Oral Answers
Thursday 26 January 2012

Energy and Climate Change 391
      British Antarctic Survey 402
      Competition 403
      Emissions 404
      Energy Bills 394
      Energy Efficiency 399
      Energy Efficiency 401
      Kyoto Protocol 396
      Photovoltaics 391
      Prepayment Meters 401
      Renewable Energy 403
      Smart Meters 398
      Strait of Hormuz 396
      Topical Questions 406
      Wind Farms 405

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 26 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 23WS
      Pre-packaged Sales in Insolvency 23WS
Energy and Climate Change 24WS
      Feed-in Tariffs 24WS
Health 24WS
      Nursing and Midwifery Council 24WS
Home Department 25WS
      Metal Theft 25WS
Transport 26WS
      City of Liverpool Cruise Terminal 26WS
      National Policy Statement for Ports 26WS
      Street Works (Lane Rental) 27WS
Work and Pensions 27WS
      EU-Switzerland Agreement Opt-in Decision 27WS
      Industrial Injuries Advisory Council 28WS

Thursday 26 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 1P
      BAE Systems Jobs in the Humber region 1P

Written Answers
Thursday 26 January 2012

Attorney-General 327W
      Fraud 327W
Business, Innovation and Skills 363W
      Apprentices 364W
      Apprentices: Agriculture 363W
      Company Accounts 363W
      Copyright: Internet 364W
      Employment: Arbitration 364W
      Green Investment Bank 365W
      Higher Education 366W
      Higher Education: Admissions 366W
      Manufacturing Industries 366W
      Patents 367W
      Postal Services 368W
      Unfair Dismissal: Compensation 368W
Cabinet Office 325W
      Challenge Network 325W
      Cybercrime 325W
      New Businesses: Worcestershire 326W
Communities and Local Government 322W
      Charities: Finance 322W
      Departmental Manpower 322W
      Domestic Waste 323W
      Homelessness 323W
      Homelessness: Support 322W
      Homelessness: Support 324W
      Housing Benefit 323W
      Non-domestic Rates: Empty Property 324W
      Social Rented Housing 324W
Culture, Media and Sport 317W
      Arts 317W
      Broadband 317W
      Copyright: Internet 317W
      Departmental Manpower 318W
      Football 318W
      Libraries 318W
      Radio: Wales 319W
      Wedgwood Museum 319W
Defence 313W
      Argentina: Military Alliances 313W
      Armed Forces: Manpower 313W
      Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator 313W
      Departmental Manpower 314W
      Ex-servicemen: Education 314W
      Public Sector: Pay 314W
Deputy Prime Minister 326W
      European Liberal Summit 326W
Energy and Climate Change 315W
      Electricity Generation 315W
      Energy: Meters 315W
      Nuclear Power Stations 316W
      Solar Power: Feed-in Tariffs 316W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 316W
      Wind Power 317W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 369W
      Animal Health and Welfare Board for England 369W
      Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty 369W
      Christmas 370W
      Common Land 370W
      Departmental Manpower 371W
      EU Law 371W
      Expenditure: Drinks 370W
      Fisheries: ICT 372W
      Furs: Origin Labelling 373W
      Health 373W
      Hunting: Sports 373W
      Otters 373W
      Reed Beds 374W
      Soil: Conservation 374W
      Third Sector 374W
      Trees: Planning Permission 375W
      Waste Disposal 375W
      Waste Disposal: Food 376W
      Written Questions 376W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 337W
      Economic and Monetary Union 337W
      Economic and Monetary Union: Civil Service 337W
      EU Countries: Visits Abroad 338W
      Expenditure: Drinks 337W
      Pakistan: Politics and Government 338W
      Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 338W
      Third Sector 338W
Health 333W
      Autism: Health Services 333W
      Duchenne Care Standards 336W
      General Practitioners 334W
      General Practitioners: Pharmacy 335W
      Hospitals 335W
      Hospitals: Electricity 335W
      NHS: Reorganisation 336W
      Organs: Donors 336W
Home Department 348W
      Asylum: Egypt 348W
      Travel Requirements 348W
International Development 349W
      Burkina Faso: Poverty 349W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 349W
      Developing Countries: Diseases 350W
      Developing Countries: Multinational Companies 350W
      Diseases 350W
      Members: Correspondence 351W
      Somalia: International Co-operation 351W
      Yemen: Overseas Aid 351W
Justice 352W
      Appeals: Hull 352W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation 357W
      Criminal Proceedings 361W
      Legal Aid Scheme 361W
      Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh 361W
      Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 362W
      Solicitors: Harrow 362W
      Work Capability Assessment 362W
Northern Ireland 327W
      Bill of Rights 327W
      Departmental Manpower 328W
Transport 319W
      Buses: Testing 319W
      Driving: Licensing 320W
      Ports 321W
      Railways: Cotswold Line 321W
      Travel: Trains 322W
Treasury 328W
      Assets: Egypt 328W
      Banking 328W
      Bankruptcy 329W
      Copyright: Internet 330W
      EU Law 330W
      Executives: Pay 330W
      Internet: Sales 331W
      National Insurance Contributions: New Businesses 331W
      PAYE: Pensions 331W
      Revenue and Customs: Standards 332W
      Taxation: International Co-operation 332W
      Working Tax Credit 333W
Women and Equalities 349W
      Civil Partnerships: Ceremonies 349W
Work and Pensions 339W
      Disability Living Allowance: British Nationality 339W
      Employment and Support Allowance 339W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Appeals 340W
      Employment Tribunals Service: Unfair Dismissal 341W
      Housing Benefit 342W
      Housing Benefit: Autism 343W
      Identity Assurance 343W
      Pensions 343W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 344W
      Universal Credit 345W
      Welfare Reform Bill 348W
      Work Experience 348W