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Welsh Affairs Committee - Written Evidence

CONTENTS: Broadband in Wales

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BIW 01 Annelie Fitzgerald

BIW 02 National Farmers Union Cymru

BIW 03 Ofcom

BIW 04 Country Land and Business Association

BIW 05 Avanti

BIW 06 Arqiva

BIW 07 Deparment for Culture Media and Sport

BIW 08 Three

BIW 08a Supplementary written evidence submitted by Three

BIW 09 South East Wales Economic Forum

BIW 10 British Telecom

BIW 11 FibreSpeed and GEO

BIW 12 Disconnected Wales

BIW 13 Virgin Media

BIW 14 The Welsh Government

BIW 14a The Welsh Government

BIW 14b The Welsh Government

BIW 14c The Welsh Government

BIW 15 Vodafone


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