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Written evidence from E A Turner (BUS 92)

I understand that you would like bus users to comment on the way changes to the bus services have, or will, affect them.

As a non-driver, we chose the village of Winsham very carefully when we moved here from Chard three and a half years ago. At the time there was a splendid service, the No 99 which went straight through to Taunton once every hour. This meant that trips to Chard and Taunton were almost hassle-free.

Now, we have the No 90 bus which only runs to Chard and is every two hours. I find that I am terrified of missing the bus home because two hours is a very long time to have to wait for the next one. Trips to Taunton are also affected as we have to juggle the time-table to catch the connection in Chard.

A lot of villagers no longer use the bus because they have no one to call to rescue them if they miss the bus, or as happened last week, the bus breaks down and is taken out of service. Others take their car to Chard and travel onwards by bus to avoid a long wait.

Unless a service is user-friendly, it is not going to be used and this causes the bus company to say that there are insufficient users and they withdraw the service. One minute we are being asked to be "greener" in our outlook and use public transport and the next we are being forced into using our cars. Now that fuel prices are so high, we are beginning to feel like prisoners when once we had the freedom to go shopping, visit hospital, the doctor, the dentist, the optician etc as well as meeting friends and relations.

March 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011