Weekly Information Bulletin: 25th June 2011

White Papers and Green Papers

received since last Bulletin

are issued by the Government as statements of policy, and often set out proposals for legislative changes, which may be debated before a Bill is introduced. Some White Papers may invite comments.

set out for discussion, proposals which are still at a formative stage.

Not all discussion papers are published and put on general release: some are sent only to a predetermined list of consultees. This is a matter solely for the Department concerned.

Papers to which an ISBN and price are appended are normally available through The Stationery Office. For others, application should be made to the department concerned. External links provided in this section are correct as at the time of going to press, however they are not updated after that date.

White Papers


Green Papers


Impact Assessments received since the last Bulletin





Other Papers

Arts & Humanities Research Council: Hidden Connections, www.ahrc.ac.uk

Caversham Lakes Trust Limited: Annual Report and Accounts 2010-2011, HC 1054, ISBN: 010 2972276, £6.00

Department for Culture, Media and Sport: The Digital Switchover Help Scheme, Cm 8066, ISBN: 010 1806626, £10.25

Department of Energy and Climate Change: Annual Report for the Operation of the Chemical weapons Act 1996, HC 1053, ISBN: 010 2972498, £8.50

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Annual Report and Accounts 1 April 2009-31 March 2010, HC 1081, ISBN: 010 2972702, £28.50

Department of Health: Government response to the NHS Future Forum report, Cm 8113, ISBN: 010 1811323, £15.50

Health Protection Agency: Annual Report and accounts 2010/11, HC 1103, ISBN: 010 2972177, £20.50

Ministry Of Justice: Breaking the Cycle: Government Response, Cm 8070, ISBN: 010 1807029, £8.50

Ministry of Justice: Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales: the Government Response, Cm 8072, ISBN: 010 1807227, £33.00

Law Commission: Annual Report 2010-11, HC 1068, ISBN: 10 2973341, £20.50

Met Office: Annual Report and Accounts 2010/11, ISBN: 010 2972184, £15.50

NHS Business Services Authority: Annual Report and Accounts 2010-1, HC 1196, ISBN: 010 2973501, £20.50

Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills: Annual Report and accounts 2010-11, HC 968,

ISBN: 0102973150, £16.25

Renewable Fuels Agency: Annual Report and Accounts 2010/11, HC 1073, ISBN: 010 2972450, £15.50

The Sport Council Trust Company: Annual Report and Accounts 2010-2011, HC 055, ISBN: 010 2972283, £6.00

Veterinary Medicines Directorate: Annual Report and Accounts 2010/11, HC 1064, ISBN: 010 2971095, £15.50

Prepared 24th June 2011