Oral Answers
Tuesday 31 January 2012

Justice 655
      Community Projects (Kettering) 655
      Conditional Fee Arrangements 669
      European Court of Human Rights 657
      Foreign National Prisoners 659
      Free Legal Advice 660
      Greater Manchester Intensive Alternative to Custody Project 669
      Law Centres 656
      Legal Aid 668
      Prison Officer Training 664
      Prison Places 667
      Probation Service 665
      Topical Questions 670
      Victim Support 661

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 31 January 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 37WS
      Trade Policy (Opt-ins) 37WS
Communities and Local Government 38WS
      Changes to the Building Regulations 38WS
      Local Government Finance 41WS
Education 43WS
      Key Stage 4 Performance Tables 43WS
Energy and Climate Change 49WS
      Transmission Power Cable Costs 49WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 50WS
      Canal & River Trust (Government Funding) 50WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 51WS
      Afghanistan Progress Report (December 2011) 51WS
Home Department 52WS
      Police Grant Report in England and Wales 2012-13 52WS
      UK Border Agency (Report) 55WS
Justice 55WS
      Inquests (Service Personnel Overseas) 55WS
Transport 57WS
      Local Major Transport Schemes (Consultation) 57WS
Treasury 38WS
      Bilateral Loan (Ireland) 38WS
Work and Pensions 58WS
      NEST (Revised Auto-enrolment Timetable) 58WS

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Education 5P
      Free Fruit for Young Children 5P
      Teachers' Pension Scheme 6P

Written Answers
Tuesday 31 January 2012

Attorney-General 517W
      Crown Prosecution Service: Translation Services 517W
      Freedom of Information 518W
      Third Sector 518W
Business, Innovation and Skills 602W
      Arms Trade: Libya 602W
      Business: Scotland 603W
      Copyright: Education 605W
      Education: Ex-servicemen 605W
      Exports: Gulf States 606W
      Financial Markets 606W
      Foreign Investment in UK: Glasgow 606W
      Freedom of Information 606W
      Higher Education: Admissions 608W
      Higher Education: Intellectual Property 607W
      Immigrants: Pay 609W
      Oil: Canada 609W
      Overseas Trade: Saudi Arabia 609W
      Post Offices 610W
      Post Offices: Pay 611W
      Post Offices: Wrexham 611W
      Public Houses 611W
      Students: Fees and Charges 611W
      Technology and Innovation Centres 612W
Cabinet Office 612W
      Charities: Registration 612W
      Employment: Disability 612W
      Government Departments: Consultants 613W
      Lone Parents 613W
      Members: Correspondence 614W
      Septicaemia: Death 614W
      Third Sector 615W
Communities and Local Government 559W
      Councillors: Conduct 559W
      Departmental Pay 560W
      Empty Property 560W
      Energy Performance Certificates 560W
      Fire Services: Standards 561W
      Freedom of Information 561W
      Residential Developments 562W
      Retail Trade: Planning Permission 562W
      Social Housing 561W
      Voluntary Organisations 562W
      Water: Conservation 563W
Culture, Media and Sport 524W
      Advertising: Abortion Services 524W
      Departmental Travel 524W
      Historic Buildings 525W
      Historic Buildings: West Midlands 525W
      Olympic Games 2012: Northern Ireland 526W
      PhonepayPlus 526W
      RTE: Northern Ireland 526W
      Work Experience 524W
      World War I 527W
Defence 571W
      Afghanistan National Army 571W
      Armed Forces: Entertainment 571W
      Departmental Theft 572W
      Depleted Uranium 573W
      Ex-servicemen: Health Services 573W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 574W
      Military Aircraft 574W
      Radioactive Waste: Dalgety Bay 575W
      Turkey: Armed Forces 576W
Deputy Prime Minister 590W
      British Constitution 590W
Education 625W
      Academies: Admissions 625W
      Academies: Primary Education 626W
      Adoption 626W
      Children: Mental Health Services 627W
      Children: Retail Trade 627W
      Children: Searches 627W
      Departmental Pay 628W
      Departmental Travel Costs 629W
      Education: Assessments 630W
      Extracurricular Activities 630W
      Food Procurement 628W
      Free Schools 630W
      Primary Education: Literacy 632W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged 632W
      Pupils: Per Capita Costs 635W
      Schools: Budgeting 635W
      Schools: Inspections 636W
      Schools: Sport 636W
      Secondary Education: Gifted Children 637W
      Social and Emotional Learning 631W
      Teachers: Pay 638W
      Third Sector 638W
      Work Experience 629W
      Work Experience 638W
Energy and Climate Change 596W
      Carbon Trust 596W
      Departmental Training 597W
      Departmental Work Experience 599W
      Environmental Transformation Fund 599W
      Fuel Poverty 599W
      Green Deal Scheme 601W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 601W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 602W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 527W
      Agriculture: Subsidies 527W
      Bees: Pesticides 528W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control 529W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Vaccination 529W
      Bracken 530W
      British Waterways 530W
      Dairy Farming 531W
      Dogs: Tapeworm 532W
      Droughts: East of England 531W
      Eggs: EU Law 532W
      Environment Protection 533W
      Environment Protection: Finance 533W
      Fisheries 534W
      Flood Control: Coastal Areas 534W
      Flood Risk Management 534W
      Food Industry Support 535W
      Forestry Commission 535W
      Livestock: Disease Control 536W
      Renewable Energy 531W
      Snares 536W
      Sustainable Development: Business 536W
      Territorial Waters 536W
      Trees 537W
      Veterinary Medicine: Fees and Charges 537W
      Voluntary Organisations 538W
      Waste: Landfill 538W
      Water Abstraction 539W
      Water: Meters 540W
      Weedkillers 540W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 577W
      Afghanistan: Drugs 577W
      Afghanistan: Police 577W
      Arms Trade: Treaties 577W
      Atlantic Ocean Islands: Environment Protection 578W
      Bangladesh: Military Coups 578W
      Ethiopia: Human Rights 578W
      EU Action 579W
      Falkland Islands: Sovereignty 579W
      Human Rights 579W
      Occupied Territories: Housing 580W
      Pitcairn Islands 580W
      Serbia: Bail 580W
      Serbia: Detainees 581W
      Serbia: EU Accession 581W
      Sovereignty: Scotland 582W
      Syria: Politics and Government 582W
      Voluntary Organisations 582W
Health 540W
      Bowel Cancer: Screening 540W
      Cancer: Medical Treatments 541W
      Care Homes: Standards 541W
      Depressive Illnesses: Medical Treatments 542W
      Diabetes: Young People 542W
      Food Labelling 543W
      Freedom of Information 543W
      Health Services: Detention Centres 544W
      Health Services: Learning Disabled 544W
      Health Services: North East 544W
      Hypopituitarism 545W
      In Vitro Fertilisation 545W
      Job Satisfaction 542W
      NHS: Contracts 545W
      Nutrition: Health Education 546W
      Organs: Donors 546W
      Pain 546W
      Palliative Care 547W
      Palliative Care: Children 547W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 548W
      Pregnancy: Drugs 548W
      Skin Cancer 549W
      Skin Cancer: Drugs 549W
      Smoking: Drugs 550W
      Social Services 550W
      Social Services: Children 551W
      Stem Cells 552W
      Voluntary Organisations 552W
Home Department 553W
      Animal Experiments: EU Law 553W
      Arrest Warrants: Extradition 553W
      Criminal Records: EU Action 554W
      Deloitte 554W
      Departmental Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 555W
      Departmental Pilot Schemes 556W
      Illegal Immigrants 556W
      Immigrants: EU Nationals 557W
      Immigration Controls 557W
      Immigration: Finance 558W
      Metal Theft 558W
      Private Security Industry 558W
      Prostitution 558W
      Telephone Tapping: Warrants 559W
      Third Sector 555W
      Third Sector 559W
      Work Experience 556W
House of Commons Commission 517W
      Catering 517W
International Development 583W
      Afghanistan: Education 583W
      Afghanistan: Females 583W
      Afghanistan: Terrorism 583W
      Charities: Education 584W
      Developing Countries: Employment 584W
      Employment 584W
      Ethiopia: Resettlement 585W
      EU External Trade: Rainforests 585W
      Freedom of Information 586W
      India: Tuberculosis 586W
      Overseas Aid 587W
      Overseas Territories: Business 587W
      Sri Lanka: Human Rights 587W
      Sri Lanka: Politics and Government 588W
      Tanzania: Radar 588W
      Third Sector 589W
      Tuberculosis: Drugs 589W
      World Bank 590W
Justice 616W
      Bill of Rights 617W
      Bribery Act 2010 617W
      Community Orders 618W
      Community Sentences 616W
      Criminal Proceedings: Costs 618W
      Domestic Violence Victim Support 616W
      EU Regulations: Civil Jurisdiction 619W
      Freedom of Information 619W
      Members: Correspondence 620W
      National Offender Management Service 616W
      Offenders: Mental Illness 620W
      Prisoners’ Release 621W
      Prisons: Death 622W
      Prisons: Private Sector 622W
      Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 622W
      Public Sector: Procurement 623W
      Trafficking Victim Support Scheme 616W
      Voluntary Organisations 623W
      Work Capability Assessment: Appeals 624W
      Youth Custody: Standards 625W
Leader of the House 517W
      Freedom of Information 517W
Scotland 519W
      Freedom of Information 519W
Transport 563W
      Aviation: RAF Northolt 563W
      Aviation: Wales 564W
      Christmas 564W
      Great Western Main Line: Electrification 565W
      Great Western Railway Line 565W
      High Speed 2 565W
      Large Goods Vehicles 566W
      Metal Theft 566W
      Midland Main Line: Electrification 566W
      Procurement 564W
      Rail Franchises 567W
      Railways: Wales 567W
      Taxis: Fares 568W
      Transport: Infrastructure 568W
Treasury 590W
      Bank of Ireland 590W
      Business: Disclosure of Information 591W
      Child Care Tax Credit 591W
      Community Development Tax Relief 591W
      EU Budget: Contributions 591W
      Excise Duties: Beer 592W
      Export Controls 595W
      Financial Services Authority 592W
      Individual Savings Accounts 592W
      National Insurance: Numbers 592W
      Older People: Finance 593W
      PAYE 593W
      Revenue and Customs: Closures 593W
      Revenue and Customs: Telephone Services 594W
      Tax Allowances: Unemployment 595W
      Tax Collection 596W
Wales 571W
      Voluntary Organisations 571W
Women and Equalities 640W
      Freedom of Information 640W
Work and Pensions 520W
      Departmental Statistics 520W
      Employment and Support Allowance: HIV Infection 520W
      Employment Schemes: Third Sector 521W
      New Deal Schemes 521W
      Pensioners: Housing Benefit 522W
      Unemployed People: Mental Illness 523W
      Universal Credit 523W
      Work Capability Assessment 524W