Oral Answers
Wednesday 25 January 2012

Northern Ireland 281
      Diamond Jubilee 285
      Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains 289
      Legacy of the Past 288
      Private Sector Job Creation 283
      Security Situation 281
      Welfare Reform Bill 287
Prime Minister 290
      Engagements 290

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 25 January 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 17WS
      Brazil and the Caribbean (Foreign Secretary Visit) 17WS
Health 18WS
      NHS Property Services 18WS
Transport 19WS
      Charging Heavy Goods Vehicles 19WS
Work and Pensions 20WS
      Automatic Enrolment Timetable 20WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 25 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 297W
      Business: Government Assistance 297W
      Energy: Conservation 298W
      Exports 298W
      Green Investment Bank 299W
      Green Investment Bank: Fossil Fuel Levy 300W
      Higher Education: Student Numbers 300W
      Land Registration 309W
      Public Houses 310W
      Public Houses: Rural Areas 310W
      Regional Growth Fund 311W
      Unfair Dismissal: Compensation 311W
Cabinet Office 265W
      Business 265W
      Expenditure: Drinks 266W
      Food Poisoning 266W
Communities and Local Government 242W
      Charities: Shops 242W
      Council Tax Benefits 242W
      Council Tax: Rates and Rating 242W
      Internships 243W
      Social Rented Housing 243W
      Third Sector 243W
Culture, Media and Sport 247W
      Expenditure: Drinks 247W
      Football Clubs 247W
      Supporters Direct 248W
Defence 279W
      Military Attaches: Argentina 279W
      Official Hospitality 279W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 279W
      Overseas Territories 279W
Deputy Prime Minister 270W
      Devolution 270W
      EU Action 270W
      European Liberals 271W
      Third Sector 271W
Education 244W
      Academies 244W
      Children 244W
      Children: Disability 245W
      Curriculum 245W
      Departmental ICT 246W
      Members: Correspondence 246W
      Official Visits 246W
      Pupils: Assessments 246W
      School Funding Reform 247W
      Third Sector 247W
Energy and Climate Change 267W
      Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors 267W
      Carbon Emissions 267W
      Electricity 268W
      Nuclear Power Stations 268W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Hinkley Point 268W
      Smart Meters 269W
      Third Sector 269W
      Wind Power 269W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 249W
      Agriculture: Regulation 249W
      Agriculture: Subsidies 249W
      Animal Health and Welfare Board for England 250W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 250W
      British Waterways: Canal and River Trust 250W
      Common Agricultural Policy 250W
      Dangerous Dogs 251W
      Internships 251W
      Third Sector 251W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 260W
      Bell Pottinger Group 260W
      China: Animal Welfare 260W
      EU Countries: Detainees 260W
      Intercountry Adoption 261W
      Iran 261W
      Iran: Oil and Gas 261W
      Israel: Prisoners 262W
      Languages: Education 263W
      Middle East: Armed Conflict 263W
      Morocco: Politics and Government 264W
      Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali 264W
Health 252W
      Diabetes 252W
      Diabetes: Orthopaedics 252W
      First Aid: Education 253W
      Health Services: Reciprocal Arrangements 253W
      Land: Contamination 255W
      Members: Correspondence 255W
      Muscular Dystrophy 256W
      Neurology 256W
      NHS: Compensation 257W
      NHS Foundation Trusts: Insurance 256W
      NHS Litigation Authority: Finance 257W
      NHS: Negligence 258W
      Palliative Care: Finance 258W
      Speech Therapy 258W
      Surgery: Hertfordshire 259W
      Third Sector 259W
      Tuberculosis 259W
Home Department 280W
      Asylum 280W
      Asylum: Repatriation 280W
      Aviation: Security 282W
      Departmental Manpower 283W
      Detention Centres: Death 283W
      Extradition: Egypt 284W
      Film Policy 283W
      Members: Correspondence 284W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 285W
      Operation RAMP 285W
      Oxycodone: Imports 285W
      Prisoners: Repatriation 286W
      Prostitution: Greater London 286W
      Vehicle Number Plates: Fraud 286W
International Development 276W
      Departmental Pay 276W
      Recruitment 278W
      Third Sector 278W
Justice 287W
      Convictions 287W
      Criminal Proceedings 287W
      Human Trafficking: Victim Support Schemes 288W
      Legal Aid Scheme 289W
      Legal Services Commission 289W
      Offences: Costs 290W
      Sentencing 290W
      Sentencing: North Wales 291W
      Stalking 295W
      Youth Custody: Ethnic Groups 295W
Northern Ireland 239W
      Economic Affairs 239W
Scotland 239W
      Sovereignty 239W
Transport 271W
      EU Law 272W
      Motorways 273W
      Motorways: Accidents 274W
      Pedicabs 271W
      Railways: East Anglia 275W
      Railways: Southeastern 273W
      Railways: TransPennine Express 274W
      Road Traffic Control: Advertising 275W
      Roads: Manchester Airport 276W
      Third Sector 276W
      Trains: Disability 276W
Treasury 240W
      Defence: Expenditure 240W
      Revenue and Customs 240W
      Tax Allowances: Offshore Trusts 241W
      Third Sector 241W
      Unemployment 241W
      Working Tax Credit 241W
Women and Equalities 248W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission: Legal Representation 248W
Work and Pensions 237W
      Baking Industry 237W
      Cold Weather Payments 238W
      Housing Benefit 238W
      Work Capability Assessment 239W