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Written evidence from Carperby-cum-Thoresby Parish Council (BUS 107)


1. Carperby-cum-Thoresby is a small parish in on the northern slopes of Wensleydale. The village of Carperby is located between two small market towns - Leyburn, seven miles to the east, and Hawes, nine miles to the west. There are direct buses to both these towns but little else. Current bus service provision through the parish is poor and seems to be deliberately designed to discourage customer use. There are three different service providers who run buses through Carperby but there is little co-ordination between them. Most local usage would appear to be for journeys into and out of Leyburn, but the timings of the services make it difficult for passengers to make the most of the different services.


2. Until recently Dales and District provided the 157 service bus four times a day in both directions, Monday to Saturday and twice on Sunday, Arriva provided a through service to Richmond & Darlington once a day, Monday to Friday and the Royal Mail Post Bus went through the village, in one direction only, once a day, Monday to Friday.


3. Eastbound to Leyburn - The first service of the day is Arriva's X59 at 07.24. This is the through service to Darlington. It arrives in Leyburn at 07.47, 17 minutes after the Dales & District service to Bedale has departed. Passengers wishing to travel to Northallerton need to catch the Dales & District service to connect with the Northallerton bus in Bedale. In fact, it is impossible to reach Northallerton, via Bedale, before 13.00

4. The first Dales & District service at 08.16 does not connect with a Bedale/Northallerton service. This is followed by further Dales & District services at 10.56 and 12.56

5. The only through service to Northallerton was provided by the Royal Mail Post Bus at 17.17. This will be withdrawn shortly.

6. The final service of the day, eastbound, was the Dales & District service at 18.26. This was withdrawn on 17 April.

7. On Sunday there were only two eastbound buses, the first at 15.02 and the last at 19.02. It was, therefore, impossible to make any eastbound journey until half way through the afternoon. It is now completely impossible as the Sunday and Bank Holiday services were withdrawn on 10 April. This service is being replaced by the Wensleydale Flyer 856 from 17 April but, if you are a non-driver you would have to walk for 25 minutes to board it as it runs on the other side of the dale.

8. Thus, the recent and post-cuts service east bound to Leyburn is as follows:
ServiceArrive in Carperby Waiting time for next service
Arriva X5907.24 *52 minutes
Dales & District08.16 2 hrs. 40 mins.
Dales & District10.56 2 hrs.
Dales & District12.56 4 hrs. 21 mins.(1)
Post Bus17.17*1 hr. 09 mins. NOW WITHDRAWN
Dales & District18.26 12 hrs. 58 mins.(2) NOW WITHDRAWN

* Monday to Friday only

(1) 5 hrs. 30 mins. on Saturday

(2) 13 hrs. 50 mins. on Saturday

9. Westbound from Leyburn - The services provided by Dales and District arrived in the village at 10.02, 12.02, 16.22 and 19.07. The westbound service at 19.07 was withdrawn on 17 April. Additionally there is an X59 service that arrives in the village at 18.55.

10. There is no through service from Northallerton and there is no westbound service of any kind after 18.55.

11. On Sunday there were only two westbound buses, the first at 11.58 and the last at 15.58. It was, therefore, impossible to make any westbound journey in the morning or at any time after late afternoon. It is now completely impossible as the Sunday and Bank Holiday services were withdrawn on 10 April .

12. The major inconvenience arises when passengers are attempting to shop in Leyburn and return home within a reasonable time. The time available in Leyburn between each eastbound and westbound journey, from and to Carperby is shown below. (Monday to Saturday service)
Arrive in Leyburn (Service)Depart Leyburn (Service) Time available in Leyburn
07.47 (X59)*09.40 (157) 1 hr. 53 mins
08.38 (157)09.40 (157) 1 hr. 02 mins.
11.18 (157)11.40 (157) 22 mins.
13.18 (157)16.00 (157) 2 hrs. 42 mins.
17.45 (157)18.25 (X59)* 40 mins.
17.45 (157)18.48 (157) 1 hr. 3 mins.
18.45 (157)No service available

* Not Saturday

13. The two highlighted services are both inconvenient lengths of time, the first being too short and the second too long. The other services seem to provide a better interval but a significant proportion of each interval is outside normal shop hours.


—  Royal Mail is withdrawing the only through service to Northallerton and two daily services and all Sunday and Bank Holiday services have been lost. This represents a 27% loss of service on weekdays and a 100% loss on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

—  The Dales & District services are poorly scheduled.

—  Dales & District provide no through route to or from Northallerton. The nearest hospital and major railway station are both located in Northallerton.

—  Although there are regular connections to Richmond from Leyburn, there are no direct connecting services from Leyburn to Catterick, where major supermarkets are located.

—  There are long gaps between services.

—  Weekend services are negligible.

—  Settlements on the north side of the dale are poorly served compared with the south side. One side of the dale should not suffer as a result of services being provided for the other side.

—  The village of Carperby has an ageing population. Of 174 full time residents 28% are over the age of 60, 15% are over the age of 70. Many of these people are forced to continue driving as public transport services shrink.

—  13% of the population are of school age and rely on school transport.

—  5% of the population are non-drivers.

—  Car journeys will increase and family incomes will be reduced by the spiralling cost of fuel.

—  Rural communities will be unfairly penalised. A 25% loss of service in York, Harrogate or Leeds does not have same effect as in rural community.

It should be noted that a County Council consultation exercise on public transport provision was undertaken in summer 2010. This parish council submitted an analysis of local needs and suggested methods by which the problems could be alleviated. No acknowledgement was forthcoming.

April 2011

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