Oral Answers
Thursday 2 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 979
      Business Growth 991
      Construction Industry 992
      Daylight Saving Bill 984
      Economic Growth 989
      Executive Pay 986
      Further and Higher Education 987
      Green Investment Bank 988
      High Pay Commission 981
      Job Creation (Scotland) 990
      Micro-businesses 985
      Prospects for Growth 982
      Public Interest Declarations 995
      Red Tape Challenge 979
      Topical Questions 995
      Tuition Fees 993

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 2 February 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 76WS
      British Embassy (Liberia) 76WS
      European Union Act 2011 (Section 5) 77WS
Home Department 77WS
      Justice and Home Affairs Post-Council Statement 79WS
      Undercover Policing 77WS
Treasury 75WS
      Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 (Schedule 7) 75WS

Written Answers
Thursday 2 February 2012

Attorney-General 721W
      EU Law 721W
Business, Innovation and Skills 721W
      Apprentices 722W
      Apprentices: Agriculture 722W
      Banks: Regulation 723W
      Basic Skills 723W
      Departmental Travel Costs 724W
      Easter 724W
      Farepak 724W
      Higher Education: Applications 724W
      Investment: Glasgow 725W
      Post Office Network 721W
      Pub Company Industry 721W
      Renewable Energy: Industry 725W
      Royal Mail: Temporary Staff 722W
      Stem Cells 726W
      Student Places 722W
      Students: Finance 727W
      UK Competitive Advantage 721W
      UK Export Finance 729W
      Voluntary Organisations 728W
Cabinet Office 729W
      Big Society Bank 729W
      Civil Servants 730W
      Departmental Travel Costs 730W
Communities and Local Government 730W
      Derelict Land 730W
      Housing: Armed Forces 731W
      Local Government: Property 731W
      Local Government: Voluntary Organisations 732W
      Non-domestic Rates 732W
      Recruitment 730W
      Social Housing 733W
      Sustainable Communities Act 2007 733W
Culture, Media and Sport 734W
      Broadband Delivery UK: Consultants 734W
      Broadband Delivery UK: Local Government 734W
      Video Games 738W
Defence 738W
      Armed Forces: Redundancy 738W
      Departmental Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 739W
      Military Aircraft: Helicopters 739W
      RAF Northolt 740W
      Turkey: Military Aircraft 740W
Deputy Prime Minister 740W
      Constituencies 740W
Education 740W
      Free School Meals 740W
      Free Schools: Finance 741W
      GCSE 741W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 742W
      Science: GCSE 742W
      Secondary Education: Literacy 744W
      Teachers: Suicide 744W
Energy and Climate Change 744W
      Carbon Emissions 744W
      Carbon Emissions: Housing 745W
      Competition 746W
      Departmental Credit Cards 747W
      Departmental Manpower 747W
      Energy Efficiency 747W
      Energy: Meters 748W
      Energy: Prices 748W
      Environment Protection: Manpower 749W
      Feed-in Tariffs 749W
      Fuel Poverty 749W
      Fuel Poverty: Hendon 749W
      Infrastructure: Capital Investment 750W
      Natural Gas: Exploration 750W
      Nuclear Power 750W
      Photovoltaics 750W
      Storage Heating 746W
      Warm Front Scheme 751W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 751W
      Wind Power 751W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 753W
      Basking Sharks: Conservation 753W
      Biodiversity: British Overseas Territories 753W
      Biodiversity: Crown Dependencies 754W
      Common Fisheries Policy 754W
      Environmental Protection: Seas and Oceans 755W
      Internships 755W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 757W
      British Overseas Territories: Governors 757W
      Conflict Prevention 757W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 758W
      Departmental Manpower 758W
      Departmental Travel Costs 758W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012 759W
      Diplomatic Service: Females 759W
      Diplomatic Service: Manpower 760W
      Employment Agencies 762W
      European Union: Treaties 762W
      Languages 762W
      Piracy 763W
      Somalia: Conferences 763W
      Tristan da Cunha: M.S. Olivia 764W
      Work Experience 759W
Health 764W
      Care Quality Commission 764W
      Dental Services 765W
      Dental Services: Waiting Lists 765W
      Departmental Travel Costs 765W
      Diabetes: Nursing Posts 766W
      Disability Aids 766W
      Electromagnetic Fields: Health Hazards 766W
      Health and Social Care Bill 2010-12 767W
      Health: Finance 768W
      Health: Screening 768W
      Health Services: North East 767W
      Hospitals: Admissions 768W
      Meals on Wheels 769W
      NHS: Drugs 770W
      NHS Trusts: Procurement 769W
      Primary Care Trusts: North East 770W
      Social Services 771W
      Social Services: Finance 773W
      Social Services: Older People 773W
      Work Experience 766W
Home Department 774W
      CCTV 774W
      Cybercrime 774W
      Drugs 774W
      Hizb ut-Tahrir 775W
      Illegal Immigrants: Employment 775W
      Members: Correspondence 775W
      Metal Theft 776W
      Passports: Immigration Controls 777W
      Police: Croydon 777W
House of Commons Commission 777W
      Cybercrime 777W
      Telephone Tapping 777W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 778W
      Board Membership 778W
International Development 778W
      Afghanistan: Politics and Government 778W
      Arms Trade: Treaties 779W
      Debt Relief 779W
      Departmental Travel Costs 780W
      Developing Countries: Employment 780W
      Human Trafficking: Victims 780W
      Palestinians: Overseas Aid 780W
      Sudan: Debts 781W
      West Africa: Food Supply 781W
Justice 782W
      Cybercrime 782W
      Departmental Travel Costs 782W
      Drugs: Rehabilitation 783W
      Employment Tribunals: Business 784W
      National Youth Advocacy Service 784W
      Prisoners’ Release 785W
      Sentencing 785W
      Victims: Compensation 786W
      Victims: Terrorism 786W
      Victims’ Commissioner: Public Appointments 786W
Northern Ireland 787W
      Departmental Travel 787W
      Work Experience 787W
Scotland 787W
      Deloitte 787W
      Departmental Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 787W
      Departmental Travel Costs 788W
      Elections: Local Government 788W
      Recruitment 787W
Transport 788W
      Biofuels: Research 788W
      First TransPennine Express 789W
      Heathrow Airport: Night Flying 789W
      Railways: Accidents 789W
      Railways: Finance 790W
      Roads: Accidents 790W
      Speed Limits 790W
      Transport: Wales 790W
Treasury 791W
      Departmental Pay 791W
      Departmental Travel 793W
      Mortgages 793W
Women and Equalities 793W
      Members: Females 793W
      Social Services: Female Workers 794W
Work and Pensions 794W
      Atos Healthcare 795W
      Employment Schemes 794W
      Employment Schemes 796W
      Homeworking: Safety 796W
      Housing Benefit 796W
      Social Security Benefits 797W
      Social Security Benefits: Foreign Workers 797W
      Unemployment: Young People 798W
      Universal Credit: Carers 799W
      Voluntary Organisations 799W
      Work Programme 800W
      Working Conditions: Temperature 800W