Oral Answers
Tuesday 24 January 2012

Treasury 147
      Bank Lending 154
      Budget Deficit 158
      Child Poverty 153
      COP26 Process 150
      Credit Card Surcharges 161
      Distribution of Tax Burden 155
      Economic Growth 147
      Economic Growth 160
      Executive Pay 156
      National Infrastructure Plan 151
      Taxation Changes (Families with Children) 149
      Topical Questions 162
      UK Current Account Balance 159
      UK’s Credit Rating 161
      Unemployment 151

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 24 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 7WS
      Executive Pay 7WS
      Post Office Network 8WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 12WS
      Costa Concordia Incident 12WS
Health 13WS
      PIP Breast Implants and Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions 13WS
Home Department 15WS
      Animal Procedures Committee: Membership 15WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 24 January 2012

Attorney-General 165W
      Departmental Manpower 165W
Business, Innovation and Skills 223W
      Apprentices 223W
      Apprentices: Wiltshire 224W
      Bankruptcy 224W
      Business: Dismissal 225W
      Catering: Public Consultation 225W
      Christmas 226W
      Copyright: Arts 226W
      Flexible Working 226W
      Graduates: British Nationals Abroad 227W
      Green Investment Bank: Pay 227W
      Higher Education 227W
      Higher Education: Admissions 228W
      Industrial Development Act 1982 228W
      Legal Profession: Regulation 228W
      Manufacturing Industries: Government Assistance 229W
      Plastic Surgery: Breasts 234W
      Retail Trade: Annual Reports 229W
      Students: Finance 230W
      Students: Loans 230W
      Summertime 230W
      Supermarkets: Competition 231W
      Third Sector 231W
      Trade Unions: Training 231W
      Working Hours: EU Law 233W
Cabinet Office 175W
      Christmas 175W
      Departmental Data Protection 175W
      Departmental Manpower 176W
      EU Law 176W
      New Businesses 176W
      Public Sector: Dismissal 176W
Communities and Local Government 135W
      Council Housing: Standards 135W
      Council Tax Benefits 135W
      Departmental Visits Abroad 136W
      Empty Property: Shops 136W
      Fire Services: Finance 136W
      Fire Services: Training 137W
      Housing Benefit 137W
      Local Government: Voluntary Organisations 138W
      Rents 138W
      Shops: Empty Property 138W
Culture, Media and Sport 139W
      Football 139W
      Online Piracy 139W
Defence 177W
      Air Force: Ammunition 177W
      Aircraft Carriers 177W
      Animals: Euthanasia 178W
      Armed Forces: Deployment 179W
      Armed Forces: Dogs 180W
      Armed Forces: Education 180W
      Armed Forces: Pensions 181W
      Armed Forces: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 181W
      Armed Forces: Secondment 182W
      Armed Forces: Security 182W
      Christmas 182W
      Coulport Depot 183W
      Defence 183W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 183W
      EU Law 185W
      Ex-servicemen: Armed Forces 185W
      Falkland Islands: Public Expenditure 185W
      Gurkhas: Redundancy 186W
      Internships 184W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 187W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 187W
      Ministry of Defence Language Schools 188W
      Navy: Pitcairn Islands 188W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 182W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 184W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 188W
      Radiation Exposure 188W
      Submarines 189W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles 189W
Deputy Prime Minister 200W
      Departmental Written Questions 200W
      Electoral Register 200W
      Electoral Register: Finance 205W
      Electoral Register: Northern Ireland 205W
Education 205W
      Academies: Governing Bodies 205W
      Children 206W
      Christmas 208W
      Departmental Manpower 208W
      Departmental Temporary Employment 208W
      Education 210W
      Education: Finance 210W
      Education: Leeds 210W
      Job Vacancies 209W
      Members: Correspondence 211W
      Mindfulness 211W
      Recruitment 208W
      Schools: Sports 211W
      Schools: Swindon 211W
      Schools: Technology 212W
      Social and Emotional Learning 213W
      Teachers 213W
      Teachers: Disciplinary Proceedings 214W
Energy and Climate Change 139W
      Carbon Emissions: Housing 139W
      Radioactive Waste: Scotland 140W
      Renewables Obligation 141W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 142W
      Air Pollution 142W
      Animal Health and Welfare Board for England 142W
      Animal Welfare: Cormorants 143W
      Birds of Prey 143W
      Countryside: Access 144W
      Flood Control 144W
      Nature Conservation: EU Law 144W
      Sky Lanterns 145W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 131W
      Bosnia and Herzegovina 131W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 131W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Politics and Government 132W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012 132W
      Iran: Diplomatic Relations 132W
      Morocco: British Nationals Abroad 133W
      Overseas Trade 134W
      Pakistan: Politics and Government 133W
      Spain: Tourism 133W
      Tuareg People 134W
Health 189W
      Accidents: Pedicabs 189W
      Business Interests 190W
      Care Quality Commission 191W
      Departmental Manpower 195W
      Doctors: Dismissal 195W
      Drugs: Imports 195W
      Hospitals 196W
      Influenza: Vaccination 197W
      Mental Health Services 197W
      Mental Illness 197W
      Mental Illness: Research 198W
      NHS: Dismissal 198W
      NHS: Internships 198W
      Plastic Surgery: Breasts 190W
      Pregnancy: Obesity 199W
      Streptococcus: Babies 199W
Home Department 145W
      Asylum 145W
      Departmental Reports 148W
      Deportation: Egypt 146W
      Human Trafficking: Repatriation 146W
      Immobilisation of Vehicles 147W
      Metal Theft 149W
      Police and Crime Commissioners: Elections 147W
      Police: Olympic Games 2012 148W
      Procurement 145W
      Speed Limits: Cameras 149W
House of Commons Commission 149W
      Food: Waste 149W
International Development 234W
      British Overseas Territories 234W
      Departmental Manpower 235W
      Sudan: Debts 235W
      Yemen: Overseas Aid 236W
Justice 214W
      Bronzefield Prison 214W
      Community Orders: Per Capita Costs 214W
      Consultants 216W
      Contact Orders 215W
      Crown Dependencies: Diamond Jubilee 2012 216W
      Departmental Manpower 216W
      Employment Tribunals 217W
      Human Trafficking: Victim Support Schemes 218W
      Hunting: Prosecutions 219W
      Offenders: Literacy 221W
      Prison: Visits 221W
      Prisoners: Death 221W
      Suspended Sentence Orders: Community Orders 222W
      Third Sector 222W
      Work Capability Assessment: Appeals 223W
      Youth Justice: Enfield 223W
Northern Ireland 150W
      Bill of Rights 150W
      Christmas 151W
      Departmental Pay 151W
      Third Sector 151W
Prime Minister 200W
      Bell Pottinger Group 200W
      Social Action 200W
Scotland 152W
      Christmas 152W
      Departmental Manpower 152W
      Poverty: Children 152W
      Third Sector 153W
Transport 166W
      A3: Hampshire 166W
      Apprentices 166W
      Consultants 167W
      Departmental Manpower 168W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 169W
      Network Rail 169W
      Railways: Fares 169W
      Railways: Freight 169W
      Railways: Scotland 170W
      Southern: Rolling Stock 170W
Treasury 170W
      Biofuels: Crime 171W
      Christmas 172W
      Climate Change Levy 172W
      Community Development Tax Relief 173W
      Community Investment Tax Relief 173W
      Credit: Small Businesses 170W
      Departmental Manpower 173W
      Devolution: Finance 173W
      Economic Growth 171W
      Excise Duties: Gaming Machines 174W
      Merlin Agreement 171W
      National Insurance Contributions 170W
      Occupational Pensions 174W
      Taxation Changes: Families with Children 171W
      Taxation: Northern Ireland 174W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Telephone Services 175W
Wales 153W
      Christmas 153W
      Departmental Manpower 153W
      Third Sector 153W
Work and Pensions 154W
      Atos Origin 154W
      Autism Act 2009 155W
      Bank of Scotland 156W
      Council Tax Benefits 156W
      Departmental Manpower 156W
      Disability Living Allowance 157W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Cancer 157W
      Employment: Barking and Dagenham 159W
      Employment Schemes 158W
      Employment Schemes: Voluntary Organisations 158W
      Employment Schemes: West Midlands 159W
      Jobcentre Plus: Training 159W
      Pensioners: Council Tax Benefits 159W
      Pensioners: Low Incomes 160W
      Personal Independence Payment: Mental Illness 161W
      Social Security Benefits 162W
      Social Security Benefits: Carlisle 162W
      Third Sector 163W
      Universal Credit 163W
      Work Capability Assessments 165W
      Work Programme 165W