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Written evidence from D Caygill (BUS 112)

I have been urged by my MP Iain Wright to contact you regarding the petition to the House of Commons on the loss of bus services in Hartlepool that I signed, to let you know how these cuts have affected myself and my family.

It is my 16 year old son who has directly been affected by these cuts because he uses the buses to get to and from college and to get out and about to see friends who live the other side of town to where we live. He buys a weekly ticket which allows him to have unlimited use of the bus service for seven days, which was marvellous for him and was at a reasonable price, he was able to come and go as he pleased not relying on anybody else for lifts. The loss of the buses on an evening have now reduced his independence because he now has to rely on myself or my husband for lifts on an evening or he isn't able to socialise with his friends. With the spiralling costs of petrol/diesel and with him, still having to still buy the seven day pass to get to and from college because it is still cheaper than for him than to pay each time he uses the bus, this has now caused extra expense on myself and my husband. My son doesn't receive EMA because the household income is above the threshold for him to receive this so as you can imagine this comes out of my household budget to fund him through college.

It may seem trivial but I think the loss of his independence is the main issue and the fact that Stagecoach have INCREASED their fairs from April 2011 whilst reducing the services hence putting extra costs on me is shocking beyond belief but I fully expected this. Everything is going up in price but my household hasn't received any pay increases for at least three years now so I'm not quite sure where this Government expects people to keep finding the money from, but that is another issue!!!!

The Government keep telling us to use public transport to help the environment but how can we do this when there are no buses running after 6.30 on an evening.

Here's hoping that something can be done about this.

April 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011