Oral Answers
Wednesday 22 February 2012

Prime Minister 863
      Engagements 863
Scotland 853
      Benefits Cap 858
      Credit Rating 857
      Defence Munitions Beith 861
      Human Trafficking 857
      Independence (Financial Effects) 862
      Independence Referendum 853
      NEETs 855
      Public Expenditure 860
      Severe Disability Premium 861

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 22 February 2012

Defence 77WS
      Royal Fleet Auxiliary 77WS
Northern Ireland 79WS
      Equality Commission for Northern Ireland 79WS
Treasury 77WS
      Employer Asset-backed Pension Contributions 77WS

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Cabinet Office 9P
      Boundary changes (Edmonton) 9P

Written Answers
Wednesday 22 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 877W
      Apprentices: Females 877W
      Business 879W
      Business: Regulation 879W
      Forth Bridge 881W
      Higher Education: Student Numbers 881W
      Ministerial Air Travel 880W
      Overseas Trade 881W
      Public Houses 882W
      Recruitment 880W
      UK Trade & Investment: Trade Shows 882W
Communities and Local Government 834W
      Council Tax: Students 834W
      Departmental Hospitality 834W
      Departmental Pay 834W
      Domestic Waste: Waste Disposal 834W
      Energy Performance Certificates 835W
      Fire Services: Equipment 835W
      Fire Services: Manpower 836W
      Incinerators: Planning Permission 836W
      Local Authorities: Audits 837W
      Local Government: Employment Schemes 838W
      Local Government Finance 837W
      Local Government Finance: Hartlepool 838W
      Parish Councils 838W
      Supporting People Programme: Hartlepool 838W
      Third Sector 839W
      Water: Planning Permission 839W
Culture, Media and Sport 816W
      Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement 816W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 817W
      Olympic Games 2012: Tickets 817W
Defence 826W
      Air Displays 826W
      Armed Forces: Finance 827W
      Armed Forces: Germany 827W
      Armed Forces: Press Subscriptions 827W
      Defence 828W
      Helicopters: Rescue Services 828W
      Katrice Lee 828W
      Military Bases: Chelsfield 829W
      Nuclear Submarines 829W
Education 819W
      Children: Employment 819W
      Departmental E-mail 820W
      GCSE 820W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged 820W
      Teachers: Conditions of Employment 823W
      Teachers: Recruitment 824W
      Third Sector 824W
      University Technical Colleges 825W
      Young People's Learning Agency 825W
      Youth Clubs 826W
Energy and Climate Change 830W
      Electricity 830W
      Fossil Fuels: Exploration 831W
      Green Deal 832W
      Natural Gas: Prices 832W
      Solar Power 832W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 833W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 819W
      Animal Welfare: Crime 819W
      Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty 819W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 799W
      Abu Qatada 799W
      Africa 799W
      Bahrain 800W
      Diego Garcia: Aviation 800W
      Festivals and Special Occasions: Scotland 800W
      Israel 801W
      Journalism 801W
      New Zealand 802W
      Nuclear Power: Trade Promotion 802W
Health 803W
      Clinical Physiologists: Regulation 803W
      E-mail 803W
      Health 804W
      Health: Regulation 804W
      Hepatitis: Ethnic Groups 804W
      Hospitals: Food 805W
      Incontinence 805W
      Kidneys: Transplant Surgery 806W
      Locums: Costs 807W
      Neurology 807W
      Palliative Care 808W
      Prostate Cancer: Health Services 809W
      Suicide 809W
Home Department 813W
      Civil Disorder 813W
      Identification Documents 814W
      Olympic Games 2012: Immigration Controls 814W
      Olympic Games 2012: Policing 814W
      Olympic Games 2012: Security 815W
      Sham Marriages Task Force 815W
      Terrorism 816W
International Development 810W
      Africa 810W
      Developing Countries: Educational Visits 810W
      Developing Countries: Employment 810W
      India 811W
      Libya 811W
Justice 841W
      Appeals: Employment Support Allowance 841W
      Compensation: Regulation 842W
      Crimes of Violence: Sentencing 842W
      Custodial Treatment 843W
      Departmental Contracts 844W
      Legal Aid Scheme 844W
      Personal Injury: Fees and Charges 845W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 845W
      Prison Sentences 846W
      Prisoners: Education 846W
      Prisons: Foreign Nationals 847W
      Repossession Orders 848W
      Television: Licensing 849W
      Victims' Commissioner: Manpower 849W
      Violent and Sex Offender Register 850W
Northern Ireland 812W
      Automatic Assisted Area Status 812W
      Departmental Billing 812W
      Departmental Procurement 813W
      Freedom of Information 813W
Scotland 811W
      Independence Referendum: Voting Entitlements 811W
      Under-occupancy Penalties 812W
Transport 871W
      Bus Services 871W
      Bus Services: Concessions 872W
      Disney Wonder Cruise Ship 873W
      Motor Vehicles 873W
      Motor Vehicles: Registration 873W
      Network Rail: Public Relations 874W
      Roads: Accidents 874W
      Roads: Lighting 875W
      Shipping: Crime 875W
      Shipping: Treaties 876W
      Traffic Lights 876W
      Traffic Orders: Local Press 877W
Treasury 840W
      Corporation Tax 840W
      Moody's Investors Service 840W
      Revenue and Customs: Complaints 840W
      Working Tax Credit: Eligibility 841W
Work and Pensions 851W
      Atos Healthcare 851W
      Business: Government Assistance 854W
      Child Maintenance 857W
      Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission 854W
      Child Support Agency 854W
      Departmental Manpower 857W
      Departmental Training 859W
      Employment 860W
      Employment and Support Allowance 861W
      Employment Schemes 861W
      Employment Schemes: Young People 861W
      Employment: Young People 862W
      Higher Education: Retirement 862W
      Housing Benefit 863W
      Housing Benefit: Offenders 863W
      Housing Benefit: Temporary Accommodation 863W
      International Pension Centre 864W
      Members: Correspondence 865W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 860W
      National Insurance: Pensions 865W
      New Deal Schemes 865W
      Personal Independence Payment 866W
      Recruitment 858W
      Social Security Benefits 866W
      Social Security Benefits: Disqualification 867W
      Unemployment: Young People 868W
      Universal Credit: Mortgages 869W
      Work Capability Assessments: Audio Recordings 869W
      Work Experience 870W
      Work Programme 870W
      Work Programme: New Enterprise Allowance 871W