duke of Edinburgh Gold at Pately Bridge, and to see my boyfriend on weekends. The times that the bus would run now wouldn't be of any help to me as I finish college at 4:00 pm on a Monday and can't get back to Harrogate cheaply without this bus. To get from Harrogate to Skipton using the train (as it would be the only other way if the 8:30 am bus didn't run) would mean catching the 7:50 train to Leeds, which would arrive at Leeds at 8:30 am then I would have to catch the 8:50 am Skipton, arriving at Skipton at 9:24, this would roughly cost £13. I finish college at 4:00pm and would normally get the 4.30 bus to Harrogate which would get me back to Harrogate for 5.25 whereas I would now have to wait for the 16.49 train to Leeds, then I would catch the 17.44 and get back to Harrogate for 18.16. This is a huge inconvenience for me, as I start scouts at 7:15, I would have to catch the 18:30 to Pately I would get their at 19:30 not only would I be late but will have had nothing to eat and not be dressed correctly.

Furthermore, my friend's from college use this bus every day, they are saying they won't be able to afford to get to college every day, paying £13 to get there, and are thinking of dropping out of education. I have been fighting for this service, we have over 200 signatures to save the bus, and many emails that have been sent by other users, who use it for work, leisure and to see friends. Users are of all ages, and this bus is normally full with people.

What more can I do to save this bus?

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011