Oral Answers
Wednesday 18 January 2012

Prime Minister 738
      Engagements 738
      Engagements 746
      European Working Time Directive 745
Wales 729
      Allocation of Funds 734
      Apprentices (Wales Office) 736
      Claimant Count 729
      First Great Western 733
      Funding Formula 737
      Human Trafficking 735
      Inward Investment 730
      Public Sector Employment 736
      Sayce Review 732
      Small Businesses 737

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 18 January 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 39WS
      Foreign Affairs Council: 23 January - General Affairs Council: 27 January 39WS
Home Department 42WS
      Taxi Drivers (Criminal Records Certificates) 42WS

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Presented Petition 5P
      Definition of Gypsy Status 5P

Written Answers
Wednesday 18 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 897W
      Apprentices: Day Care 897W
      Co-operatives 898W
      Coventry Gateway 898W
      EU Law 898W
      Fossil Fuels 898W
      Further Education: Finance 899W
      Further Education: Higher Education 900W
      Overseas Investment 899W
      Public Sector: Private Sector 901W
      Trade Fairs 901W
      Trade Promotion 901W
      UK Trade & Investment 902W
      UK Trade & Investment: Finance 902W
      UK Trade & Investment: Manpower 902W
Cabinet Office 876W
      Aviation 876W
      Childbirth: Bexley 877W
      Government Departments: Contracts 879W
      Public Sector 877W
      Redundancy Pay 879W
      Unemployment: Scotland 879W
Communities and Local Government 809W
      Asylum 809W
      Children 809W
      Electrical Safety: Housing 810W
      Fire Services: Standards 810W
      Housing: Regulation 810W
      Local Government Finance: Waste Disposal 811W
Culture, Media and Sport 837W
      Arts 837W
      Departmental Responsibilities 839W
      Internships 840W
      Pay 838W
      Speechwriters 838W
Defence 823W
      Afghanistan: Defence 823W
      Apprentices 824W
      Armed Forces 823W
      Counter-Terrorism: Finance 823W
      Data Protection 825W
      Defence Equipment 824W
      Departmental Manpower 825W
      HMS Affray 829W
      Military Aircraft: Helicopters 829W
      Military Bases 830W
      Navy: Manpower 830W
      Pay 826W
      Radioactive Waste: Dalgety Bay 831W
      Security 831W
Deputy Prime Minister 886W
      Departmental Pay 886W
Education 886W
      Charities: Finance 886W
      Children 886W
      Children: Disability 887W
      Children: Funding 890W
      Children’s Centres 888W
      Departmental Pay 891W
      Early Intervention Grant 891W
      Faith Schools: Transport 893W
      Mothers: Kent 893W
      Nursery Schools 894W
      Pupils: Assessments 894W
      Schools: Sports 894W
      Schools: Swimming 895W
      Social Services: Children 895W
      Special Educational Needs 896W
      Third Sector 896W
Energy and Climate Change 851W
      Biomass 851W
      Energy 851W
      Energy Performance Certificates 853W
      Energy: Prices 853W
      EU Law 853W
      Feed-in Tariffs 855W
      Solar Power 855W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 812W
      Air Pollution: Heathrow Airport 812W
      Debt Recovery 813W
      Food Labelling 813W
      Food Supply 813W
      Recreation Spaces 814W
      Sewers: Planning 814W
      Waste Policy Review 814W
      Water: Consumption 815W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 815W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 879W
      Azerbaijan: Politics and Government 879W
      Departmental Responsibilities 881W
      EU Law 881W
      European External Action Service 882W
      Falkland Islands: Sovereignty 882W
      Fiji: Religious Freedom 883W
      Gifts and Endowments 883W
      Libya: Females 883W
      Libya: Nuclear Power 884W
      Nigeria: Politics and Government 884W
      Public Sector 880W
Health 863W
      Alzheimer's Disease: Drugs 863W
      Charities 868W
      Continuing Care 869W
      Dementia 871W
      Doctors: Foreign Workers 871W
      Drugs: Misuse 871W
      Health Professions 872W
      Health Services: Older People 872W
      Medical Equipment 872W
      Medical Records 873W
      Mental Health Services 873W
      NHS: Capital Investment 874W
      Nurses 874W
      Plastic Surgery: Breasts 875W
      Primary Care Trusts: Finance 875W
      Sexual Offences: Health Services 875W
      Spinal Muscular Atrophy 876W
Home Department 816W
      Border Control 819W
      Coroners 816W
      Cybercrime: Prosecutions 819W
      Entry Clearances: Married People 820W
      Khat 820W
      North Yorkshire Police 820W
      Police Custody: Death 821W
      Police: Misconduct 822W
      Police Stations: Opening Hours 822W
      Prostitution 822W
      Stephen Lawrence 822W
House of Commons Commission 815W
      Catering 815W
      Newspaper Press 816W
International Development 855W
      Equality 855W
      Food Aid 856W
Justice 856W
      Apprentices 857W
      Children 856W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority 857W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 858W
      Departmental Official Visits 858W
      Fishing Catches: Fines 859W
      Human Trafficking: Victim Support Schemes 859W
      Import Duties: Tax Evasion 860W
      NDPBs 858W
      Offenders: Bank Services 861W
      Prisoners’ Home Leave 861W
      Secure Accommodation 864W
      Sentencing 864W
Transport 846W
      Coventry Gateway Project 846W
      Motor Vehicles: Licensing 847W
      Motor Vehicles: Lighting 847W
      Motor Vehicles: Testing 847W
      Motorways: Speed limits 848W
      Queen Elizabeth II Bridge 849W
      Roads: Accidents 849W
      Roads: Greater London 850W
      Thameslink: Rolling Stock 850W
      Transport: Subsidies 850W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 851W
Treasury 832W
      Adam Werritty 832W
      Care Quality Commission: Redundancy Pay 832W
      Children: Day Care 833W
      Devolution: Finance 833W
      Economic Policy 837W
      Import Duties: China 833W
      Insurance 834W
      Pensions 834W
      Public Sector Debt 834W
      Renewable Energy: Scotland 835W
      Revenue and Customs: Telephone Services 835W
      Taxation: Bingo 836W
      Taxation: Self-assessment 836W
      Travel: Insurance 836W
      VAT: Sanitary Protection 837W
Wales 811W
      Fuel Rebate 811W
      Police Numbers 812W
      Violent Crime 812W
      Youth Unemployment 812W
Women and Equalities 904W
      EU Law 904W
Work and Pensions 840W
      Atos Healthcare 840W
      EU Law 840W
      Remploy 841W
      Social Security Benefits: Bexley 841W
      Unemployment: Graduates 842W
      Work Capability Assessments 842W