Oral Answers
Monday 23 January 2012

Work and Pensions 1
      Child Poverty 13
      Disabled People (Residential Training) 7
      Health and Safety Regulation 5
      Pension Funds (Charges) 16
      Pensions 14
      Personal Independence Payment 4
      Sickness Benefit (UK Citizens Abroad) 9
      Social Fund (Closure) 15
      Topical Questions 18
      Troubled Families (Employment) 17
      Universal Credit 10
      Universal Credit (Costs to Small Businesses) 11
      Universal Credit (IT Systems) 8
      Work Programme (Performance Data) 1
      Workfare Scheme 12
      Youth Contract 16

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 23 January 2012

Education 3WS
      School Travel Pathfinder Schemes 3WS
Health 3WS
      Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Improving Outcomes and Supporting Transparency 3WS
Justice 4WS
      EU Treaties 4WS
Transport 5WS
      Maritime Training Scheme 5WS
Treasury 1WS
      ECOFIN 1WS

Written Answers
Monday 23 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 103W
      ACAS 103W
      ACAS: Finance 104W
      Bankruptcy 104W
      Business: Investment 105W
      Business: Third Sector 106W
      Consumers: Credit 107W
      Dementia: Research 108W
      Departmental Manpower 108W
      EU Law 109W
      Exports 109W
      Flexible Working 109W
      High Street Support Scheme 110W
      Higher Education: Finance 111W
      Higher Education: Yorkshire and Humber 111W
      Insolvency 111W
      Local Enterprise Partnerships 112W
      Overseas Trade 112W
      Overseas Trade: India 115W
      Regulation 108W
      Science: Finance 115W
      Trade Promotion 116W
      UK Trade & Investment 118W
      UK Trade & Investment: Manpower 120W
      UK Trade & Investment: PA Consulting Group 122W
      UK Trade & Investment: Work Experience 122W
Cabinet Office 41W
      Big Society Capital 41W
      Charitable Donations 42W
      EU Law 42W
      Families 42W
      Shift Work 44W
      Social Impact Bonds 45W
      Third Sector 46W
      Voluntary Work: Conditions of Employment 46W
      Working Hours 46W
Communities and Local Government 49W
      Christmas 49W
      Council Housing: Repairs and Maintenance 49W
      Council Tax: Sefton 49W
      Electoral Register: Finance 50W
      EU Grants and Loans 50W
      EU Law 52W
      European Regional Development Fund 54W
      Fire Services: East of England 54W
      First-time Buyers 55W
      Housing: Wiltshire 56W
      Local Government Finance: Kent 56W
      Local Government: Pensions 57W
      Mobile Homes 57W
      Non-domestic Rates: Sefton 58W
Culture, Media and Sport 1W
      Advertising: Finance 1W
      Broadband: EU Grants and Loans 1W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012 1W
      HMS Ark Royal 2W
      Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme 2W
      Official Visits 2W
      Television: Advertising 2W
      Third Sector 3W
Defence 3W
      Armed Forces: Education 3W
      Arms Trade 4W
      Entertainers: Afghanistan 4W
      Ex-servicemen 4W
      HMS Victory 5W
      Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability Programme: Tankers 5W
      Rescue Services 5W
Deputy Prime Minister 6W
      Electoral Register 6W
Education 6W
      Academies: Faith Schools 7W
      Academies: Primary Education 8W
      Children: Well-being 8W
      Education Maintenance Allowance 8W
      Financial Services: Education 9W
      Free School Meals 9W
      Free Schools 6W
      History: GCSE 10W
      Primary Education: Teachers 10W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged 10W
      Schools: Liverpool 11W
      Secondary Education: Gifted and Talented Children 12W
      Sixth Form Colleges: Safety 12W
      Skerton Community Primary School 12W
Energy and Climate Change 13W
      Carbon Sequestration: EU Grants and Loans 13W
      Christmas 13W
      Environment Protection: Employment 13W
      EU Law 14W
      European Investment Bank 15W
      Homesun Holdings 15W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 15W
      Agriculture: Subsidies 15W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 16W
      Animal Welfare: Exports 17W
      Dangerous Dogs 17W
      Dogs: Tagging 18W
      Endangered Species 21W
      Fisheries 18W
      Fishing Catches 19W
      Forestry Commission 19W
      Habitats Regulations 20W
      Hydroelectric Power 20W
      Lakes and Reservoirs 20W
      Natural Capital Committee 21W
      Procurement 18W
      Recruitment 18W
      Rivers: Surrey 22W
      Water: Climate Change 22W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 58W
      Antarctic Treaty 58W
      Australia: Eagles 59W
      Belarus: Freedom of Expression 59W
      British Overseas Territories: Biodiversity 59W
      Burma: Political Prisoners 60W
      Crown Dependencies 60W
      Departmental Manpower 60W
      Diplomatic Service: Internships 61W
      EU Law 61W
      European Council Accommodation 63W
      European Court of Human Rights 62W
      Ilois: Resettlement 62W
      Libya: Politics and Government 63W
      Nigeria: Politics and Government 63W
      Scotland: Independence 64W
      Somalia: Piracy 63W
Health 64W
      Adult Social Care: Kent 74W
      Air Ambulance Services 64W
      Air Ambulance Services: Finance 64W
      Benzodiazepines 64W
      Christmas 65W
      Departmental Air Travel 65W
      Diabetes: Screening 66W
      Drugs: Imports 66W
      Dystonia: Health Services 66W
      EU Law 67W
      Genito-urinary Medicine 67W
      Health Care: Lifestyles 67W
      Health Professions: Finance 68W
      Health Services: Commissioning 68W
      Health Services: Lancashire 68W
      Liposonal Dioxorubicin 69W
      Mental Health: Employment 70W
      Mental Health Services 69W
      Mental Health Services: Ex-servicemen 69W
      Neurology 71W
      NHS Foundation Trusts: Advertising 71W
      NHS: Parking 72W
      Pancreatic Cancer 72W
      Paroxetine 73W
      Schizophrenia 74W
      Suicide 75W
      University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust 75W
Home Department 75W
      Christmas 75W
      Civil Disorder 76W
      EU Law 76W
      Immigration: Appeals 76W
      Security: London 2012 Olympics 76W
International Development 122W
      Apprentices 122W
      Departmental Visits Abroad 123W
      Developing Countries: Agriculture 123W
      Developing Countries: Famine 124W
      East Africa: Droughts 125W
      EU Law 126W
      Food Aid: East Africa 127W
      Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme 127W
      Migration: Climate Change 128W
      Nigeria: Police 128W
      Sahel: Agriculture 128W
      Trade Promotion 130W
Justice 77W
      Bronzefield Prison: Visits 77W
      Chief Coroner 77W
      Civil Disorder 77W
      Civil Proceedings: Finance 78W
      Community Orders 78W
      Contact Orders 79W
      Crimes Outside National Territories 80W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation 80W
      Debt Collection 80W
      Disability Living Allowance: Appeals 81W
      Driving Under Influence 82W
      Employment Tribunals Service : Fees and Charges 83W
      EU Law 83W
      European Court of Human Rights 84W
      Fixed Penalties 85W
      HM Courts and Tribunals Service 85W
      Judicial Appointments Commission for England and Wales 85W
      Kidnapping: Children 86W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Reform 86W
      Legal Services Commission 86W
      Members: Correspondence 88W
      Offences Against Children 88W
      Offenders: Dyslexia 88W
      Prisoners: Qualifications 89W
      Prisoners: Repatriation 90W
      Prisoners’ Release 89W
      Prisons: Third Sector 92W
      Social Entitlement Chamber 92W
      Victim Support 93W
      Young Offender Institutions: Injuries 93W
      Youth Custody: Enfield 94W
Northern Ireland 23W
      Equality Commission for Northern Ireland: Public Appointments 23W
Transport 23W
      Dartford-Thurrock Crossing: Tolls 23W
      East Coast Railway Line 25W
      Heathrow Airport: Railways 25W
      Highways Agency: Motor Vehicles 26W
      Japan Tobacco International: Ministerial Policy Advisers 26W
      Pearson VUE 26W
      Pedestrian Crossings: Accidents 27W
      Pedicabs 27W
      Port Security 28W
      Railways: Disability 29W
      Railways: Exchange Rates 29W
      Railways: Metal Theft 29W
      Roads: Repairs and Maintenance 29W
      Roads: Snow and Ice 30W
      Travel Information 30W
      Tyne and Wear Metro 24W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles 31W
Treasury 31W
      Air Passenger Duty 31W
      Banks: Pay 32W
      Banks: Unfair Practices 32W
      Business: Taxation 32W
      Child Benefit 32W
      Climate Change Levy 33W
      Community Development Tax Relief 33W
      Co-operatives 33W
      Credit Reference Agencies: Scotland 34W
      EU Law 34W
      Excise Duties: Gaming Machines 34W
      Financial Services 35W
      Gift Aid 35W
      Income Tax 36W
      Insurance: Floods 37W
      Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme 37W
      Loans 37W
      Manufacturing Industries 38W
      Mortgages 38W
      Revenue and Customs: Industrial Disputes 39W
      Revenue and Customs: Standards 39W
      Tax Evasion 39W
      Universal Credit: Self-employed 39W
      Unpaid Taxes 40W
      VAT 40W
      VAT: Fraud 40W
      VAT: Repayments 40W
      Working Tax Credit: Shrewsbury 41W
Women and Equalities 96W
      Christmas 96W
      Departmental Manpower 96W
Work and Pensions 96W
      Carer's Allowance 97W
      Charities 98W
      Child Maintenance 98W
      Christmas 99W
      Co-operatives 99W
      Disability Living Allowance: Appeals 99W
      EU Law 100W
      Female Unemployment 97W
      Future Jobs Fund 100W
      Job Vacancies 102W
      Pensions 100W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability 101W
      StartHere 96W
      Unemployment: Older People 101W
      Universal Credit 101W
      Welfare State: Reform 102W
      Work Capability Assessments 97W
      Work Programme 103W

Ministerial Correction
Monday 23 January 2012

Transport 1MC
      Departmental Consultants 1MC