Oral Answers
Wednesday 8 February 2012

Cabinet Office 285
      Big Society 286
      Big Society 289
      Consultancy 290
      Efficiency Savings 288
      IT Procurement 285
      Public Procurement 291
      Social Action Fund 286
      Topical Questions 293
Prime Minister 294
      Engagements 294

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 8 February 2012

Attorney-General 15WS
      Freedom of Information 15WS
Defence 20WS
      Armed Forces Pension Scheme 20WS
Energy and Climate Change 20WS
      EU Energy Council 20WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 21WS
      Agriculture and Fisheries Council 21WS
Home Department 22WS
      Firearms 22WS
International Development 23WS
      Supplementary Estimates 2011-12 23WS
Scotland 26WS
      Supplementary Estimates 2011-12 26WS
Transport 26WS
      Search and Rescue Helicopters 26WS
Treasury 16WS
      Parliamentary Questions 16WS
      Terrorist Asset Freezing 16WS
      Terrorist Asset Freezing 16WS
Wales 27WS
      Supplementary Estimates 2011-12 27WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 8 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 326W
      Agriculture: Subsidies 326W
      Banks: Third Sector 327W
      Business: Carbon Emissions 327W
      Copyright 327W
      Departmental Procurement 328W
      Higher Education: Access 328W
      Higher Education: Admissions 329W
      Land Registry 329W
      Student Loans Company: Pay 329W
      Student Loans Company: Public Appointments 330W
      Students: Debts 330W
      Students: Finance 330W
Cabinet Office 316W
      Civil Service Pensions 316W
      Consultancy 317W
      Employment 317W
      Public Bodies Act 2011 317W
      Voluntary Sector 316W
Communities and Local Government 262W
      Council Tax 262W
      Departmental Redundancy Pay 264W
      Departmental Travel Costs 264W
      Housing Benefit 265W
      Local Government Finance Bill 266W
Culture, Media and Sport 298W
      Recruitment 298W
      Tourism: Cumbria 299W
Defence 286W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations 286W
      Afghanistan: Services Entertainers 286W
      Air Force: Rescue Services 287W
      Armed Forces: Cadets 287W
      Armed Forces: Vehicles 287W
      Armoured Fighting Vehicles 287W
      Defence Equipment 288W
      Defence Equipment: Sales 288W
      Defence: Expenditure 289W
      Departmental Training 290W
      Departmental Travel Costs 290W
      Guided Weapons: Scotland 290W
      Military Aircraft 290W
      Military Aircraft: Deployment 292W
      Military Aircraft: Repairs and Maintenance 292W
      Military Bases: Northern Ireland 292W
      Puma Helicopters 293W
      RAF Northolt 293W
      Third Sector 293W
      Trident Submarines 294W
      Type 45 Destroyers 294W
      USA: Military Alliances 294W
Education 318W
      Free School Meals 318W
      GCSE 319W
      Members: Correspondence 320W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 321W
      Primary Education: Academies 321W
      Reading: Primary Education 321W
      School Leaving: Basic Skills 322W
      Schools: English Baccalaureate 323W
      Science: GCSE 324W
      Special Educational Needs: Hearing Impairment 325W
      Teachers: Disciplinary Proceedings 325W
      Teachers: Sick Leave 325W
      Teachers: Training 325W
Energy and Climate Change 266W
      Climate Change Convention: Canada 266W
      Climate Change: International Co-operation 266W
      Combined Heat and Power 267W
      Energy: Billing 267W
      Energy: Business 268W
      Energy: Manpower 268W
      Energy: Meters 268W
      Energy: Prices 269W
      Fuel Poverty 269W
      Green Deal Scheme 269W
      Homesun Holdings 270W
      London Olympics 2012 270W
      Marine Energy Park 270W
      Photovoltaics 271W
      Renewable Energy: Heating 271W
      Renewable Energy: Manpower 271W
      Warm Front Scheme 272W
      Wind Power: Expenditure 273W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 305W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations 305W
      Bahrain: Politics and Government 306W
      Departmental Data Protection 306W
      Departmental Manpower: Languages 308W
      Iran: Politics and Government 307W
      Middle East: Oil 309W
      North Korea 309W
      North Korea: Politics and Government 309W
      Nuclear Weapons: Proliferation 309W
      Pakistan: Foreign Relations 310W
      Pakistan: Politics and Government 310W
      Recruitment 307W
      Schools: Fees and Charges 310W
Health 253W
      Cyberknife Treatment 261W
      Departmental Data Protection 253W
      Departmental Training 253W
      Diabetes 254W
      Drugs: Counterfeit Manufacturing 254W
      Food Procurement 253W
      Gynaecology: Medical Treatments 255W
      Health Services: Greater London 255W
      Hinchingbrooke Hospital: Food 255W
      Hospitals: Greater London 256W
      In Vitro Fertilisation 257W
      Influenza: Vaccination 258W
      Mental Illness: Drugs 258W
      NHS: Private Sector 259W
      NHS: Reconfiguration 258W
      NHS: Standards 259W
      NHS: Training 259W
      Nutrition 260W
      Obesity: Leicestershire 260W
      Social Services 262W
      UNUM 262W
Home Department 273W
      Antisocial Behaviour 273W
      Civil Disorder: Lancashire Constabulary 274W
      Departmental Procurement 274W
      Mobile Phones 275W
      National Policing Improvement Agency 275W
      Offenders: Deportation 275W
      Organised Crime: Greater London 275W
      Organised Crime: West Midlands 276W
      Police 276W
      Police: Accountability 276W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 276W
      Police: Expenditure 277W
      Police: Information and Communications Technology 277W
      Police: Pay 277W
      Safer Neighbourhood Teams 278W
      West Midlands Police 278W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 300W
      Public Expenditure 300W
International Development 314W
      Children: Vaccination 314W
      Departmental Data Protection 315W
      EU Aid 315W
      Olympic Games 2012 316W
      Recruitment 315W
Justice 311W
      Animal Welfare: Crime 311W
      Dangerous Driving: Convictions 311W
      Dangerous Driving: Sentencing 312W
      Debt Collection 313W
      Defamation 313W
      Departmental Training 314W
      Food Procurement 313W
Northern Ireland 297W
      Bill of Rights 297W
      Departmental Training 298W
      Food Procurement 297W
      Welfare State: Reform 298W
Prime Minister 305W
      India: European Fighter Aircraft 305W
      London Olympics 2012 305W
Transport 294W
      Departmental Billing 294W
      Highways Agency: Planning Permission 295W
      M1: Repairs and Maintenance 296W
      M1: Road Traffic Offences 296W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 295W
      Network Rail: Compensation 296W
      Transport: Expenditure 297W
Treasury 300W
      Banks: Regulation 300W
      Banks: Tax Yields 300W
      Business: Loans 301W
      Canal and River Trust: Finance 301W
      Climate Change Levy: Metals 301W
      Corporation Tax: Devolution 301W
      Corporation Tax Yields 301W
      Counterfeit Manufacturing 303W
      Departmental Billing 303W
      Loans: Republic of Ireland 303W
      Non-Domestic Rates: Tourism 304W
      Pension Funds 304W
      Welfare Tax Credits 304W
Work and Pensions 278W
      Departmental Billing 278W
      Disability Living Allowance 279W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Preston 280W
      Housing Benefit 279W
      Housing Benefit: Bedford 281W
      Jobcentre Plus 282W
      Jobcentre Plus: Barking and Dagenham 283W
      Pension Funds 283W
      Pensions 284W
      Social Security Benefits 284W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 284W
      Social Security Benefits: National Insurance Contributions 285W
      Universal Credit 285W
      Universal Credit: Lancashire 285W
      Work Programme: High Peak 285W