Oral Answers
Tuesday 21 February 2012

Health 723
      Cancer Care 733
      Dementia Care 735
      Health and Social Care Bill 734
      Health and Social Care Bill 736
      Hospital Management 728
      NHS Allergy Services 730
      NHS Constitution 729
      NHS Reorganisation 725
      Patient Outcomes 731
      PFI Debt (NHS Hospitals) 723
      PFI Schemes 735
      Private Health Care 726
      Topical Questions 737

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 21 February 2012

Communities and Local Government 72WS
      Integration 72WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 73WS
      Farming Regulation Task Force Report 73WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 73WS
      Afghanistan 73WS
      Review of Consular Evacuation Procedures 74WS
Justice 76WS
      Ministerial Council on Deaths in Custody 76WS
Treasury 71WS
      Air Passenger Duty (Northern Ireland) 71WS
      Landfill Tax (Scotland) 71WS

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 5P
      Potential Closure of Peacocks Stores 5P
      Swindon Town Centre 5P
Transport 6P
      Bradford-on-Avon Station Ticket Office 6P
      Bus Services in Sedgefield 7P

21 Feb 2012 : Column 739

21 Feb 2012 : Column 739

Written Answers
Tuesday 21 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 751W
      Apprentices 751W
      Apprentices: Nuclear Power 752W
      Business 753W
      Business: Finance 753W
      Business: Government Assistance 753W
      Climate Change 753W
      Copyright: Arts 754W
      Copyright: Economic Growth 754W
      Food: Industry 755W
      Free School Meals 755W
      Gender: Equality 755W
      Higher Education 755W
      Higher Education: Student Numbers 756W
      Overseas Students: Saudi Arabia 756W
      Overseas Trade 756W
      Overseas Trade: Middle East 758W
      Student Loans Company: Pay 758W
      Supermarkets: Competition 758W
Cabinet Office 771W
      Deaths: Alcoholic Drinks 771W
      Public Sector: Redundancy 772W

21 Feb 2012 : Column 740

Communities and Local Government 778W
      Coastal Communities Fund 778W
      Housing Associations 778W
      Housing Benefit 779W
      Housing: Planning Permission 779W
      Mortgages: Housing Benefit 779W
      Non-domestic Rates: Parking 780W
      Parish Councils 780W
      Refuges: Females 781W
      Rented Housing: Students 781W
Culture, Media and Sport 791W
      Arts: Economic Situation 791W
      British Sky Broadcasting 791W
      Broadband: Brighton and Hove 791W
      Broadcasting: Press 791W
      Broadcasting: Welsh Language 792W
      Departmental Manpower 793W
      Digital Switchover Help Scheme 794W
      Local Broadcasting: Radio 794W
      Ministerial Air Travel 792W
      Mobile Phones 795W
      Museums and Galleries 795W
      Press Releases 793W
      Procurement: Capital Bonds 794W
      S4C 795W
      Social Media 792W
      Tourism 796W
Defence 773W
      Afghanistan: Armoured Fighting Vehicles 773W
      Afghanistan: Medals 773W
      Armed Forces: Dismissal 773W
      Armed Forces: Mental Health Services 774W
      Armed Forces: Training 774W
      Departmental Manpower 774W
      Gurkhas: Pensions 775W
      Ministry of Defence Police: Finance 775W
      Ministry of Defence Police: Manpower 776W
      MOD Abbey Wood 776W
      NATO 776W
      Nuclear Weapons: Security 776W
      RAF Staxton Wold 776W
      Royal Army Medical Corps: Dismissal 777W
      Royal Army Medical Corps: Manpower 777W
Deputy Prime Minister 772W
      Ministerial Air Travel 772W
Education 767W
      Children: Modelling 767W
      Children: Social Services 768W
      English Language: Peterborough 768W
      Females: Violence 767W
      Young People: Unemployment 769W
Energy and Climate Change 739W
      Energy: Housing 739W
      Solar Power 739W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 739W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 739W
      National Parks Authorities: Sustainable Development 740W
      Rights of Way: Ferndown 740W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 769W
      Syria 769W

21 Feb 2012 : Column 741

Health 758W
      Accident and Emergency Departments 761W
      Competition: NHS 759W
      General Practitioners 761W
      Health Allocation Formula 758W
      Health and Social Care Bill 760W
      Health Inequalities 759W
      NHS Dentistry 759W
      NHS Foundation Trusts: North East 762W
      NHS Hospitals: Debt 759W
      NHS: Interpreters 762W
      Nurses: Manpower 762W
      Patient Demand 760W
      Patient Outcomes 759W
      Pharmacy 763W
      Private Health Care 760W
      Referral Management System: Coventry 763W
      Services: Older People 760W
      Sunbeds: Safety 763W

21 Feb 2012 : Column 741

Home Department 782W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Scotland 782W
      Cot Deaths 782W
      Human Trafficking: Arrests 782W
      Members: Correspondence 783W
      Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre 783W
      Olympic Games 2012: Policing 783W
      Police: Vehicles 783W
      Security Vetting 784W
      Speed Limits: Cameras 784W
House of Commons Commission 746W
      Food: Waste Disposal 746W
      Hacking 747W
International Development 796W
      Overseas Aid: Animal Welfare 796W
Justice 764W
      Departmental ICT 764W
      Homicide: British Nationals Abroad 765W
      Ministerial Air Travel 764W
      Offences Against Children 765W
      Prisons: Discipline 765W
      Prisons: Mental Health Services 766W
      Procurement: Capital Bonds 764W
Transport 740W
      Crossrail Line: Kent 741W
      Cycling: Rural Areas 741W
      Cycling: Training 742W
      Directly Operated Railways: Manpower 742W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 743W
      Liverpool Port: Finance 743W
      M42 743W
      Network Rail: Compensation 744W
      Olympic Games 2012: Aviation 740W
      Railways: Electrification 744W
      Roads: Accidents 745W
      Roads: Birmingham 745W
      Transport: Schools 746W
Treasury 784W
      Arch Cru 787W
      Arms Trade 784W
      Child Benefit 785W
      Crown Estate Commissioners 786W
      Financial Services 788W
      PAYE: Fines 788W
      Peacocks Group 789W
      Revenue and Customs: Incentives 789W
      Revenue and Customs: Pay 789W
      Taxpayers 790W
      VAT: Publications 790W
Women and Equalities 750W
      Departmental Billing 750W
      Departmental Pay 750W
      Part-Time Employment 751W

21 Feb 2012 : Column 743

Work and Pensions 747W
      Employment Schemes: Apprentices 747W
      Housing Benefit 747W
      Housing Benefit: Lancashire 748W
      Incapacity Benefit 749W
      Post Office Card Account 749W
      UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child 750W
      Working Tax Credit 750W