Oral Answers
Thursday 19 January 2012

Church Commissioners 876
      Cathedrals 881
      Christian Communities (Nigeria) 878
      Christians (Zimbabwe) 879
      Marriage 880
      Metal Theft 876
Electoral Commission Committee 877
      Income and Expenditure 877
      Voter Registration 879
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 861
      Business Support (Rural Communities) 871
      Farmers (Bureaucracy) 861
      Farming (Innovation) 862
      Forestry 870
      Groceries Code Adjudicator 871
      Jobs and Growth 867
      Landfill 869
      Littering and Fly-tipping 865
      Rural Tourism 866
      Single Farm Payment 864
      Topical Questions 872

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 19 January 2012

Defence 43WS
      Armed Forces Pay Review Body - Reappointments 43WS
Energy and Climate Change 43WS
      Feed-in Tariffs 43WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 44WS
      Bovine TB 44WS
Transport 46WS
      ATOL Reform and the Civil Aviation Bill 46WS

Written Answers
Thursday 19 January 2012

Attorney-General 905W
      Christmas 905W
      Departmental Data Protection 905W
      Prosecutions: Costs 905W
Business, Innovation and Skills 921W
      Apprentices 921W
      Departmental Data Protection 921W
      Executives: Pay 921W
      Food: Prices 922W
      Higher Education: Admissions 922W
      Members: Correspondence 922W
      Retail Trade 922W
      Royal Mail: Pensions 922W
      Technology: Apprentices 923W
Cabinet Office 923W
      Charities: Bexley 923W
      Households: Greater London 924W
      National Lottery: Bexley 925W
      New Businesses: Bolton 925W
      Public Sector: Pensions 925W
Church Commissioners 905W
      The Lord's Prayer 905W
Communities and Local Government 906W
      Mayors: Coventry 906W
      Official Hospitality 906W
Culture, Media and Sport 925W
      Christmas 925W
      Departmental Data Protection 926W
      EU Law 926W
      Football: VAT 926W
      Olympic Games 2012: Advertising 926W
      PhonepayPlus 927W
      Radio Frequencies 927W
Defence 939W
      Army 939W
      Army: Uniforms 939W
      Harrier Aircraft 940W
      Military Aircraft: Helicopters 940W
      Type 26 Frigates 941W
      Type 45 Destroyers 941W
Education 959W
      Academies: Finance 959W
      Curriculum 959W
      Curriculum: Design 960W
      Free School Meals 960W
      GCSE 960W
      Private Education: Inspections 969W
      Schools: Absenteeism 969W
      Schools: Vocational Guidance 969W
      Teachers: Cambridgeshire 970W
Energy and Climate Change 906W
      Departmental Manpower 906W
      Energy: Prices 907W
      EU Law 907W
      Heating: Disability 909W
      National Grid: Fees and Charges 909W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 942W
      Coastal Areas 943W
      Conservation Zones 942W
      Departmental Redundancy Pay 944W
      Fisheries 944W
      Food Waste 942W
      Forestry 942W
      Jobs and Growth 943W
      Single Farm Payment 942W
      Water: Climate Change 945W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 928W
      Flags 928W
      Iran: Mass Media 928W
      North Korea 929W
      North Korea: Human Rights 930W
      Syria: Politics and Government 930W
      Treaty of Lisbon 931W
Health 932W
      Ambulance Services: Private Sector 932W
      Benzodiazepines 932W
      Cancer: Young People 933W
      Diabetes 934W
      Health: Children 935W
      NHS: Procurement 935W
      Opiates: Prescriptions 936W
      Prescriptions 936W
      Public Sector: Pay 933W
      Sunbeds 937W
      Third Sector 937W
Home Department 909W
      EU Law 909W
      Immigration Controls: Airports 910W
      Institute for Public Policy Research: Finance 910W
      John Davidson 910W
      Members: Correspondence 911W
      Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre 911W
House of Commons Commission 911W
      Food Procurement 911W
      Parliamentary Tours: Finance 912W
Justice 938W
      Crime: Children 938W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation 938W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority 938W
      Prison Accommodation 939W
Northern Ireland 912W
      Languages 912W
Scotland 913W
      Biofuels 913W
Transport 913W
      Airbus A380 913W
      Driving Tests 914W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 914W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line: Civil Servants 915W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line: Employment 916W
      High Speed Trains: Scotland 916W
      Internships 913W
      Midland Main Line: Electrification 917W
      Motorways 917W
      Railways: Metal Theft 917W
      Railways: Scotland 917W
Treasury 945W
      Children: Day Care 945W
      Corporation Tax 945W
      Financial Services: EU Law 946W
      Minimum Wage 953W
      Non-domestic Rates 953W
      Non-domestic Rates: Empty Property 954W
      PAYE 954W
      Public Expenditure 955W
      Radio Frequencies 957W
      Tax Evasion 958W
      Taxation: Multinational Companies 958W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Public Houses 959W
Work and Pensions 919W
      Income Support: Lone Parents 919W
      Universal Credit 920W