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Written evidence from O Lambert (BUS 101)

I am writing in to stress how important local bus services are to residents in Somerset.

Many people do not have a car and rely on buses to get to work, do shopping, attend appointments and generally get to do activities locally which enable an active and full life.

Many people of my mother's age (60's) are widowed and are entirely reliant on buses to get from a to b as they have never driven and are now not in a position to learn. Without subsidy, my mother could not afford to pay for many bus trips as prices have risen substantially over the last few years. A return trip of 10 odd miles costs £3.20 which soon adds up along with all the other current price rises and general income reductions.

My mother derives great pleasure from a change of scenery and the opportunity to go somewhere else for the day. The alternative is being stuck in a village day in day out.

Buses are the bloodline for many people in any rural area.

They also contribute to a reduction in pollution as they encourage less car travel.

I think a reduction in subsidy should be considered very carefully and tempered with the awareness that very little can be done without appropriate transport links.

Thanks for the opportunity to send in my comments.

April 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011