Oral Answers
Monday 6 February 2012

Home Department 1
      Administrative Burdens (Police) 13
      Alcohol-related Crime 6
      Child Detention (UK Ports) 1
      Crime Levels 9
      Cybercrime 4
      Human Trafficking 14
      Human Trafficking (Child Victims) 2
      Metal Theft 13
      Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 8
      Non-emergency Telephone Number 15
      Police Funding Settlement 12
      Police Morale 11
      Serious and Organised Crime 15
      Topical Questions 16

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 6 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 1WS
      National Minimum Wage 1WS
Communities and Local Government 1WS
      London Reforms 1WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2WS
      Danish Presidency of the EU 2WS
Justice 2WS
      Family Justice 2WS
Prime Minister 4WS
      Queen's Diamond Jubilee 4WS

Written Answers
Monday 6 February 2012

Attorney-General 40W
      Crime: Disability 40W
      Departmental Manpower 40W
Business, Innovation and Skills 118W
      Apprentices: Autism 118W
      Business: Disclosure of Information 119W
      Business: Equipment 119W
      Copyright 120W
      Departmental Manpower 120W
      Economic and Social Science Research Council: Finance 121W
      Economic Growth 122W
      Exports: Electronic Surveillance 122W
      Financial Services: Advisory Services 123W
      Further Education: Adult Learners 123W
      Further Education: Finance 123W
      Further Education: Health and Safety 124W
      Higher Education 124W
      Higher Education: Admissions 125W
      Higher Education: North East 125W
      Manufacturing Industries: Lancashire 126W
      Manufacturing Industries: Manpower 126W
      Manufacturing Industries: Olympic Games 2012 127W
      Manufacturing Industries: Publicity 128W
      Pensions 128W
      Regional Development Agencies 129W
      Research: EU Action 129W
      Research: Finance 130W
      Research: Science 131W
      Student Loans Company: Finance 132W
      Students: Age 132W
      Students: Finance 133W
      Technology: Research 136W
      TICC Skill Centres: Redundancy 136W
      TICC Skill Centres: Redundancy 136W
      Veterinary Medicine: Fees and Charges 137W
Cabinet Office 58W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Deaths 59W
      Armed Forces: Cabinet Committees 58W
      Birth Certificates 59W
      Central Office for Information: Manpower 65W
      Central Office of Information: Closures 59W
      Departmental Manpower 61W
      Electoral Register: Greater London 61W
      Food Procurement 61W
      Government Buildings 63W
      Government Departments: Billing 63W
      Government Departments: Freedom of Information 63W
      Government Departments: Procurement 63W
      Official Residences 65W
      Third Sector 65W
      Well-being 66W
Communities and Local Government 1W
      Aerials: Planning Permission 1W
      Community Development: Planning Permission 1W
      Departmental Manpower 1W
      Homelessness 1W
      Local Government Finance: Markets 2W
      Multiple Occupation 2W
      Non-domestic Rates 2W
      Right to Buy Scheme 3W
      Sustainable Communities Act 2007 3W
      Travellers: Planning Permission 4W
Culture, Media and Sport 4W
      Arts 4W
      Arts Council 5W
      Arts: Greater London 6W
      Broadband 6W
      Broadcasting 6W
      Connecting Cities 6W
      Departmental Manpower 7W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012 7W
      EU Telecoms Council 14W
      Football: Discrimination 9W
      Football: Governance 9W
      Libraries 9W
      Media: Competition 12W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 7W
      Mobile Phones 11W
      Olympic Games 2012 11W
      Olympic Games 2012: Poetry 12W
      Public Libraries: Closures 12W
      Radio Frequencies 12W
      Research Contracts 13W
Defence 14W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations 14W
      Armed Forces: Animals 15W
      Armed Forces: Entertainers 15W
      Departmental Assets 16W
      Departmental Manpower 16W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012: Medals 17W
      EU Law 17W
      Ex-servicemen: Homelessness 17W
      Third Sector 18W
Education 41W
      Academies 41W
      Academies: Lambeth 41W
      Child Protection 41W
      Departmental Manpower 43W
      Disadvantaged Pupils 45W
      Literacy: Children 44W
      Primary Education: Lambeth 44W
      Recruitment 43W
      School Meals 43W
      Schools: Inspections 45W
      Schools: Kent 45W
Energy and Climate Change 68W
      Carbon Emissions: Housing 68W
      Departmental Billing 68W
      Departmental Manpower 69W
      Energy: Billing 69W
      Energy: Consumption 70W
      Energy: EU Action 70W
      Energy: Meters 70W
      Energy: Prices 71W
      Energy: Standards 72W
      Food Procurement 68W
      Government Procurement Card 72W
      Green Deal Scheme 73W
      Infrastructure: Capital Investment 73W
      Methane Hydrate 73W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers 69W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Hinkley Point 74W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 74W
      Shale Gas: Exploration 74W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 75W
      Agriculture: International Co-operation 75W
      Animal Health and Welfare Board for England 75W
      Animal Snares 87W
      Animal Welfare: Poultry 76W
      Biodiversity 77W
      Biofuels: Health Hazards 77W
      British Overseas Territories: Fisheries 78W
      Contaminated Land 78W
      Crayfish 79W
      Dangerous Dogs 79W
      Data Protection 80W
      Departmental Manpower 80W
      Departmental Responsibilities 80W
      Departmental Training 81W
      Direct Mail: Waste 82W
      Farming Regulation Task Force 82W
      Flood Control 82W
      Flood Control: Expenditure 83W
      Food: Waste Disposal 83W
      Freedom of Information 80W
      Freedom of Information 83W
      Japanese Knotweed 84W
      Landfill Tax 85W
      Members: Correspondence 85W
      Otters 85W
      Rivers: Environmental Protection 86W
      Rural Areas 86W
      Scotland 86W
      Veterinary Medicine: Negligence 87W
      Veterinary Medicine: Training 88W
      Water Charges 88W
      Water Companies: Debts 89W
      Water Supply: Consumers 89W
      Wildlife Trusts: Expenditure 89W
      Work Experience 81W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 46W
      Bahrain: Politics and Government 46W
      Bosnia and Herzegovina: Cultural Heritage 46W
      Bosnia and Herzegovina: Politics and Government 46W
      Child Prisoners: Israel 53W
      China: Animal Welfare 47W
      Deloitte 48W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Politics and Government 48W
      Departmental Manpower 48W
      Departmental Theft 53W
      Departmental Travel Costs 49W
      Diplomatic Service: Languages 49W
      Diplomatic Service: Manpower 51W
      Falkland Islands 51W
      Gibraltar: Sovereignty 51W
      Government Hospitality: Christmas 47W
      Lost Property 52W
      Middle East: Armed Conflict 52W
      Olympic Games 2012 53W
Health 137W
      Abortion: Counselling 137W
      Accident and Emergency Departments: Location 137W
      Ambulance Services: Northamptonshire 137W
      Breast Cancer: Plastic Surgery 139W
      Cancer: Drugs 139W
      Cancer: Health Education 139W
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Children 140W
      Clinical Commissioning Groups: North East 140W
      Clinical Trials 141W
      Departmental Billing 141W
      Departmental Manpower 142W
      Diabetes 142W
      Diabetes: Amputation 143W
      Diabetes: Chiropody 142W
      Drugs: Safety 143W
      Fertility: Medical Treatments 143W
      Health Services: Greater London 144W
      Hospitals: Chiropody 144W
      IVF 144W
      London Olympics 2012 144W
      Mental Health Services: Prisoners 144W
      Midwives: Manpower 145W
      Midwives: Training 145W
      NHS 146W
      NHS: Procurement 146W
      Nurses 150W
      Out-patients 151W
      Perinatal Mortality 151W
      Smoking: Health Services 152W
      Smoking: Motor Vehicles 153W
      Social Services: Females 154W
      Social Services: Finance 154W
      Social Services: Reform 155W
      Thromboembolism 155W
      Tinnitus 158W
Home Department 90W
      Arrest Warrants 91W
      British Nationality 91W
      Criminal Record Checks 90W
      Departmental Manpower 91W
      Harassment: Internet 92W
      Human Trafficking 92W
      Illegal Immigrants: Employment 92W
      Immobilisation of Vehicles 93W
      Immobilisation of Vehicles: Police National Computer 94W
      John Vine 94W
      Overseas Domestic Service 92W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 90W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 94W
      Police and Crime Commissioners: Elections 94W
      Police Authorities: County Councils 95W
      Police Funding Settlement 91W
      Police Pay and Conditions 90W
      Private Security Industry 95W
      Street Lighting: Crime 90W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 95W
International Development 54W
      Bangladesh: Diabetes 54W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Drugs 54W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 55W
      Departmental Manpower 55W
      Developing Countries: Water 55W
      East Africa: Overseas Aid 56W
      Postcodes 57W
      Somalia: Politics and Government 57W
      Westminster Foundation for Democracy 57W
      Yemen: Overseas Aid 58W
Justice 19W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders 19W
      Cannabis: Sentencing 20W
      Crime: Ethnic Groups 20W
      Departmental Manpower 21W
      Employment Tribunals 21W
      Female Offenders 20W
      HM Prison Service: Ethnic Groups 22W
      Illegal Immigrants: Prosecutions 23W
      Offenders: Rehabilitation 23W
      Police Custody: Demography 24W
      Rape: Cambridgeshire 24W
      Sentencing: Young People 25W
      Young Offender Institutions: Death 26W
Scotland 27W
      Debt Recovery 27W
      Government Buildings 27W
Transport 28W
      Apprentices 28W
      Crossrail 28W
      Departmental Hospitality 29W
      Departmental Manpower 32W
      Departmental Travel Costs 32W
      Domestic Aviation 28W
      Freedom of Information 33W
      Heathrow Airport: Noise 33W
      London and South-eastern Railway 34W
      Ministerial Cars 34W
      Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties 34W
      Ports: Milford Haven 35W
      Public Expenditure 32W
      Public Expenditure 39W
      Railway Stations 35W
      Railways: Overcrowding 37W
      Railways: Scotland 37W
      Roads: Accidents 37W
      South Wales Railway Line: Electrification 38W
      Third Sector 38W
      Work Experience 32W
Treasury 95W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Illicit Production 95W
      Arch Cru 96W
      Chemicals: Foreign Investment in UK 96W
      Child Benefit: Income Tax 96W
      Crown Estate Commissioners 96W
      Departmental Equality 97W
      Departmental Manpower 97W
      Departmental Pay 97W
      Enterprise Zones: Blyth 98W
      Excise Duties: Beer 98W
      Excise Duties: Gaming Machines 98W
      Gift Aid: Schools 99W
      Income Tax 99W
      Mortgages 100W
      Public Expenditure 100W
      Revenue and Customs: Inspections 101W
      Stocks and Shares 101W
      Students: Loans 101W
      Tax and Benefits 100W
      Taxation: Environment Protection 102W
      Taxation: Foreign Companies 102W
      Valuation Office Agency: Business Rate Appeals 104W
      VAT 104W
      VAT: Energy Bills 104W
      VAT: Fraud 105W
Wales 39W
      Bus Services: Finance 39W
      Debt Recovery 39W
      Government Buildings 40W
      Recruitment 40W
      Training 40W
Women and Equalities 58W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission: Finance 58W
Work and Pensions 105W
      Attendance Allowance: Glasgow 105W
      Carer's Allowance: Glasgow 105W
      Child Maintenance 106W
      Departmental Manpower 106W
      Departmental Travel Costs 106W
      Disability Living Allowance 107W
      Employment Agencies 108W
      Employment Schemes 108W
      Employment: Young People 109W
      Housing Benefit 109W
      Independent Living Fund 111W
      Industrial Health and Safety 112W
      Industrial Health and Safety: Asthma 113W
      Members: Correspondence 113W
      Occupational Pensions 113W
      Pensions 114W
      Personal Independence Payment 114W
      Social Fund 114W
      Social Fund: Liverpool 115W
      Social Security Benefits 116W
      Social Security Benefits: Foreign Workers 117W
      Social Security Benefits: Mental Illness 118W
      Work Experience 107W