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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Session 2010-12
First ReportJune 2010 Budget HC 350
Second ReportAppointment of Dr Martin Weale to the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England HC 195
Third ReportAppointment of Robert Chote as Chair of the Office for Budget Responsibility HC 476
Fourth ReportOffice for Budget Responsibility HC 385
Fifth ReportAppointments to the Budget Responsibility Committee HC 545
Sixth ReportSpending Review 2010 HC 544
Seventh ReportFinancial Regulation: a preliminary consideration of the Government's proposals HC 430
Eighth ReportPrinciples of tax policy HC 753
Ninth ReportCompetition and Choice in Retail Banking HC 612
Tenth ReportBudget 2011 HC 897
Eleventh ReportFinance (No.3) Bill HC 497
Twelfth ReportAppointment of Dr Ben Broadbent to the monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England HC 1051
Thirteenth ReportAppointment of Dr Donald Kohn to the interim Financial Policy Committee HC 1052
Fourteenth ReportAppointments of Michael Cohrs and Alastair Clark to the interim Financial Policy Committee HC 1125
Fifteenth ReportRetail Distribution Review HC 857
Sixteenth ReportAdministration and effectiveness of HM Revenue and Customs HC 731
Seventeenth Report Private Finance Initiative HC 1146
Eighteenth ReportThe future of cheques HC 1147
Nineteenth ReportIndependent Commission on Banking HC 1069

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