Oral Answers
Wednesday 1 February 2012

International Development 803
      Bangladesh 803
      Burma 809
      Employment (Developing Countries) 808
      Somalia 805
      South Sudan 807
      Topical Questions 810
      UN Relief and Works Agency 804
Prime Minister 812
      Engagements 812

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 1 February 2012

Communities and Local Government 63WS
      Housing Update 63WS
      Youth Volunteering 66WS
Defence 67WS
      National Security Through Technology 67WS
Energy and Climate Change 69WS
      Offshore Oil and Gas Licensing 69WS
Justice 71WS
      Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill 71WS
Northern Ireland 71WS
      Parliamentary Question (Correction) 71WS
Transport 72WS
      Garage Customer Experience 72WS
Treasury 61WS
      ECOFIN 61WS
Work and Pensions 74WS
      Workplace Pension Reform 74WS

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Justice 9P
      Protection of War Memorials 9P

Written Answers
Wednesday 1 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 641W
      Asia: Overseas Trade 641W
      Chemicals: North West 641W
      Higher Education: Electricity 643W
      Higher Education: Finance 643W
      Manufacturing Industries: West Midlands 643W
      Recruitment 642W
      Renewable Energy: Investment 644W
      Students: Finance 644W
      Third Sector 645W
Cabinet Office 646W
      Internships 646W
      Iraq Committee of Inquiry 646W
      JCB 646W
      Public Bodies: Debts 647W
      Public Sector: Pay 647W
Communities and Local Government 648W
      Housing Benefit 648W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance 648W
      Social Rented Housing: Construction 648W
Culture, Media and Sport 649W
      Copyright 649W
      Olympic Games 2012: Northern Ireland 649W
Defence 649W
      Aircraft Carriers 649W
      Armed Forces: Life Insurance 650W
      Civil Servants: Allowances 651W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012: Medals 652W
      Ex-servicemen: Resettlement 652W
      Harrier Aircraft: Sales 653W
      Military Aircraft 653W
      Recruitment 651W
      Work Experience 652W
Deputy Prime Minister 654W
      Departmental Data Protection 654W
      Electoral Register 654W
      EU Action 654W
Education 654W
      Child Protection 654W
      Children: Social Services 656W
      Health Education: Mental Illness 657W
Energy and Climate Change 658W
      Community Energy Saving Programme 658W
      Departmental Data Protection 658W
      Departmental Travel 658W
      Energy 659W
      Energy: Conservation 659W
      Fuel Poverty 660W
      Green Deal 661W
      Insulation: Housing 661W
      Renewable Energy: Heating 662W
      Thermal Insulation 662W
      Water Turbines 663W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 664W
      Agricultural Products: Prices 664W
      Agriculture: Employment 667W
      Agriculture: Exports 667W
      Agriculture: Subsidies 667W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 668W
      Deer Farms 668W
      Fruit 669W
      Veterinary Services 669W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 669W
      Afghanistan: Politics and Government 669W
      Bahrain: Overseas Workers 670W
      Cyprus: Arms Control 671W
      Diego Garcia: Aviation 671W
      Egypt: Elections 672W
      Egypt: Human Rights 672W
      Freedom of Information 672W
      Friends of Yemen 673W
      Haiti: Foreign Aid 673W
      Libya: Elections 673W
      Occupied Territories: Housing 674W
      Yemen: Foreign Relations 674W
Health 675W
      Benzodiazepines 675W
      Disability: Children 675W
      Drugs: Prices 676W
      Drugs: Rehabilitation 676W
      Family Planning 677W
      Fractures: Care Homes 677W
      Fractures: Databases 677W
      Herbal Medicine 678W
      Hospitals: Inspections 678W
      Mental Health Services: Children 679W
      Obesity: Surgery 679W
      Organs: Donors 679W
      Osteoporosis: Health Services 680W
      Pain 680W
      Parents: Education 680W
      Seroxat 681W
      Surgery 681W
Home Department 689W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders 689W
      CCTV 689W
      Knives: Crime 690W
      Members: Surveillance 690W
      Police 691W
      Police: Bureaucracy 691W
      Police: Conditions of Employment 691W
      Police: ICT 691W
      Police: Motor Vehicles 692W
      Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures 694W
      Voluntary Organisations 694W
      Young People: Stop and Search 692W
House of Commons Commission 694W
      Communications: Parliamentary Estate 695W
      Parliamentary ICT 694W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 695W
      Complaints: Members 695W
      Confidentiality 696W
      Freedom of Information 695W
International Development 697W
      Afghanistan: Taxation 698W
      Democratic Republic of Congo 697W
      Development Policy 697W
      East Africa: Droughts 699W
      East Africa: Overseas Aid 699W
      Food Aid 700W
      Foreign Aid Programmes 697W
      Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 697W
      Global Schools Partnership Programme 697W
      Horn of Africa 698W
      Recruitment 698W
      Voluntary Organisations 700W
      Work Experience 699W
      Yemen: Overseas Aid 701W
Justice 701W
      Aarhus Convention 701W
      Legal Aid: Asil Nadir 702W
      Legal Aid: Personal Injury 702W
      Prisoners 702W
      Prisoners: Human Rights 703W
      Prisons 703W
      Prisons: Private Sector 703W
      Prostitution: Convictions 704W
      Recruitment 701W
      Repossessions 705W
      Work Experience 702W
      Youth Custody: Advocacy 706W
Leader of the House 706W
      Political Parties: Finance 706W
Northern Ireland 707W
      Recruitment 707W
Transport 707W
      Bus Services: Complaints 707W
      Buses: Testing 707W
      Departmental Contracts 708W
      Electric Vehicles: Finance 708W
      EU Law 708W
      High Speed 2 709W
      Motorways: Accidents 711W
      Northern Rail: Expenditure 711W
      Queen Elizabeth II Bridge: Closures 711W
      Railways: East of England 712W
      Railways: South West 712W
      Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation 712W
Treasury 713W
      Executives: Pay 713W
      HM Revenue and Customs: Telephone Services 713W
      M6 Toll 714W
      Revenue and Customs: Data Protection 714W
      Social Services: Finance 714W
      Tax Allowances 715W
      Taxation: Sports 716W
      VAT: Scotland 717W
Wales 717W
      Departmental Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 717W
      Departmental Travel Costs 718W
      Recruitment 717W
Work and Pensions 718W
      Free School Meals 718W
      Working Tax Credit 718W