Oral Answers
Tuesday 7 February 2012

Attorney-General 157
      Bribery 164
      Crown Prosecution Service (Evidence) 162
      Economic Crime 159
      European Court of Human Rights 160
      Extradition 163
      Human Trafficking 158
      Leveson Inquiry 161
      Rape 157
Deputy Prime Minister 143
      Electoral Register 147
      House of Lords Reform 143
      Individual Voter Registration 146
      Party Funding 145
      Topical Questions 150
      West Lothian Question 147
      West Lothian Question 149

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 7 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 7WS
      Council for Science and Technology 7WS
      Strategic Export Licensing 7WS
Communities and Local Government 9WS
      Unlocking Growth in Cities 9WS
Defence 11WS
      Operation Herrick 16 Roulement 11WS
      Votes A Annual Estimate 2012-13 11WS
      Votes A Supplementary Estimate 2011-12 11WS
Health 14WS
      Health Select Committee Report on Public Health (Government Response) 14WS
Transport 14WS
      Sustainable Transport 14WS
Treasury 9WS
      Public Service Pensions Uprating 9WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 7 February 2012

Attorney-General 192W
      Bribery 192W
      Crime: Victims 193W
      Human Trafficking 193W
      Olympic Games 2012 193W
      Prosecutions 194W
      Public Order Offences: Prosecutions 195W
Business, Innovation and Skills 243W
      Angard 243W
      Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement 245W
      Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement 244W
      Copyright 244W
      Council of Ministers 245W
      Food Procurement 245W
      Foreign Trade: India 246W
      Higher Education: North East 246W
      Higher Education: Research 247W
      Internships 251W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 246W
      Post Offices: Closures 247W
      Royal Mail 247W
      Shares: Fraud 248W
      Students: Loans 248W
      Supermarkets: Competition 251W
Cabinet Office 205W
      Childbirth: Greater Manchester 205W
      Olympic Games 2012 206W
      Public Sector: Billing 206W
      Recruitment 206W
      Voluntary Work: Young People 207W
Communities and Local Government 223W
      Council Tax 223W
      Departmental Data Protection 224W
      Departmental Temporary Employment 224W
      Domestic Waste: Waste Disposal 224W
      Empty Property 224W
      Empty Property: Bury 226W
      Fire Services 226W
      High Street Review 227W
      Housing Revenue Account 227W
      Local Development Frameworks 228W
      Mobile Homes 228W
      Non-domestic Rates 228W
      Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Government Procurement Card 229W
      Olympic Games 2012 229W
      Planning Permission 230W
      Second Homes 231W
      Social Housing Rents: Yorkshire 230W
      Social Services 231W
      Travellers: Evictions 231W
Culture, Media and Sport 162W
      Broadband 162W
      Departmental Billing 163W
      Departmental Training 163W
      Digital Economy Act 2010 163W
      Food Procurement 163W
      Mobile Phones 164W
      Olympic Games 2012 164W
Defence 181W
      Armed Forces: Falkland Islands 181W
      Armed Forces: Museums and Galleries 182W
      British Overseas Territories: Fisheries 182W
      Depleted Uranium 183W
      Ex-servicemen: Education 183W
      Freedom of Information 184W
      Helicopters: Rescue Services 184W
      Military Bases: Northern Ireland 185W
      Royal Irish Regiment: Iraq 185W
      Service Personnel: Hospitality 182W
      Territorial Army: Recruitment 185W
Deputy Prime Minister 180W
      House of Lords: Operating Costs 181W
      Individual Voter Registration 180W
      London Olympics 2012 181W
      Members of Parliament: Misconduct 180W
      Ministerial Duties 181W
      Register of Lobbyists 180W
Education 219W
      Departmental Billing 219W
      Maternity Services: Data Protection 221W
      Olympic Games 2012 221W
      Recruitment 220W
      Special Educational Needs 222W
      Teachers: Redundancy 223W
Energy and Climate Change 177W
      Carbon Sequestration 177W
      Departmental Hospitality 177W
      Energy: Infrastructure 178W
      Nuclear Power 178W
      Shale Gas: Exploration 178W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 165W
      Poultry: Animal Welfare 165W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 172W
      Departmental Billing 172W
      Departmental Career Development 173W
      Embassies: Civil Partnerships 173W
      India: European Fighter Aircraft 174W
      Iran: Sanctions 174W
      Sudan: Armed Conflict 174W
      Tibet: Human Rights 175W
Health 195W
      Diabetes 197W
      Drugs: Safety 197W
      First Aid: Training 197W
      Hawkpoint Partners 198W
      Health 198W
      Health Education 198W
      Health: Screening 199W
      Health Services: Children 198W
      Influenza: Vaccination 199W
      IVF: Regulation 199W
      Maternity Services: Bury 200W
      Mental Health Services: Out-of-Area Treatment 200W
      Midwives: Recruitment 201W
      National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 201W
      NHS: Reconfiguration 202W
      Organs: Donors 202W
      Recruitment 195W
      Social Services 205W
      Tranquillisers 205W
Home Department 186W
      Asylum: Iran 186W
      British Parking Association 186W
      Departmental Food 186W
      Departmental Training 187W
      Detention Centres: Children 187W
      Extradition 188W
      Human Trafficking 189W
      Marriage of Convenience 190W
      Members: Correspondence 190W
      Olympic Games 2012 190W
      Organised Crime: Injunctions 190W
      Public Health England 191W
      Recruitment 187W
      Terrorism: Northern Ireland 191W
      Trials 191W
      UK Border Agency 192W
House of Commons Commission 179W
      Portcullis House 179W
International Development 175W
      Departmental Billing 175W
      Departmental Responsibilities 176W
      Departmental Training 176W
      Food Procurement 175W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 176W
Justice 207W
      Cremation 207W
      Departmental Billing 208W
      Domestic Violence 208W
      Family Courts 209W
      Family Law: Finance 210W
      Legal Aid Scheme 210W
      Legal Services Commission 210W
      London Olympics 2012 211W
      Members: Correspondence 211W
      Offenders: Mental Illness 211W
      Prisoners: Food 212W
      Prisoners: Repatriation 213W
      Prisons: Procurement 213W
      Prisons: Psychiatry 213W
      Prisons: Security 213W
      Probation: Procurement 214W
      Recruitment 208W
      Reoffenders 214W
      Trials 214W
      Victim Support 216W
      Victim Support Schemes 216W
      Young Offenders 216W
      Youth Custody 217W
Leader of the House 162W
      London Olympic 2012 162W
Northern Ireland 170W
      Air Passenger Duty 170W
      Banks: Loans 170W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012 170W
      Electricity: Prices 170W
      Enterprise Zones 171W
      Fuels: Prices 171W
      Motor Vehicles: Licences 171W
      Olympic Games 2012 172W
      Police: Army 172W
      Terrorism 172W
Scotland 165W
      Departmental Training 165W
      Nuclear Weapons 166W
      Recruitment 165W
Transport 166W
      Active Travel Strategy 166W
      Cycleways 166W
      Immobilisation of Vehicles 166W
      Local Sustainable Transport Fund 167W
      Metal Theft 167W
      Network Rail: Compensation 168W
      Ports: Milford Haven 168W
      Public Transport: Schools 168W
      Public Transport: Violence 169W
      Railways: South West 169W
      Speed Limits: Roads 169W
Treasury 159W
      Business: Government Assistance 159W
      Business: Loans 159W
      Co-operatives 159W
      Devolution: Finance 159W
      Executives: Pay 161W
      Food: Additives 161W
      Public Sector: Pensions 162W
Wales 165W
      Olympic Games 2012 165W
Work and Pensions 232W
      Council Tax 232W
      Disability Living Allowance 232W
      Employment and Support Allowance 233W
      Employment Schemes: Graduates 233W
      Housing Benefit 233W
      Independent Living Fund 235W
      Local Authorities: Halton 236W
      Pension Funds 236W
      Social Security Benefits 237W
      Social Security Benefits: Brighton and Hove 238W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability 238W
      Social Security Benefits: Plymouth 239W
      Social Security Benefits: Scotland 239W
      Social Services: Finance 242W
      Work Programme 243W
      Working Tax Credit 243W