Oral Answers
Monday 27 February 2012

Education 1
      Academies (Worcestershire) 7
      Academy Status 17
      Academy Status (Wilbarston School) 16
      Apprenticeships 11
      Capital Investment (Schools) 15
      Early Intervention 11
      Emergency Life Support Skills 4
      Pupil Premium 16
      School Curriculum 14
      Sex and Relationship Education 13
      Sure Start Children’s Centres 1
      Teachers (Paperwork) 6
      Topical Questions 18
      University Technical Colleges 5
      Vocational Qualifications 3
      Workplace Skills Development 9
      Youth Service 8

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 27 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 1WS
      Apprenticeships 1WS
      Classification of Colleges 1WS
Cabinet Office 6WS
      National Citizen Service 2012 6WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 11WS
      EU-Central America Association Agreement 11WS
      London Conference on Somalia 12WS
Health 14WS
      Health Select Committee Report on Public Expenditure (Government Response) 14WS
Home Department 14WS
      Passenger Name Records 14WS
Northern Ireland 16WS
      Northern Ireland Security Situation 16WS
Transport 17WS
      Government Car and Despatch Agency 17WS
Treasury 4WS
      Tax Measures 4WS

Monday 27 February 2012

International Development 1P
      Send our Sister to School Campaign 1P
Leader of the House 1P
      HMS Concord 1P

Written Answers
Monday 27 February 2012

Attorney-General 6W
      Abu Qatada 6W
      Action for Employment 6W
      Contempt of Court: Media 6W
      Departmental Recruitment 8W
      Fraud 7W
      Plea Bargaining 6W
      Witnesses: Compensation 8W
Business, Innovation and Skills 164W
      Action for Employment 164W
      Billing: EU Law 164W
      Citizens’ Advice Bureaux: Finance 164W
      Employment: Tyne and Wear 165W
      Engineering 165W
      EU External Trade: Colombia 166W
      Higher Education: Admissions 166W
      Insolvency 167W
      Lighters: Safety 167W
      Medicine: Research 168W
      New Businesses: Cumbria 168W
      Oxford University: Admissions 169W
      Post Offices 169W
      Self-employed: Adoption 169W
      Students: Fees and Charges 170W
      Supermarkets: Competition 170W
      The following questions were answered on 22 February 2012 170W
      Copyright: Arts 170W
      Departmental Drinks 171W
      Patents: Science 171W
      UK Export Finance 172W
Cabinet Office 67W
      Cancer: North West 67W
      Departmental Data Protection 68W
      Departmental Power 68W
      Members: Correspondence 69W
      New Businesses 69W
      Third Sector 70W
      Volunteering 70W
Communities and Local Government 34W
      Business Premises 34W
      Council Tax Benefits 35W
      Enterprise Zones: North East 35W
      Enterprise Zones: Operating Costs 36W
      Fire Services: Emergency Calls 36W
      High Street Review 35W
      Housing 35W
      Housing Benefit 37W
      Housing: Disability 37W
      Local Government 38W
      Local Government: Assets 38W
      Local Government: Funerals 38W
      Planning: Finance 40W
      Planning Permission 38W
      Planning Permission: Fees and Charges 40W
      Planning Permission: Finance 40W
      Planning Permission: Wind Power 40W
      Tenants’ Rights: Landlords 41W
      Urban Areas 41W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 41W
Culture, Media and Sport 42W
      Action for Employment 42W
      Animation 42W
      Arts: Counterfeit Manufacturing 42W
      Audio Equipment 42W
      British Horseracing Authority 43W
      Broadband: Shropshire 43W
      Counterfeit Manufacturing: Trade Agreements 43W
      Cultural Heritage 44W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 44W
      Libraries Act 1964 45W
      Listed Buildings 45W
      National Lottery 45W
      Olympic Games 2012: Interpreters 46W
      Olympic Games 2012: Royal Yachting Association 45W
      Olympic Games 2012: Translation Services 46W
      Public Libraries 47W
      S4C 47W
      Telecommunications 48W
      Telecommunications: Sign Language 48W
      Telephone Calls 49W
      Third Sector 49W
Defence 29W
      Air Training Corps: Disciplinary Proceedings 29W
      Armed Forces: Hotels 30W
      Armed Forces: Mental Health Services 30W
      Armed Forces: Training 31W
      Departmental Conditions of Employment 31W
      HMS Endurance 31W
      HMS Protector 32W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 32W
      Military Bases: Kirknewton 32W
      MOD Abbey Wood 32W
      MOD Police and Guarding Agency: Gosport 33W
      Project Hadrian 33W
      Radar: Scotland 33W
      Third Sector 34W
      USA: Nuclear Weapons 34W
Deputy Prime Minister 66W
      Constituencies 66W
      Elections: Fraud 67W
Education 138W
      Care Proceedings 140W
      Children: Protection 143W
      Contact Orders: Grandparents 145W
      Domestic Violence 138W
      Education Welfare Officers 146W
      Free Nursery Care 139W
      GCSE 146W
      Hyperactivity 147W
      Leeds Education Authority: Fees and Charges 148W
      Parenting Skills Advice 139W
      Reading: Teaching Methods 148W
      School Curriculum: Business Links 139W
      Young People: Disadvantaged 149W
      Young People: Employment 150W
Electoral Commission Committee 28W
      Electoral Register: Tower Hamlets 28W
Energy and Climate Change 98W
      Action for Employment 98W
      Departmental Pay 98W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 99W
      Electricity 99W
      Energy: Meters 101W
      Energy: Private Rented Housing 101W
      Fuel Poverty 101W
      Meters 102W
      Nuclear Installations: Security 102W
      Radioactive Waste 102W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 104W
      Warm Front Scheme 105W
      Warm Front Scheme: Liverpool 105W
      Warm Front Scheme: North East 105W
      Wind Power 106W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 1W
      Animals: Transport 1W
      Departmental Food 2W
      Departmental Recruitment 2W
      Environmental Stewardship Scheme 3W
      Fossil Fuels: Exploration 3W
      Nature Improvement Areas 4W
      Poultry: Animal Welfare 5W
      Rights of Way 5W
      Travellers: Dogs 5W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 9W
      Bangladesh 9W
      British Overseas Territories 9W
      Conflict Prevention 10W
      Departmental Official Hospitality 10W
      Greece 10W
      India 10W
      Iran 11W
      Lesotho 11W
      Madagascar 11W
      Mali 12W
      Occupied Territories 13W
      Occupied Territories: Housing 13W
      Somalia 14W
      Third Sector 14W
Health 107W
      Cancer: Drugs 107W
      Cancer: Health Services 108W
      Cervical Cancer: Screening 111W
      Chief Social Worker: Job Creation 113W
      Deficiency Diseases: Medical Treatments 113W
      Departmental Consultants 115W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 115W
      Diabetes: Chiropody 117W
      Drugs: Prices 117W
      Eyesight: Health Services 118W
      Fertility 119W
      Health and Social Care Bill 119W
      Health Services: Armed Forces 121W
      Health Services: Contract 121W
      Hepatitis: Ethnic Groups 122W
      Hospital Beds 122W
      Hospitals: Admissions 123W
      Hospitals: Inspections 125W
      Leukaemia: Drugs 125W
      McKinsey Consultancy 126W
      Medicine: Overseas Students 127W
      Members: Correspondence 127W
      Mental Health Services: Hampshire 128W
      Mental Health Services: Offenders 128W
      Monitor: Manpower 129W
      National Patient Safety Agency 129W
      Neurology 129W
      NHS 131W
      NHS: Fraud 131W
      Older People 131W
      Patients: Illegal Immigrants 132W
      Patients: Interpreters 132W
      Patients: Nationality 132W
      Rare Diseases: Northern Ireland 133W
      Social Work Education Grant 133W
      South London Healthcare NHS Trust: Food 133W
      Third Sector 134W
      Tobacco: Sales 135W
      Urinary System: Health Services 136W
      Vaccination: Schools 136W
      Vitamin D 136W
      Vulnerable Adults: Protection 138W
Home Department 14W
      Abu Qatada 14W
      Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species 15W
      Cybercrime 15W
      Departmental Internet 16W
      Police: Bahrain 16W
      Police: Court Orders 16W
      Police: Greater Manchester 16W
      Police: Information and Communications Technology 16W
      Police: Olympic Games 2012 17W
      Police: Pensions 17W
      Police: Vehicles 17W
      Production Orders: Wales 18W
      Serious Organised Crime Agency 18W
      Speed Limits: Training 18W
      Yvonne Fletcher 18W
International Development 50W
      Burma 50W
      Central America: HIV Infection 53W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 53W
      Developing Countries: Employment 54W
      Ex-servicemen 55W
      Nigeria 55W
      Overseas Aid 55W
      Private Education 56W
      Sri Lanka 56W
      Turks and Caicos Islands 56W
Justice 71W
      Applied Language Solutions 71W
      Bassetlaw: Repossession Orders and Small Claims 72W
      Civil Proceedings: Finance 73W
      Compensation: Victims 74W
      Corruption: Prosecutions 74W
      Courts: Security 74W
      Crimes of Violence: Mental Health 75W
      Debt Collection: Regulation 75W
      Departmental Data Protection 76W
      Feltham Young Offender Institution 76W
      Goodyear Hearings 71W
      Illegal Immigrants: Employment 78W
      Judges: Tribunals 79W
      Legal Aid Scheme 79W
      Offenders: Rehabilitation 80W
      Older People 81W
      Parole Board: Manpower 83W
      Personal Injury: Compensation 83W
      Prison Sentences 83W
      Prisoners: Pay 86W
      Prisoners: Reading 86W
      Prisoners' Release 86W
      Prisoners: Voluntary Organisations 87W
      Prisons: Sick Leave 87W
      Public Bodies 90W
      Sentencing: Terrorism 90W
      Sentencing: Young People 92W
      Sexual Offences: Medical Treatments 91W
      Special Hospitals 92W
      Third Sector 93W
      Translation Services 94W
      Trials 95W
      Tribunals: Social Security Benefits 95W
      Violence: Courts 96W
      Young Offenders 96W
Leader of the House 1W
      Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority 1W
Northern Ireland 18W
      Public Expenditure 18W
      Third Sector 19W
Scotland 19W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 19W
Transport 150W
      A49: Shropshire 150W
      Air Travel Organisers’ Licence 150W
      Bus Services: Disability 151W
      Buses: Safety 151W
      Coaches 151W
      Departmental Correspondence 151W
      Departmental Internet 152W
      Departmental Training 152W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 152W
      East Coast Railway Line 154W
      Electric Vehicles 154W
      Heathrow Airport: Night Flying 154W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Safety 154W
      Local Authorities: Newspaper Press 155W
      Members: Correspondence 155W
      Midland Main Railway Line 156W
      Motor Vehicles: Hydrogen 156W
      Motor Vehicles: Testing 156W
      Public Transport: Fines 157W
      Railway Stations 157W
      Railways: Disability 158W
      Railways: Richmond upon Thames 158W
      Railways: South West 158W
      Rescue Services: Fareham 159W
      Rescue Services: Finance 159W
      Roads: Crimes of Violence 159W
      Roads: Litter 160W
      Shipping: Safety 161W
      Speed Limits 162W
      Thameslink: Contracts 163W
      Third Sector 163W
      Transport: Industrial Disputes 163W
Treasury 57W
      Bankruptcy 57W
      Business Links 58W
      Child Benefit 58W
      Children 59W
      Council Tax 59W
      Credit Cards: Surcharges 59W
      Crown Estate Commissioners: Manufacturing Industries 59W
      Crown Estate: Finance 59W
      Economic Situation: Greece 60W
      Housing Benefit 60W
      Mortgages: Legal Opinion 60W
      National Income 61W
      National Insurance 61W
      National Insurance: Pensioners 61W
      National Insurance: Scotland 62W
      Nature Improvement Areas 62W
      Pay 63W
      Public Expenditure: Scotland 63W
      Rangers Football Club: Taxation 64W
      Revenue and Customs: Correspondence 64W
      Student Loans Company: Pay 64W
      Taxation: Animation and Research 64W
      Taxation: Company Cars 64W
      VAT: Electronic Publishing 65W
      Working Tax Credit 65W
      Working Tax Credit: Wales 65W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 66W
Wales 19W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 19W
      Domestic Visits 20W
      Manufacturing Industries: South West 20W
      National Assembly for Wales 21W
      Public Expenditure 21W
Women and Equalities 21W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission: Audit 21W
Work and Pensions 22W
      Asthma 22W
      Atos Healthcare: Data Protection 23W
      Atos Healthcare: Incentives 23W
      Atos Healthcare: Manpower 23W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 24W
      Employment Schemes 24W
      Industrial Health and Safety 25W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance 25W
      Social Security Benefits 26W
      Social Security Benefits: Asylum 26W
      Third Sector 27W
      Vacancies 27W
      Young People: Unemployment 28W