Oral Answers
Wednesday 11 January 2012

Prime Minister 169
      Engagements 169
Scotland 159
      Child Tax Credits 160
      Independence Referendum 165
      Inward Investment 161
      Ministry of Defence Police 159
      NEETs 162
      Poverty 163
      Public Subsidies 168
      Work Capability Assessment 164
      Youth Unemployment 167

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 11 January 2012

Communities and Local Government 13WS
      Social Housing 13WS
Education 14WS
      National Curriculum in England (Information and Communication Technology) 14WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 16WS
      Single Payment Scheme 16WS
Treasury 13WS
      Equitable Life Payment Scheme 13WS

11 Jan 2012 : Column 293

11 Jan 2012 : Column 293

Written Answers
Wednesday 11 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 324W
      Arms Trade 324W
      Business: Loans 326W
      Business: Regulation 327W
      Business Support 325W
      Cluster Munitions 331W
      Council for Science and Technology 331W
      Departmental Manpower 332W
      Departmental Temporary Employment 333W
      Equality 332W
      Foreign Investment in UK 333W
      Foresight 334W
      Green Investment Bank 334W
      Hearing Impairment 335W
      High Street Review 336W
      Higher Education: Admissions 336W
      Higher Education: Applications 337W
      Higher Education: Standards 337W
      Insolvency 338W
      Internships 344W
      Japan Tobacco International 339W
      Members: Correspondence 339W
      Met Office: Pay 339W
      Nuclear Power: Skilled Workers 340W
      Nuclear Power Stations 340W
      Public Houses 341W
      Recruitment 332W
      Redundancy Pay 332W
      Retail Trade 341W
      Royal Bank of Scotland 342W
      Royal Mail: Pay 342W
      Students: Fees and Charges 343W
      Third Sector: Russia 343W
      UK Space Agency 344W
Cabinet Office 319W
      Charities: VAT 319W
      CyberCrime Prevention 319W
      EU Law 320W
      Third Sector 320W
Communities and Local Government 299W
      Equality 299W
      European Regional Development Fund 300W
Culture, Media and Sport 375W
      Big Lottery Fund 375W
      Works of Art 378W
Defence 304W
      Armed Forces: Education 304W
      Armed Forces: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 304W
      Armed Forces: Training 305W
      Marines: Rescue Services 305W
      Yemen 305W

11 Jan 2012 : Column 294

Education 313W
      Apprentices 313W
      Children: Disadvantaged 314W
      Early Intervention Grant 317W
      Email 317W
      GCSE 318W
      Pupil Premium: Pendle 319W
Energy and Climate Change 320W
      Apprentices 321W
      Co-operatives 320W
      Energy Efficiency Deployment Office: Public Appointments 322W
      Energy: Prices 322W
      Horizon Nuclear Power 323W
      Power Failures 323W
      Solar Power 323W
      Solar Power: Feed-in Tariffs 323W
      Warm Front Scheme 324W
      Wind Power 324W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 345W
      Adders: Conservation 345W
      Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency: West Midlands 345W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 345W
      Animals: Imports 347W
      Biodiversity: Finance 349W
      Biofuels 349W
      Butterfly Conservation: Finance 350W
      Chief Scientific Adviser 355W
      Circuses 350W
      Cocoa: EU External Trade 351W
      Common Agricultural Policy 352W
      Common Fisheries Policy 351W
      Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species 353W
      Dairy Farming 353W
      Dangerous Dogs 354W
      Departmental Assets 354W
      Departmental Communications 356W
      Departmental Manpower 358W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 361W
      Departmental Publications 361W
      Departmental Temporary Employment 363W
      Detergents 363W
      Dogs: Tagging 363W
      Elephants: Africa 364W
      EU Landfill Directive 364W
      Fisheries 365W
      Fisheries: North West 367W
      Fishing Catches 369W
      Flood Control: Finance 370W
      Food: Exports 370W
      Food Procurement 355W
      Food Procurement 357W
      Food: Waste 371W
      Government Procurement Card 372W
      Japan Tobacco 373W
      Livestock Industry 373W
      Marine Conservation Zones 374W
      National Parks: Public Consultation 374W
      Official Hospitality 358W
      Procurement 359W
      Rural Areas: Finance 375W
      Secondment 363W
      Third Sector 376W
      Veterinary Laboratories Agency 376W
      Water Charges 375W
Health 297W
      Dementia: 297W
      Hearing Impaired: Children 298W
      Meningitis: Vaccination 299W
      Mental Health Services 299W

11 Jan 2012 : Column 295

Home Department 293W
      Departmental Written Questions 293W
      Driving Offences 294W
      Members: Correspondence 294W
      Police: Rural Areas 294W
House of Commons Commission 294W
      Computers 294W
International Development 311W
      Apprentices 311W
      Developing Countries: Agriculture 312W
      Developing Countries: Biofuels 312W
      Developing Countries: Business 313W
      Redundancy Pay 311W
Justice 311W
      Young Offenders: Health Education 311W
Northern Ireland 310W
      Co-operatives 310W
      Debt Recovery 310W
      Equality 310W
Scotland 306W
      Co-operatives 306W
      Employment 306W
      Green Investment Bank 306W
      Sovereignty 306W
Transport 307W
      A31 307W
      Coastguard Agency: Finance 307W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Databases 308W
      Fuels: Sulphur 308W
      M6: West Midlands 309W
      M54: M6 309W
      Road Signs and Markings 309W
      Roads 310W
Treasury 300W
      Bristol and West Building Society 300W
      Corporation Tax: Scotland 301W
      Debts: Business 301W
      EU Budget: Contributions 301W
      Get Britain Building Investment Fund 300W
      Money Advice Service: Northern Ireland 301W
      National Insurance Contributions 302W
      Northern Rock plc 302W
      Regional Growth Fund: Taxation 303W
      Tax Credit 303W
      Taxation 303W
Work and Pensions 295W
      Child Maintenance 295W
      Child Poverty 297W
      Employment Schemes 296W
      Housing Benefit: Fraud 296W
      Pensions 296W