Weekly Information Bulletin: 25th June 2011

Business of the House of Commons

17 - 24 June

Friday 17 June

The House sat at 9.30am

Private Members’ Bills –

Employment Opportunities Bill – 2R – Mr Christopher Chope (Bill negatived)

Tribunals (Maximum Compensation Awards) Bill – 2R – Mr Christopher Chope (Deb adj. 2R to be resumed 09.09.11)

Public Bodies (Disposal of Assets) Bill – 2R – Mr Christopher Chope (Ordered for 2R: 09.09.11)

Shared Parenting Orders Bill – 2R – Mr Brian Binley (Ordered for 2R: 09.09.11)

Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill – 2R – John McDonnell (Ordered for 2R: 14.10.11)

Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill – 2R – Tom Brake (Not moved)

Volunteering Bill – 2R (Adjourned from 10.06.11) – Mr Christopher Chope (Ordered for 2R: 09.09.11)

Medical Insurance (Pensioner Tax Relief) Bill – 2R – Sir Paul Beresford (Ordered for 2R: 09.09.11)

Adjournment – Rail services to Hastings – Amber Rudd

The House rose at 2.55pm

Monday 20 June

The House will sit at 2.30pm

Oral Questions – Communities and local Government, including Topical Questions

Urgent Question – Eurozone (Contingency Plans) – Mr Mark Hoban

Legislation – Pensions Bill [HL] – Second reading (Agreed)

Legislation – Pensions Bill [HL] – Programme Motion (Agreed)

Legislation – Pensions Bill [HL] – Money Resolution (Agreed)

Legislation – Pensions Bill [HL] – Ways and Means Resolution (Agreed)

Adjournment – Death and recognition of the service of Private Gary Barlow – Helen Jones

The House rose at 10.45pm

Tuesday 21 June

The House will sit in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-5.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members’ Debates:

09.30-11.00 – Government strategy on conflict prevention – Simon Hughes

11.00-12.30 – Young runaways and sexual exploitation – Ann Coffey

12.30 -13.00 – Regulation and governance of football clubs: the case of Leeds United – Damian Collins

13.00-13.30 – Assessments of social and emotional capabilities of the 0-5 year olds – Mr Graham Allen

13.30-14.00 – Heritage and preservation and Wicksteed Park, Kettering – Mr Philip Hollobone

The House will sit at 2.30pm

Oral Questions – HM Treasury, including Topical Questions

Statement – Sentencing Reform and Legal Aid – Mr Kenneth Clarke

Presentation of a Bill – Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders – Mr Kenneth Clarke (Bill presented and read a first time)

Ten Minute Rule Motion – Jobcentre Plus (Wales) – Hywel Williams (Negatived, on division)

Motion – Relating to the partial recommittal of the Health and Social Care Bill (Agreed, on division)

Legislation – Scotland Bill – Programme (No. 2) Motion (Agreed)

Legislation – Scotland Bill – Consideration in Committee (considered, as amended)

Legislation – Scotland Bill – Third reading (Bill read a third time and passed)

Adjournment – Volunteering – Mr David Amess

The House rose at 11.29pm

Wednesday 22 June

The House will sit in Westminster Hall between 9.30-5.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members’ Debates:

09.30-11.00 – Current and future effects of youth unemployment – Steve McCabe

11.00-11.30 – Education Capital Programmes in Coventry – Mr Jim Cunningham

14.30 -16.00 – UK relations with Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus – Bob Blackman

16.00-16.30 – Ownership of Hadrian’s Wall – John Stevenson

16.30-17.00 – Maximum sentence for dangerous driving offences – Karl Turner

The House will sit at 11.30am

Oral Questions – Scotland, Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule Motion – Smoking in Private Vehicles – Alex Cunningham (Agreed, on division, Bill presented and read a First time)

Debate – Opposition Day (18th allotted day) – The economy one tear since the Government’s first Budget (Opposition motion negatived on Division, Government motion Agreed on Division)

Adjournment – Maternity services in Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust – Margaret Hodge

The House rose at 7.59pm

Thursday 23 June

The House will sit in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Westminster Hall: Private Finance Initiative

The House will sit at 10.30am

Oral QuestionsTransport, including Topical Questions, Women and Equalities

Business Statement – Leader of the House

Backbench Business – (i) Motion relating to a review of congenital cardiac services for children (Agreed) (ii) Motion relating to wild animals in circuses (Agreed)

Adjournment – Dental bleaching materials and trading standards – Sir Paul Beresford [R]

The House rose at 6.26pm

Friday 24 June

The House will not be sitting

Written Ministerial Statements 

17 – 24 June 2011


Tax Consultations – Mr David Gauke


Topical Oral Question -Thursday 16 June 2011 (Correction) – Mr Jeremy Hunt


Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Fort Halstead Site) – Peter Luff


General Affairs and Foreign Affairs Councils (20-21 June) – Mr David Liddington


Registration of Primary Medical Care Providers – Mr Simon Burns


Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (17 June 2011) – Chris Grayling


Burdens on Local Government – Robert Neill


Government Response to NHS Future Forum – Mr Andrew Lansley


Appointment of National Employment Savings Trust Corporation Trustee Members – Steve Webb


Consumer Institutions – Mr Edward Davey


City Status Competition (Dumfries) – Mr Mark Harper


Fukushima (Interim Report) – Chris Huhne


Fruit and Vegetable Exceptional Support Scheme – Mr James Paice


Private Military and Security Companies – Mr Henry Bellingham


Winterbourne View Private Hospital – Paul Burstow


EHRC (Annual Report and Accounts) – Mrs Theresa May


Sentencing Reform/Legal Aid – Mr Kenneth Clarke


Regional Development Agencies – Mr Mark Prisk


UK Equity Markets (Competitiveness) – Vince Cable


Afghanistan: Monthly Progress Report May 2011 – Mr William Hague


BBC World Service – Mr William Hague


Deaths of Three British Citizens (Baghdad) – Mr William Hague


Maritime Training Scheme – Mike Penning


Roadside Facilities (England) – Mike Penning


Apprenticeships (Creation of Opportunities) – Mr John Hayes


EU Extraordinary Competitiveness Council – Mr Edward Davey


Government Communication – Mr Francis Maude


Abolition of Regional Spatial Strategies (Government Response) – Mr Eric Pickles


Ordnance Survey (Performance Targets 2011-12) – Robert Neill


Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (Targets 2011-12) – Robert Neill


Libya (Operation Ellamy) – Dr Liam Fox


Use of Force in Schools – Mr Nick Gibb


Energy National Policy Statements – Chris Huhne


Oil Stock Release – Chris Huhne


Annual Report and Accounts for the Veterinary Medicines Directorate – Mr James Paice


Youth Justice Board (Abolition) – Mr Kenneth Clarke


Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) (Consultation) – Mrs Theresa Villiers


EU Transport Council – Mr Philip Hammond


Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council: 17 June 2011 – Chris Grayling


Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans – Steve Webb

Prepared 24th June 2011