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Written evidence from D Walsh (BUS 89)

I am over 60, and therefore have a free bus pass. Perhaps I might be considered to be insulated against increases in fares etc. That is not the case, as if the service is cut entirely, or reduced to the point of uselessness, the free pass is of no value.

If a moderate flat rate fare were introduced for bus pass users, and that helped to keep a useful service in place, then I know of a number of over 60s that would be happy with that.

However, I suggest that great care is needed to prevent this simply becoming a revenue earner, or lining the pockets of the bus companies.

Perhaps the method would be on a case by case basis, where the existing pass carrying users of a service were canvassed for their views, eg by issuing a questionnaire with the zero value ticket.

Done properly, this could preserve a number of rural services that might otherwise disappear, or like the Skipton to Harrogate service, be reduced to virtual uselessness.

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011