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Written evidence from J Robinson (BUS 111)

Our local MP Mr Iain Wright recently contacted you and submitted a petition regarding the withdrawal of subsidised bus services in the borough of Hartlepool, I would just like to submit how the cuts are affecting me and my husband.

We live in sheltered housing in the village of Elwick I have the following health conditions Spinal stenosis and C.O.P.D. am aged 61 on state pension my husband aged 62 is partially sighted and he claims guaranteed pension credits.

I am a carer for my 85 year old father who lives in the Brus ward of the town whom as just undergone a operation for bowel cancer also has heart problems (defribulator implant), prior to losing our bus service I used to get 516 bus service from Elwick to Hartlepool town centre (this as now been completely withdrawn) then service 6 to my fathers house six days a week. It now costs me £11 per day by Taxi so am only visiting my father three days a week which is leaving him alone four days in each week.

We also have to get out of the village for Doctors and Dental appointments collect prescriptions, it is a three mile walk to town along a country road with no footpaths at all, this road is very busy as people from Hartlepool use it for access to the A19 which is the major trunk through the area. I pray you can be of some help to the people of this village as those of us whom do not drive and have no access to private transport are completely isolated.

April 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011