Oral Answers
Monday 30 January 2012

Communities and Local Government 531
      Business Rates 538
      Council Tax Benefit 536
      Empty Properties 532
      Empty Properties 535
      European Regional Development Fund 542
      Housing (Affordability) 544
      Housing (Veterans) 544
      National Planning Policy Framework 540
      New Homes Bonus 541
      Parking 539
      Private Rented Sector 534
      Public Spending 531
      Topical Questions 545
      Troubled Families 543

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 30 January 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 29WS
      Foreign Affairs Council 29WS
Home Department 31WS
      Police Remuneration and Conditions 31WS
International Development 34WS
      Turks and Caicos Islands (Progress Report) 34WS

Monday 30 January 2012

Health 3P
      NHS Services in Blackpool South 3P

Written Answers
Monday 30 January 2012

Attorney-General 414W
      Euthanasia 414W
      Newspaper Press: Telephone Hacking 414W
Business, Innovation and Skills 455W
      Apprentices: West Midlands 455W
      Biotechnology 455W
      Business: Government Assistance 455W
      Business: Scotland 456W
      Community Investment Tax Relief 456W
      Company Accounts 457W
      Construction Industry 457W
      Copyright: Education 459W
      Deloitte 459W
      Departmental Correspondence 460W
      Education: Ex-servicemen 460W
      Exports 460W
      Further Education 461W
      Groceries Code Adjudicator 462W
      High Street Review 462W
      Insolvency 463W
      Internships 461W
      One North East 463W
      Postgraduate Education 463W
      Technology and Innovation Centres 464W
      UK Trade & Investment 468W
Cabinet Office 468W
      Alix Partners 468W
      Children: Yorkshire and the Humber 469W
      Co-operatives: Harrogate and Knaresborough 469W
      Electoral Register 470W
      Empty Properties: Essex 470W
      Freedom of Information 471W
      Government Departments: Computers 471W
      Government Departments: Contracts 471W
      Merchant Navy: Medals 472W
      Office for Civil Society 472W
      Public Data Corporation 472W
      Public Sector: Pay 472W
      Recruitment 470W
      Third Sector 473W
Church Commissioners 475W
      Auckland Castle: Art Works 475W
Communities and Local Government 475W
      Coastal Communities Fund 476W
      Community Cohesion 475W
      Countryside: Planning 476W
      Fire and Rescue Service 475W
      Local Government Finance 476W
      Mayors: Coventry 477W
      Regional Growth Fund 477W
      Shops: Closures 477W
      Sustainable Communities Act 2007 478W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 478W
Culture, Media and Sport 377W
      BBC: Birmingham 377W
      Freedom of Information 377W
      Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme 378W
      Monuments: Parliament Square 379W
      Music: USA 380W
      National Lottery 380W
      Olympic Games 2012: Mass Media 381W
      Sport: Young People 381W
      Sports: Racial Discrimination 381W
      Trade Promotion: China 382W
      Voluntary Organisations 382W
Defence 416W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations 416W
      Armed Forces: Death 416W
      Armed Forces: Redundancy 417W
      Cadets 417W
      Challenger Tanks 418W
      Cleaning Services 418W
      Departmental Data Protection 419W
      Departmental Expenditure 418W
      Departmental Expenditure 419W
      Departmental Expenditure: Restaurants 425W
      Departmental Manpower 421W
      Departmental Theft 422W
      Disclosure of Information 422W
      Ex-Servicemen: Mental Health Services 422W
      Ex-Servicemen: Military Decorations 422W
      Falkland Islands: Defence 423W
      Germany: Armed Forces 423W
      International Law: Cybercrime 423W
      Military Attachés: Pakistan 424W
      Nuclear Submarines 424W
      Pakistan: Military Alliances 425W
      Territorial Army 426W
      Trident Missiles 426W
Deputy Prime Minister 478W
      Parliamentary Elections 478W
Education 426W
      Academies 426W
      Adoption 426W
      Child Protection 429W
      Children 427W
      Children: Adoption 428W
      Children: Day Care 428W
      Children in Care 427W
      Debt Recovery 430W
      E-mail 430W
      English Baccalaureate 431W
      Freedom of Information 431W
      GCE A-Level 432W
      GCSE: Assessments 432W
      Ministerial Office: Funding 430W
      Parental Responsibility 433W
      Playgrounds: Hartlepool 434W
      Pupil Premium 435W
      Recruitment 431W
      School Visits 435W
      Schools: Capital Investment 436W
      Schools: Information and Communications Technology 436W
      Schools: King James Bible 435W
      Schools: Sanitation 437W
      Schools: Swindon 438W
      Sixth Form Education: Finance 442W
      Special Educational Needs 442W
      Special Educational Needs: Children 443W
      Special Educational Needs: Children in Care 443W
      Third Sector 444W
Energy and Climate Change 382W
      Combined Heat and Power 382W
      Energy 382W
      Energy: Prices 386W
      Feed-in Tariffs 386W
      Freedom of Information 387W
      Fuels: Prices 387W
      Green Deal Scheme 387W
      Infrastructure 389W
      Members: Correspondence 389W
      Petroplus: Insolvency 389W
      Renewable Energy 390W
      Smart Meters 389W
      Solar Power: Council Housing 390W
      Voluntary Organisations 390W
      Wind Power 391W
      Wind Power: Birds 392W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 392W
      Reed Beds 392W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 392W
      Algeria: Christianity 392W
      Arrest Warrants 393W
      Belarus: Political Prisoners 393W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 394W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Politics and Government 394W
      Diplomatic Relations 394W
      EU Presidency 395W
      European Court of Human Rights 395W
      Gibraltar: Sovereignty 395W
      Nigeria: British Nationals Abroad 396W
      Nigeria: Fossil Fuels 396W
      Somalia: Press Freedom 396W
      Turkey: Foreign Relations 397W
      Turkey: Minority Groups 397W
Health 479W
      Accident and Emergency Departments: Doctors 479W
      Additives: Food 482W
      Alzheimer’s Disease 479W
      Alzheimer's Disease: Health Services 480W
      Arthritis: Medical Treatments 480W
      Brain: Injuries 480W
      Cancer: Health Services 481W
      Cystitis: Medical Treatments 482W
      Deloitte 482W
      Diabetes 483W
      Disability: Children 483W
      General Practitioners 484W
      Health Services 484W
      Health Services: Ex-servicemen 485W
      Health Services: Finance 486W
      Health Services: Older People 486W
      Hip Replacements 487W
      Hospital Wards: Gender 487W
      Infectious Diseases 488W
      Learning Disability: Medical Equipment 488W
      Medical Treatments 488W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers 483W
      Motor Neurone Disease: Swindon 489W
      Muscular Dystrophy 491W
      NHS: Finance 491W
      NHS: Regional Transition 491W
      Osteoporosis: Health Services 492W
      Osteoporosis: Swindon 492W
      Passive Smoking 493W
      Social Services: Finance 494W
      Sunbeds: Safety 494W
      Tuberculosis: Vaccination 495W
Home Department 398W
      Civil Disorder 398W
      Crime: Arrests 398W
      Entry Clearances 400W
      Extradition 400W
      Freedom of Information 400W
      Immigration 401W
      Immigration Controls: Croatia 402W
      Independent Police Complaints Commission 402W
      Police: Accountability 402W
      Police Arbitration Tribunal 402W
      Police: Dismissal 403W
      Police: Lasers 403W
      Police: Pay 403W
      Police: Powers 404W
      Police: Production Orders 403W
      Police: Standards 404W
      Police: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 404W
Justice 496W
      Aiding and Abetting 496W
      Bronzefield Prison 503W
      Community Orders 497W
      Court Orders: Compensation 498W
      Criminal Proceedings 499W
      Criminal Proceedings: Costs 503W
      Offenders: National Insurance 503W
      Prison Sentences 503W
      Prisoners’ Home Leave 504W
      Prisoners’ Release 505W
      Prisons: Finance 507W
      Prostitution 507W
      Sentencing 508W
      Tribunals 509W
      Youth Custody 510W
      Youth Custody: Education 510W
      Youth Custody: Mental Health Services 510W
Northern 405W
      Freedom of Information 405W
      Welfare State: Reform 405W
Prime Minister 415W
      Christianity 415W
      Freedom of Information 415W
      Iraq Conflict 415W
Scotland 405W
      Credit 405W
      Sovereignty 406W
      Voluntary Organisations 406W
Transport 406W
      High Speed 2 406W
      Large Goods Vehicles 407W
      Motorways: Closures 408W
      Motorways: Repairs and Maintenance 409W
      Queen Elizabeth II Bridge: Closure 409W
      Railway Announcements 411W
      Railways: Finance 410W
      Railways: Franchises 410W
      Roads: Safety 411W
      Southern: Rolling Stock 411W
Treasury 511W
      Air Passenger Duty 511W
      Bank Services: Low Incomes 511W
      Departmental Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 511W
      Economic Situation: Northern Ireland 511W
      Excise Duties: Beer 512W
      Freedom of Information 512W
      Income Tax 512W
      Local Government Finance 512W
      Portacabins 513W
      Private Finance Initiative 513W
      Private Finance Initiative: Inflation 513W
      Public Sector: Pensions 513W
      Social Security Benefits: Expenditure 513W
      Tax Yields 514W
      Taxation: Profit Sharing 515W
      Third Sector 515W
      VAT: Internet 516W
Wales 412W
      Employment: Private Sector 412W
      Freedom of Information 413W
      Higher Education 413W
      Shale Gas 412W
Women and Equalities 414W
      Third Sector 414W
Work and Pensions 445W
      Access to Work Programme 445W
      Child Poverty 445W
      Crisis Loans 446W
      Deloitte 446W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 447W
      Disability: Allowances 447W
      Employment Schemes 448W
      Employment Schemes: Disability 449W
      Freedom of Information 450W
      Funeral Payments 450W
      Health and Safety Legislation Review 451W
      Members: Correspondence 451W
      Pensions Regulator 451W
      Poverty: Northern Ireland 452W
      Social Fund 452W
      Social Fund: Liverpool 453W
      Social Security Benefits 453W
      Social Security Benefits: Greater London 454W
      Universal Credit 454W