Oral Answers
Thursday 9 February 2012

Culture, Media and Sport 451
      Broadband 453
      Broadband (Greater Manchester) 461
      Child Protection (Internet) 462
      Creative Industries 460
      Electronic Communications (Privacy) 455
      Football Club Licensing 462
      Gaming Machines 452
      Local Radio Franchises 451
      Mountaineering, Hill Walking and Climbing 458
      Olympics (Domestic Tourism) 455
      S4C 459
      Sport England/UK Sport 457
      Sport England/UK Sport 460
      Topical Questions 463
      Woolf Review 459
Leader of the House 467
      E-petitions 467
      Ministerial Statements 469
      Oral Questions 472
      Statutory Register of Lobbyists 470

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 9 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 31WS
      EU Informal Competitiveness Council 31WS
Communities and Local Government 31WS
      Coastal Regeneration 31WS
      Firefighters' Pension Scheme 32WS
      Housing Funding 34WS
      Local Democracy 35WS
Defence 36WS
      Operation Herrick 16 Roulement (Correction) 36WS
Deputy Prime Minister 38WS
      Individual electoral Registration 38WS
Energy 41WS
      Feed-in Tariffs 41WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 42WS
      Flood and Coastal Erosion (Risk Management) 42WS
      Rural Payments Agency 44WS
      UN Conference on Sustainable Development 43WS
      Waste Water National Policy Statement 45WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 46WS
      Export of Tasers (UK Policy) 46WS
      UK-Afghanistan Enduring Strategic Partnership 46WS
Home Department 47WS
      Immigration and Nationality Services 47WS
Justice 53WS
      Civil Justice Consultation (Government Response) 53WS
Transport 54WS
      ATOL Reform Regulations 54WS
Work and Pensions 55WS
      Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council 55WS

Thursday 9 February 2012

Presented Petition 1P
      Mentally Incapacitated Persons (Rights of Carers to Financial Information) 1P

Written Answers
Thursday 9 February 2012

Attorney-General 339W
      Euthanasia 339W
      Metal Theft 339W
Business, Innovation and Skills 385W
      Aluminium 385W
      Anti-counterfeit Trade Agreement 391W
      Apprentices 385W
      Apprentices: Special Educational Needs 386W
      Basic Skills 386W
      Business: Lancashire 387W
      Business: North West 388W
      Business: Regulation 389W
      Business: Standards 389W
      Business: Taxation 390W
      Companies: Manpower 390W
      European Fighter Aircraft 393W
      Fireworks: Scotland 393W
      Flexible Working 394W
      Foreign Companies: EU Countries 394W
      Forth Bridge 394W
      Green Deal Scheme 394W
      Higher Education 395W
      Higher Education: Applications 395W
      Manufacturing Industries: Greater London 395W
      Manufacturing Industries: Redditch 396W
      Manufacturing Industries: Trade Competitiveness 397W
      Micro-Businesses 391W
      Olympic Games 2012: Construction 391W
      Olympic Games 2012: Hospitality 397W
      Regional Growth Fund 398W
      Regulation 399W
      Teachers: Foreign Nationals 400W
      Thermal Insulation: Training 399W
      Trade: Road Shows 399W
      UK Trade & Investment: Exports 400W
      UK Trade & Investment: Visits Abroad 400W
Cabinet Office 441W
      Business: Portsmouth 441W
      Communities First Fund 441W
      Community Development Fund 443W
      Employment: Young People 444W
      Job Creation: Westmorland 444W
      Legal Proceedings 445W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 443W
      Public Sector: Procurement 445W
      Senior Civil Servants: Tax Avoidance 445W
Church Commissioners 337W
      Metal Theft 337W
Communities and Local Government 337W
      Work Experience 337W
Culture, Media and Sport 372W
      Arts: Finance 372W
      Departmental Contracts 373W
      First World War: Anniversary 375W
      Olympic Games 2012 373W
      Olympic Games 2012: Human Trafficking 373W
      Public Service Broadcasters 372W
      Superfast Broadband 372W
      Television: Local Broadcasting 374W
      Tourism 374W
Defence 332W
      Anglo-French Co-operation 335W
      Armed Forces: Meals 332W
      Deloitte 332W
      Ex-servicemen: Health Services 335W
      India: European Fighter Aircraft 336W
      Ministeral Travel Costs 333W
      Radar: Wind Power 336W
      Radioactive Waste: Dalgety Bay 336W
Deputy Prime Minister 418W
      Constitutional Reform 418W
      West Lothian Question 418W
Education 427W
      Academies 427W
      Child Protection Review 427W
      Departmental Data Protection 430W
      Departmental Training 430W
      Education: Epilepsy 431W
      Free Schools 431W
      GCSE 431W
      Languages: GCSE 432W
      Maternity Services: Data Protection 433W
      Mossbourne Academy 435W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 435W
      Procurement 430W
      Pupil Referral Units 435W
      Reading: Primary Education 436W
      Schools: Bible 436W
      Schools: ICT 437W
      Science: GCSE 438W
      Teachers: Crimes of Violence 439W
      Teachers: Retirement 439W
      Young People: Employment 440W
Energy and Climate Change 401W
      Biofuels 401W
      Biomass 401W
      Boilers: Government Assistance 402W
      Electricity 403W
      Fossil Fuels: Exploration 404W
      Green Deal 404W
      Local Energy Assessment Fund 404W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 402W
      Procurement 402W
      Renewable Energy: Heating 405W
      Shale Gas 405W
      Warm Homes Scheme 406W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 376W
      Crows 376W
      Departmental Billing 376W
      Departmental Correspondence 377W
      Departmental Pay 377W
      Fisheries: EU Countries 377W
      Fishing Vessels 378W
      Flood Control: Finance 379W
      Flood Risk Areas 381W
      Floods: Insurance 381W
      Food Procurement 383W
      Milk: Wales 383W
      Ofwat: Pay 383W
      Stray Dogs 384W
      UN Conference on Sustainable Development 384W
      Water 384W
      Water Charges 385W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 360W
      Burma 361W
      Burma: Political Prisoners 362W
      Canberra Centenary 360W
      Chevening 362W
      Departmental Manpower 364W
      Departmental Training 364W
      Egypt: Politics and Government 365W
      European Union 366W
      Falkland Islands: Sovereignty 366W
      Food Procurement 363W
      Government Wine Cellar 363W
      Iran: Oil Embargo 369W
      Israel: Politics and Government 367W
      Lesotho 368W
      Lesotho: Bilateral Relations 368W
      Lesotho: Diplomatic Service 368W
      Middle East: Peace Negotiations 369W
      Morocco: Overseas Trade 369W
      Overseas Countries: Christianity 365W
      Somalia: Diplomatic Service 370W
      South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands: Environment Protection 366W
      Syria: Politics and Government 370W
Health 419W
      Ambulance Services: Greater London 419W
      Cancer 419W
      Dementia: Research 419W
      Eating Disorders 420W
      Gynaecology: Medical Treatments 420W
      Health Services: Bolton 421W
      Health Services: Young People 421W
      Hospital Wards: Inspections 422W
      Infant Mortality 422W
      NHS: Finance 423W
      NHS Trusts: Private Patients 423W
      Organs: Donors 424W
      Prostate Cancer: Drugs 425W
      Social Services 425W
      Social Services: Expenditure 426W
      Tobacco: Packaging 426W
Home Department 347W
      Abu Qatada 347W
      Animal Experiments: EU Law 347W
      Asylum: Appeals 347W
      Asylum: Birmingham 347W
      Civil Disorder 348W
      Civil Service: Pay 350W
      Departmental Billing 348W
      Departmental Data Protection 349W
      Deportation 351W
      Driving: Young People 352W
      Entry Clearances: Foreign Workers 352W
      Entry Clearances: Iran 352W
      Infant Mortality: Police Support Services 354W
      Members: Correspondence 353W
      Migrants: Employment 353W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 354W
      Police: Diversity 353W
      Police: Information and Communications Technology 354W
      Social Media 353W
      Yvonne Fletcher 355W
House of Commons Commission 337W
      BBC 337W
      Cromwell Green Entrance 338W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 338W
      Access Tokens 338W
International Development 376W
      Thailand-Burma Border 376W
Justice 445W
      Civil Disorder 445W
      Civil Proceedings: Legal Costs 446W
      Dangerous Driving: Convictions 446W
      Departmental Hospitality 447W
      Drugs: Convictions 448W
      Legal Aid scheme 448W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Abu Qatada 449W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Harrow 449W
      National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders: Finance 450W
      Offenders 450W
      Offenders: Drugs 451W
      Offenders: Rehabilitation 451W
      Prisoners 452W
      Prisoners: Christmas 452W
      Sentencing 452W
      Social Security Benefits: Ethnic Groups 453W
      Youth Justice 454W
Leader of the House 331W
      Backbench Debates 331W
      Parliamentary Scrutiny 331W
Northern Ireland 331W
      Recruitment 331W
      Voluntary Organisations 332W
Prime Minister 441W
      Tax Avoidance 441W
Scotland 331W
      Olympic Games 2012 331W
Transport 407W
      Aviation: Iraq 407W
      Blue Badge Scheme: Cumbria 407W
      Bus Services: Olympic Games 2012 407W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 409W
      Driving: Older People 409W
      Food Procurement 408W
      Heathrow Airport 410W
      High Speed 2 410W
      High Speed Trains: Scotland 410W
      Infrastructure Investment 408W
      Large Goods Vehicles 411W
      M1: Fires 411W
      M25 412W
      Maritime and Coastguard Agency 412W
      Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties 413W
      Olympics Games 2012: Hospitality 411W
      Public Transport: Finance 414W
      Railways: Tickets 414W
      Regional Airports 415W
      Roads: Accidents 416W
      Roads: Repairs and Maintenance 415W
      Severn River Crossing 417W
      Speed Limits: Schools 417W
      Transport: Finance 418W
Treasury 355W
      Banks: Iceland 355W
      City of London Corporation 355W
      Departmental Data Protection 355W
      Departmental Responsibilities 356W
      EU Countries: Visits 357W
      First World War: Anniversary 360W
      Food Procurement 356W
      Hargreaves Lansdown 357W
      Members: Correspondence 357W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 356W
      Official Hospitality 356W
      Olympic Games 2012 358W
      Research: Finance 358W
      Taxation: Business 358W
      Taxation: Combined Heat and Power 359W
      Taxation: Gambling 360W
Work and Pensions 339W
      Atos Healthcare: Training 339W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Appeals 340W
      Employment: Literacy and Numeracy 341W
      Employment Schemes 340W
      Housing Benefit 343W
      Housing Benefit: Northern Ireland 343W
      Mortgages: Repossession Orders 344W
      Social Security Benefits 344W
      Unemployment 346W
      Universal Credit 346W
      Work Capability Assessment 346W