Weekly Information Bulletin: 28th May 2011

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The Week Ahead: 6 – 10 June 2011


Commons Chamber

General Committees

Select Committees

Lords Chamber

Lords Select



6 June

The House will be in recess



Oral Questions

Legislation – Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill - Committee of the whole House (Day 4)

Debate – Recognition of the contribution made by women put on active service by the Special Operations Executive in the Second World War



7 June

OPQ – Health, including Topical Questions

Ten Minute Rule – Kinship Carers (Parental Responsibility Agreements)

Legislation – Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill – 2R

Adj – Care services provision for older people

PBC – Energy Bill [HL]

PBC – Finance (No. 3) Bill

2nd DLC – Draft Gender Recognition (Approved Countries and Territories) Order 2011

3rd DLC – Draft Water Industry (Schemes for Adoption of Private Sewers) Regulations 2011




Scottish Affairs

Welsh Affairs

Public Accounts


Oral Questions

Legislation – Localism Bill – 2R

Science and Technology

EU Sub-Committee A


8 June

OPQ – International Development, including Topical Questions, Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule – Education (Special Educational Needs)

Debate – Humble address – Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th Birthday

Debate – Opposition Day (17th allotted day [½ day]) – Subject to be announced

Adj – Future of Greenock Coastguard Station

4th DLC – Draft Social Security (Electronic Communications) Order 2011

5th DLC – Draft Taxation of Equitable Life (Payments) Order 2011

Science and Technology



European Scrutiny

Scottish Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Public Accounts

Communities and Local Government

Motion for Humble Address – Message to His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh on his forthcoming ninetieth birthday

Oral Questions

Short Debate – Science and Technology Committee report on setting priorities for publicly funded research

EU Sub-Committee A


9 June

OPQ – Business, Innovation and Skills, including Topical Questions

Business Statement – Leader of the House

Legislation – Postal Services Bill – Consideration of Lords amendments

Debate – Munro report and its implications for child protection

Adj – Cannabis and psychosis in young people

PBC – Energy Bill [HL]

PBC – Finance (No. 3) Bill

Public Administration

Political and Constitutional Reform

Oral Questions

Legislation – Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill - Committee of the whole House (Day 5)

Orders and Regulations – Media Ownership (Radio and Cross-media) Order 2011

EU Sub-Committee G


10 June

Private Members’ Bills



Legislation – Dog Control Bill [HL] - Report stage

Legislation – Wind Turbines (Minimum Distances from Residential Premises) Bill [HL] – 2R

Legislation – Demonstrations in the Vicinity of Parliament (Removal Authorisation Requirements) Bill [HL] – 2R


Prepared 27th May 2011