Work and Pensions Committee - Minutes of Evidence

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 11 May 2011.

Oral Evidence

Taken before the Work and Pensions Committee

on Wednesday 11 May 2011

Members present:
Dame Anne Begg (Chair) Mr Oliver Heald
Harriett BaldwinGlenda Jackson
Karen BradleyBrandon Lewis
Kate GreenStephen Lloyd


Witnesses: Phil Davies, National Secretary (Manufacturing Section), Les Woodward, Senior GMB Convenor, Remploy Swansea, Kathleen Walker Shaw, European Officer, GMB, and Kevin Hepworth, Regional Officer, Unite, gave evidence.

Question Numbers:


Witnesses: Ian Russell CBE, Chair, and Tim Matthews, Chief Executive, Remploy, gave evidence.

Question Numbers:


Written evidence

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Prepared 28 June 2011