Oral Answers
Thursday 12 January 2012

Transport 307
      High Speed 2 (Scotland) 311
      High Speed 2 (Scotland) 313
      Metal Theft 316
      Northern Hub Railway 318
      Rail Franchises (Scotland) 312
      Road Infrastructure 307
      Speed Limits 314
      Speed Limits 318
      Ticket Office Closures 309
      Topical Questions 319
      Transport Spending (North-East) 317
      Winter Salt Stockpiles 315
Women and Equalities 324
      Dieting 324
      Domestic Violence 328
      Tax Credits 324
      Violence Against Disabled People 326
      Women in the Economy 327

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 12 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 17WS
      Further Education Skills Funding 17WS
Communities and Local Government 18WS
      Red Tape Challenge 18WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 19WS
      Sri Lankan Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission Report 20WS
      Taxation in Gibraltar (European Court Judgment) 19WS
Health 22WS
      Health and Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Programme 22WS
Justice 23WS
      Compensation Act 2006 23WS
Transport 23WS
      Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles 23WS
Treasury 17WS
      Anti-avoidance 17WS
Work and Pensions 24WS
      Welfare Reform Bill 24WS
      Welfare Reform Bill 24WS
      Welfare Reform Bill 25WS

Thursday 12 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 3P
      Royal Mail Delivery Office, Kidsgrove, Staffordshire 3P

Written Answers
Thursday 12 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 404W
      Apprentices 406W
      Apprentices: East Midlands 404W
      Apprentices: Industrial Health and Safety 406W
      Construction Industry Training Board: Finance 406W
      Employment Tribunal Service 407W
      Further and Higher Education 407W
      Higher Education Courses 407W
      Higher Education: North East 408W
      Insolvency 410W
      Minimum Wage: EU Countries 410W
      Music: Licensing Laws 410W
      Qualifications 411W
      Student Loans 411W
      TICC Skill Centres: Redundancy 411W
Cabinet Office 423W
      Public Sector: Job Satisfaction 423W
      Public Sector: Procurement 424W
Communities and Local Government 385W
      Council Tax Arrears 385W
      Government Procurement Card 386W
      Homelessness: Offenders 387W
      Population Growth 388W
Culture, Media and Sport 381W
      Olympic Games 2012 381W
      Tourism 381W
Defence 416W
      Accommodation 416W
      Aircraft Carriers 416W
      Armed Forces: Deployment 416W
      Armed Forces: Education 417W
      Armed Forces: Military Decorations 417W
      Consultants 418W
      Cyprus and Germany: UK Bases 418W
      Departmental Outsourcing 419W
      Departmental Temporary Employment 419W
      Departmental Written Questions 420W
      Documents: Data Protection 420W
      Ex-Servicemen: Employment 421W
      Ex-Servicemen: Resettlement 421W
      HMS Queen Elizabeth 421W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 422W
      MOD Abbey Wood 422W
      Secondment 419W
Deputy Prime Minister 422W
      Candidates: Leave 422W
      House of Lords Reform 422W
      Members: Correspondence 423W
Education 424W
      Departmental Manpower 424W
      E-mail 425W
      Pupils: Qualifications 425W
Energy and Climate Change 429W
      Coal Health Compensation Scheme 429W
      Departmental Manpower 430W
      Departmental Meetings 430W
      Energy: Meters 430W
      Energy: Prices 431W
      Internships 430W
      Natural Gas: Prices 432W
      Offshore Industry 432W
      Renewable Energy 432W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 433W
      Solar Power: Feed-in Tariffs 434W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 435W
      Wind Power 435W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 379W
      Cod: EU Law 380W
      Giant Hogweed 381W
      Nature Conservation: Birds 379W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 436W
      Co-operatives 436W
      South America: Diplomatic Service 436W
Health 412W
      Cancer Services 412W
      General Practitioners: Pharmacy 413W
      General Practitioners: Waiting Lists 413W
      Health Services: Coventry 414W
      Health Services: Disabled Children 413W
      Health Services: EU Countries 415W
      Influenza: Vaccination 415W
      Plastic Surgery 416W
Home Department 391W
      Borders: Personal Records 391W
      British Nationality 391W
      Co-operatives 392W
      Democracy: Diversity 393W
      Departmental Audit 392W
      Detention: Women 392W
      Drugs: Law Enforcement 394W
      Entry Clearances: China 395W
      Forensic Science: Co-operation 395W
      Heroin 396W
      Immigration Controls 396W
      Immigration: Employment 396W
      Olympic Games 2012 : Security 396W
      Police: Accountability 397W
      Terrorism: Technology 398W
House of Commons Commission 379W
      Former Members: Security 379W
      Parliamentary Education Service 379W
International Development 426W
      Co-operatives 426W
      Developing Countries: Agriculture 426W
      Developing Countries: Diarrhoea 427W
      International Citizen Service 428W
      Somalia: International Co-operation 429W
Justice 402W
      Approved Premises: Female Offenders 402W
      Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 402W
      Crime: Victims 403W
      Human Rights and Business Claims 403W
      Legal Opinion 404W
Transport 399W
      Crossrail 400W
      High Speed 2 399W
      Insurance Companies 400W
      Railway Stations: Manpower 401W
      Railways: Disability 401W
      Speed Limits 400W
      Stratford International Station 402W
Treasury 388W
      Civil Servants: Pensions 388W
      Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxation 389W
      Members: Correspondence 389W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax: Avoidance 389W
      Taxation: Switzerland 391W
Wales 381W
      Departmental Manpower 381W
      Mass Media 382W
      Welsh Steel Industry 382W
Women and Equalities 398W
      Apprentices 399W
      Business Enterprise: Women 399W
      Child Care 398W
      Domestic Violence 398W
      Flexible Working 398W
Work and Pensions 383W
      Contracts: General Practitioners 383W
      Remploy: Social Enterprises 384W
      Social Security Benefits: Cardiff 384W