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Written evidence from C Sweetland (BUS 95)

I live in a rural area of Somerset and have already written to my local MP regarding the situation which I find very unfair regarding public buses. It seems to me extremely unfair that subsidies for bus passes for young people and EMA etc is being withdrawn and yet the over 60's still do not have to contribute anything towards their tickets. (And please don't tell me that there will be other arrangements to replace the EMA because that is only available to those who don't work or who didn't make an effort in the past and not to people like me, a single parent who has worked very hard and gained a job with a moderate income.)

Why could the over 60's not pay a small amount rather than the young having to pay ridiculously high fares. My middle daughter will not be able to attend the excellent colleges in Taunton or Bridgewater, like her elder sister, because there are no buses connecting at the beginning and end of day for students, and yet there are still several running during the middle of the day for those not paying. As a parent, do I decide to continue working, travelling in the opposite direction to the town where my daughter wants to attend college or do I give up work so that I can take her to the college so that she can get her A levels and progress towards a career?

I am not alone in having to make this decision and it seems so unfair. What is the point of having colleges offering vocational training etc if there is no infrastructure to support the students getting there.

There are in my opinion, many more people over 60 who can afford the bus fares more easily than young people.

Please think again.

April 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011