Oral Answers
Tuesday 17 January 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 595
      Brazil 600
      Burma 607
      Colombia 605
      EU Economy 598
      International Conference on Afghanistan 596
      Libyan Assets 609
      Middle East 600
      Middle East 602
      National Emergency 597
      Russia 604
      Shaker Aamer 595
      Topical Questions 609
      Tunisia 606

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 17 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 33WS
      Regional Development Agencies (Closure) 33WS
Communities and Local Government 33WS
      Disabled Facilities Grant 33WS
Defence 34WS
      Armed Forces Redundancy Programme 34WS
      Puma ZA934 (Findings of Service Inquiry) 35WS
Deputy Prime Minister 35WS
      Devolution 35WS
Home Department 36WS
      Late Night Drinking (Late Night Levy and Early Morning Restriction Orders) 36WS
Prime Minister 37WS
      Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (UK Delegation) 37WS
Transport 37WS
      Civil Aviation Authority Environmental Objectives 37WS
      Plug-In Car Grant Review 38WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 17 January 2012

Attorney-General 633W
      Departmental Pay 633W
Business, Innovation and Skills 779W
      Apprentices: Ashfield 779W
      Biofuels: Research 780W
      Breathalysers 780W
      Business: Government Assistance 781W
      Business: Regulation 781W
      Charities: West Midlands 782W
      Debt Recovery 782W
      Employment Tribunals Service 786W
      EU External Trade: India 787W
      EU Law 787W
      Foreign Trade 787W
      Further Education: Higher Education 788W
      Higher Education: North East 790W
      Land Registry 790W
      New Businesses 792W
      Pay 782W
      Pub Companies 779W
      Public Houses 792W
      Public Houses: Closures 792W
      Public Houses: Mutual Societies 793W
      Retail Trade 793W
      Student Finance England: Complaints 793W
      Student Finance England: Loans 794W
      Student Finance England: Training 794W
      Third Sector 795W
Cabinet Office 752W
      Aviation 752W
      Birth Rate: Greater London 753W
      Birth Rate: Wales 754W
      Census 753W
      Demography 755W
      Households: Greater London 755W
      Internships 754W
      Pay: Scotland 756W
      Population Studies: Migration 757W
      Speechwriters 754W
      Third Sector 757W
Communities and Local Government 627W
      Affordable Housing: Rural Areas 627W
      Apprentices 629W
      Commission for Local Administration in England 627W
      Council Housing 628W
      Council Tax Benefits 629W
      Departmental Publications 630W
      Government Procurement Card 630W
      Local Government Finance: Housing 631W
      Members: Correspondence 631W
      Social Rented Housing: Repairs and Maintenance 631W
      Sustainable Communities Act 2007 632W
      Travellers: Caravan Sites 632W
      Water: Conservation 632W
Culture, Media and Sport 685W
      Arts 685W
      Broadband 686W
      Broadband: Business 686W
      Broadband: EU Countries 687W
      Charles Dickens 687W
      English Heritage: Finance 687W
      Get Set Network 687W
      Members: Correspondence 688W
      Mobile Phones: Aerials 688W
      Olympic Games 2012 688W
      Olympic Games 2012: Tickets 689W
      Olympic Games 2012: Tourism 689W
      Olympic Games 2012: Wi-Fi 690W
      Sports: Equal Opportunities 690W
      Sports: Expenditure 690W
      Sports: Training 691W
      War Memorials: Repairs and Maintenance 691W
Defence 725W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations 725W
      Animals: Euthanasia 725W
      Armed Forces: Animals 726W
      Armed Forces: Diamond Jubilee 2012 726W
      Armed Forces: Redundancy 727W
      Armed Forces: Training 727W
      Astute Class Submarines 727W
      Conflict Prevention: Finance 728W
      Counter-Terrorism: Finance 728W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012: Medals 728W
      Ex-servicemen: Health Services 728W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 729W
      Libya: Bombs 729W
      Military Aircraft 729W
      Royal Artillery 729W
      Somalia: Piracy 730W
      Submarines 730W
      Tornado Aircraft: Repairs and Maintenance 730W
      UK National Codification Bureau 731W
      War Pensions: Tribunals 732W
      Wellington Barracks: Repairs and Maintenance 732W
Deputy Prime Minister 751W
      Internships 751W
Education 795W
      Academies 795W
      Adoption 796W
      Apprentices 798W
      Child Support Agency 796W
      Children 796W
      Children in Care: Individual Savings Accounts 797W
      Children: Research 798W
      Curriculum: Design 798W
      Education: Children 800W
      E-mail 800W
      EU Law 801W
      Free School Meals 801W
      Free Schools 801W
      Free Schools: Finance 802W
      Internships 800W
      Playing Fields 802W
      Pupil Exclusions 802W
      Pupils: Per Capita Costs 803W
      Recruitment 799W
      School Leaving 803W
      Schools: Expenditure 804W
      Schools: Transport 804W
      Schools: Warwick 804W
      Speechwriters 799W
      Students: Shropshire 805W
      Teachers 805W
      Teachers: Ex-servicemen 806W
      Teachers: Training 806W
      University Technical College 807W
      Vocational Guidance 807W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 808W
Energy and Climate Change 674W
      Apprentices 676W
      Biofuels 674W
      Biomass: Scotland 675W
      Coal-fired Power Stations 675W
      Departmental Pay 676W
      Energy: Billing 677W
      Energy: Conservation 677W
      Energy Costs: Older People 678W
      Energy: Fracking 678W
      Energy: Prices 678W
      Fossil Fuels 679W
      Power Failures 680W
      Renewable Energy 680W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 681W
      River Severn: Tidal Power 681W
      Solar Power 682W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 683W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme: Mobile Homes 683W
      Wind Power 683W
      Wind Power: Safety 684W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 733W
      Agriculture 733W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 733W
      Animal Welfare: Farms 734W
      Animal Welfare: Licensing 734W
      Batteries: Recycling 735W
      Birds: Nature Conservation 735W
      Bovine Tuberculosis 736W
      British Waterways 736W
      Canal and River Trust 737W
      Coastal Erosion: Bournemouth 737W
      Departmental Responsibilities 742W
      Design Services 738W
      Dogs 743W
      Dogs: Tagging 743W
      Ecosystem Markets Task Force 743W
      Eggs: EU Law 744W
      Environmental Protection Act 1990 744W
      Equality 739W
      Fisheries: Licensing 744W
      Fisheries: Navy 745W
      Fisheries: Subsidies 745W
      Floods: Insurance 746W
      Food: Additives 746W
      Food: Salt 747W
      Food: Waste 747W
      Hen Harriers: Nature Conservation 747W
      Landfill Tax 748W
      Poultry: Animal Welfare 748W
      Procurement 741W
      Professor Tim Lang 749W
      Seals: Conservation 749W
      Sewers: Planning 749W
      Speechwriters 741W
      Sussex Wildlife Trust 749W
      Voluntary Work 742W
      Water Companies 750W
      Water: Meters 750W
      Water Supply: Israel 750W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 750W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 711W
      Apprentices 719W
      Bhutan 714W
      Bosnia and Herzegovina: Politics and Government 714W
      British Nationals Abroad: Homicide 715W
      Burma 711W
      Burma: Political Prisoners 715W
      Capital Punishment 715W
      China: Democracy 716W
      Common Agricultural Policy 716W
      Democracy 717W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 717W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Military Aid 718W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Politics and Government 718W
      Departmental Records 719W
      Diplomatic Network 713W
      Global Response Centre 720W
      India: EU External Trade 720W
      Internships 720W
      Iran 711W
      Iran: Sanctions 721W
      Libya 714W
      Middle East Peace Process 713W
      Nigeria: Christianity 721W
      Palestine 714W
      Persecution of Christians 711W
      Serbia: Kosovo 721W
      Singapore: Financial Services 722W
      The Commonwealth 713W
      The Commonwealth 716W
      Tunisia 712W
      Turks and Caicos Islands 713W
      United Nations 722W
Health 758W
      Baby Care Units: Nurses 758W
      Baby Care Units: Standards 758W
      Bone Diseases 758W
      Children 759W
      Circle Health 760W
      Employment Agencies 760W
      EU Law 761W
      Family Planning: Finance 762W
      General Practitioners 763W
      Health Services: Accidents 763W
      Health Services: Foreign Nationals 764W
      Health Services: Human Trafficking 765W
      Health Services: Older People 766W
      Hearing Impairment: Somerset 766W
      Hinchingbrooke Hospital 769W
      Hospitals: Infectious Diseases 773W
      Hospitals: Management 773W
      Industrial Accidents 773W
      Internships 760W
      Medical Treatments 774W
      NHS 774W
      NHS: Negligence 774W
      NHS: Redundancy Pay 776W
      NHS: Reorganisation 777W
      NHS: Standards 777W
      Nurses 777W
      Plastic Surgery 778W
      Speechwriters 760W
      Suicide 778W
Home Department 657W
      Asylum 657W
      Departmental Redundancy Pay 659W
      Deportation 659W
      EU Law 659W
      Extradition: Republic of Ireland 660W
      Firearms: Licensing 662W
      Human Trafficking 662W
      Members: Correspondence 665W
      Metal Theft 671W
      Metal Theft 672W
      Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre 665W
      Offenders: Mental Illness 667W
      Police: Manpower 668W
      Prisoners: Repatriation 669W
      Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 671W
      Prostitution: Greater London 671W
      Sexual Offences: Travel Restrictions 671W
      Specialist Crime Division 9 672W
      Speechwriters 658W
      Theft: Natural Gas 674W
      Third Sector 674W
International Development 655W
      Departmental Temporary Employment 655W
      Development Aid 655W
      Famine: International Co-operation 656W
      Food Aid 656W
      Public Expenditure 655W
Justice 692W
      Apprentices 695W
      Aviation: Official Travel 696W
      Children 692W
      Community Legal Service 692W
      Consultants 696W
      Coroners: Witnesses 693W
      Courts: Unpaid Fines 693W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation 694W
      Freedom of Information 696W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Families 697W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Personal Injury 698W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Prisoners 699W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Social Security Benefits 699W
      Legal Services Commission 700W
      Offenders: Deportation 699W
      Offenders: Rehabilitation 699W
      Post-Mortems 700W
      Prison Accommodation 701W
      Prison Officers Association: Trade Unions 702W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals 703W
      Prisoners: Jamaica 703W
      Prisoners’ Release 702W
      Third Sector 703W
      Young Offenders: Suicide 704W
Leader of the House 685W
      Departmental Pay 685W
Northern Ireland 625W
      Firearms 625W
      Internships 625W
Prime Minister 626W
      Aidan Burley 626W
Transport 635W
      BMI 635W
      Departmental Procurement 636W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Closures 636W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Finance 637W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Manpower 637W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Redundancy Pay 638W
      Driving Under Influence: Rehabilitation 638W
      Oil 639W
      Railway Stations: Greater London 639W
      Railways: Conflict of Interests 639W
      Railways: Finance 639W
      Railways: Profits 640W
      Railways: Reform 640W
      Railways: Richmond Park 641W
      Road Traffic Offences 641W
      Roadworks: Greater London 642W
      Shipping: Marriage Ceremonies 642W
Treasury 704W
      Air Passenger Duty 704W
      Banks: Pay 704W
      Capital Transfer Tax 705W
      Children 705W
      Debts 705W
      Departmental Manpower 706W
      EU Law 706W
      Excise Duties: Fuels 706W
      Financial Services: Standards 707W
      Internships 706W
      PAYE 707W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax 707W
      Tax Avoidance 709W
      Taxation: Business 709W
      Taxation: Tribunals 710W
      Unemployment: Young People 710W
Wales 623W
      Departmental Pay 623W
      Fire Services: Pensions 625W
      Public Expenditure 624W
      Rescue Services 625W
Work and Pensions 643W
      Children 643W
      Departmental Location 643W
      Departmental Official Hospitality 643W
      Disability Living Allowance 644W
      Employment: Refugees 645W
      Employment Schemes 645W
      Future Jobs Fund 646W
      Housing Benefit 647W
      Industrial Diseases: Compensation 647W
      Industrial Injuries: Construction 648W
      Internships 644W
      New Deal Schemes 649W
      PAYE 649W
      Private Investigators 644W
      Social Security Benefits 650W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 651W
      Social Security Benefits: Glasgow North 651W
      Universal Credit 653W
      Work Capability Assessments 653W
      Work Experience 655W

Ministerial Correction
Tuesday 17 January 2012

Cabinet Office 1MC
      Deloitte: Government Departments 1MC