Written Ministerial Statements
Friday 20 January 2012

Deputy Prime Minister 47WS
      Statutory Register of Lobbyists 47WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 47WS
      Agriculture and Fisheries Council 47WS
      Environment Council 48WS
Transport 49WS
      Intercity West Coast Rail Franchise 49WS
Work and Pensions 50WS
      Draft Occupational Pension Schemes and Pension Protection Fund (Equality) (Amendment) Regulations 50WS

Written Answers
Friday 20 January 2012

Attorney-General 971W
      Accommodation 971W
      Crown Prosecution Service 971W
Business, Innovation and Skills 972W
      Apprentices: Devon 972W
      Apprentices: Yorkshire and Humber 974W
      Business: Billing 973W
      Ceramics: Industry 975W
      Further Education: Part-time Education 975W
      Higher Education: Admissions 976W
      Office for Fair Access 976W
      Regional Growth Fund: Longbridge 976W
      Shareholders 977W
      Shell 977W
Cabinet Office 978W
      Charities 978W
      Charities: Closures 979W
      Charities: Regulation 979W
      Childbirth 979W
      Health 980W
      Members: Correspondence 981W
      Perinatal Mortality 982W
      Personal Savings 982W
Church Commissioners 983W
      Apprentices 983W
      Church Commissioners: Anniversaries 984W
      Church of England Rural Affairs Committee 984W
      Churches: Repairs and Maintenance 984W
      Churches: Rural Areas 985W
Communities and Local Government 986W
      Travellers: Caravan Sites 986W
Culture, Media and Sport 986W
      Arts 986W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012: Voluntary Organisations 986W
      Digital Broadcasting 987W
      EU Law 987W
      Ofcom 987W
      Radio Frequencies: Audio Equipment 988W
      Telephones 988W
      Third Sector 989W
      Tourism: Northumberland 989W
Defence 989W
      Defence Equipment: Repairs and Maintenance 989W
Education 990W
      Academies 990W
      Contact Orders: Grandparents 990W
      EU Law 990W
      Free School Meals 991W
      Free Schools 992W
      GCE A-Level: Mathematics 992W
      Health Education: Driving under Influence 997W
      Special Educational Needs: Training 998W
Energy and Climate Change 999W
      Carbon Emissions: EU Law 999W
      Green Deal Scheme 999W
      Green Deal Scheme: Mobile Homes 999W
      Renewable Energy: Manpower 1000W
      Solar Power 1000W
      Uranium: Prices 1001W
      Warm Front Scheme 1002W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1002W
      Veterinary Services 1002W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1002W
      Bosnia and Herzegovina 1002W
      Bosnia and Herzegovina: Politics and Government 1003W
      Burma: Politics and Government 1003W
      Embassies: Flags 1004W
      Kazakhstan: Elections 1004W
      Nigeria: Fuels 1004W
      Nigeria: Oil 1005W
      Nigeria: Politics and Government 1005W
      South Sudan: Politics and Government 1006W
      Sudan 1006W
Health 1006W
      Disability: Children 1006W
      Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 1006W
      Health: Disadvantaged 1007W
      Hospitals: North Tees and Hartlepool 1007W
      Influenza: Vaccination 1008W
      Leukaemia: Drugs 1008W
      Neurology 1009W
Home Department 1009W
      Criminal Investigation: Costs 1009W
      Crown Prosecution Service 1010W
      Metropolitan Police 1010W
      Overseas Students: National Insurance Numbers 1010W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 1010W
International Development 1011W
      Christmas 1011W
      Controlled Foreign Companies 1011W
      Departmental Recruitment 1011W
      Overseas Aid 1012W
Justice 1012W
      Offenders: Mental illness 1012W
Northern Ireland 1013W
      Flags 1013W
      Human Trafficking 1013W
Scotland 1013W
      Enterprise Zones 1013W
Transport 1014W
      Blue Badge Scheme 1014W
      Dartford-Thurrock Crossing: Tolls 1014W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 1015W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 1015W
      Driver Information Systems 1016W
      High Speed 2 1017W
      HM Coastguard 1017W
      Railways: Fares 1017W
      Railways: Finance 1017W
Treasury 1018W
      Bank Services 1018W
      Cash Dispensing: Fees and Charges 1018W
      Credit Reference Agencies 1018W
      Investment 1019W
      Taxation: Self-assessment 1019W
Women and Equalities 1019W
      Gender Recognition 1019W
Work and Pensions 1020W
      Carer’s Allowance 1020W
      Children: Disadvantaged 1020W
      Council Tax 1021W
      Disability Living Allowance 1022W
      Employer’s Liability 1023W
      Employment: Care Industry 1024W
      Employment Schemes 1023W
      Industrial Health and Safety 1024W
      Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit 1025W
      Pensions 1025W
      Social Security Benefits 1026W
      UK Law 1027W
      Unemployment: Immigration 1027W
      Work Capability Assessments 1027W
      Work Programme 1030W