Oral Answers
Tuesday 28 February 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 131
      Arms Trade Treaty 139
      Burma 145
      EU Economic Conditions 134
      European Court of Justice 138
      Falkland Islanders 133
      Human Rights 143
      Human Trafficking 132
      Independent Judiciary (Hungary) 134
      Libya 131
      Maldives 142
      Regional Security (Afghanistan) 144
      Somalia 141
      Syria 136
      Topical Questions 146
      UK Exports 145
      UN Commission on the Status of Women 140
      West Bank 138
      West Bank 143

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 28 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 19WS
      EU Competitiveness Council 19WS
      Third Statement of New Regulation 19WS
Culture, Media and Sport 23WS
      Government Olympic Executive (Annual Report) 23WS
Education 24WS
      Cultural Education 24WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 26WS
      South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Marine Protected Area 26WS
      UK Government National Action Plan (Women, Peace and Security) 27WS
Justice 28WS
      CPS and RCPO (Merger) 28WS
Transport 28WS
      Crossrail Train Procurement 28WS
Treasury 21WS
      Asset Protection Agency (Interim Report) 22WS
      Office of Tax Simplification (Small Business Tax Review) 21WS
      Sale of Northern Rock Plc to Virgin Money 22WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 28 February 2012

Attorney-General 275W
      Departmental Pay 275W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 276W
Business, Innovation and Skills 287W
      Apprentices 287W
      Apprentices: Hull 287W
      Arms Trade: Bahrain 288W
      Audio Equipment: India 289W
      Business: Audit 290W
      Copyright: Education 290W
      Copyright: EU Action 290W
      Counterfeit Manufacturing: Trade Agreements 290W
      Debts: Advisory Services 291W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 292W
      Education: Prisons 293W
      Electronic Equipment: Waste Disposal 294W
      Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate 294W
      EU Social Chapter 294W
      Exports: Government Assistance 295W
      Higher Education 295W
      Industrial Action 295W
      Nature Improvement Areas 296W
      Paper: Industry 296W
      Rentokil: Temporary Employment 296W
      Science: Females 297W
      Science: Higher Education 298W
      Students: Fees and Charges 298W
      Students: Loans 298W
      Supermarkets: Competition 299W
      Supermarkets: Farmers 299W
      Temporary Employment 299W
      Third Sector 300W
      Trade Promotion: Manpower 301W
      Trade Promotion: Pay 301W
      UK Trade and Investment: Air Travel 303W
Cabinet Office 234W
      Adam Werritty 234W
      Departmental Internet 234W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 234W
      Health 235W
Communities and Local Government 209W
      Affordable Housing 209W
      Affordable Housing: Bexley 210W
      Coastal Communities Fund 210W
      Council Housing: West Midlands 210W
      Green Deal Scheme 211W
      Non-domestic Rates 211W
      Planning Permission 212W
      Social Services: Disadvantaged 213W
      Urban Areas: Planning Permission 214W
      Wind Power: Planning Permission 215W
Culture, Media and Sport 197W
      Departmental Internet 197W
      Departmental Pay 198W
      Licensing: Alcoholic Drinks 198W
      Olympic Games 2012: Interpreters 198W
      Olympic Games 2012: National Lottery 198W
      Public Holidays 199W
      Sports: Homophobia 199W
      Television 199W
Defence 269W
      Afghanistan: Peace Keeping Operations 269W
      Air Training Corps: Disciplinary Proceedings 270W
      Apache Helicopters 270W
      Armed Forces: Private Education 271W
      Armed Forces: Training 272W
      Departmental Lost Property 272W
      Members: Correspondence 273W
Deputy Prime Minister 233W
      Devolution: Energy 233W
Education 276W
      Children: Protection 276W
      Education Funding Agency: Manpower 277W
      Education Maintenance Allowance 277W
      Families 277W
      GCSE 279W
      Grammar Schools: Academies 279W
      Human Trafficking: Curriculum 279W
      Primary Education: Admissions 280W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged 280W
      School Capital Programme 281W
      Schools 281W
      Schools: Admissions 281W
      Schools: Finance 282W
      Schools: Sanitation 285W
Energy and Climate Change 201W
      Building Regulations 201W
      Combined Heat and Power: Finance 201W
      Departmental Internet 201W
      Departmental Secondment 201W
      Electric Vehicles 202W
      Electricity 202W
      Energy: Housing 202W
      Energy: Meters 203W
      Energy: Planning Permission 203W
      Green Deal Scheme 204W
      Housing: Insulation 205W
      Nuclear Power Stations 206W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 206W
      Severn Water: Environment Protection 209W
      Solar Power 209W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 191W
      Agriculture: Regulation 191W
      Common Sugar Regime 192W
      Dogs: Breeding 192W
      Dogs: Electric Shock Equipment 192W
      Farmers: Income 192W
      Food Supply 193W
      Forestry Commission Wales 194W
      Forests: Dorset 195W
      Horse Passports 195W
      Horticulture: Finance 196W
      Livestock: Antibiotics 196W
      Milk 197W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 256W
      Afghanistan 256W
      Algeria 256W
      Bahrain 257W
      Business and Human Rights 256W
      China 257W
      Departmental Pay 257W
      Departmental Private Education 257W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 258W
      European Union: Business 260W
      Judiciary: Hungary 256W
      Libya 261W
      Mali 263W
      Nigeria 263W
      Palestinians 263W
      Saudi Arabia 264W
      Senegal 264W
      Sri Lanka 264W
      Syria 266W
      Taxis 266W
Health 243W
      Action for Employment 243W
      Allergies: Children 243W
      Anaemia: Health Services 244W
      Brain: Injuries 244W
      Cancer: Drugs 245W
      Cancer: Health Services 246W
      Chiropody 247W
      Dental Services: Shrewsbury 247W
      Departmental ICT 247W
      Departmental Pay 247W
      Drugs: Misuse 248W
      Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 249W
      Freedom of Information 249W
      General Practitioners: Digital Technology 250W
      Hospital Beds 251W
      Influenza: Vaccination 251W
      Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation 251W
      Macular Degeneration: Waiting Lists 252W
      NHS Commissioning Boards: Hull 252W
      NHS: Redundancy 253W
      NHS: Rural Areas 255W
      Ophthalmology: Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust 255W
Home Department 223W
      Animal Welfare: Standards 223W
      Asylum 224W
      Biometrics 224W
      Civil Disorder 225W
      Criminal Records: EU Action 225W
      Departmental ICT 226W
      Departmental Pay 226W
      Departmental Training 226W
      Departmental Travel 226W
      Deportation 227W
      Detention Centres 227W
      Forensic Science: Expenditure 229W
      Forensic Science Service: Closures 229W
      Fraud: Crime Prevention 229W
      Fraud: International Cooperation 229W
      Illegal Immigrants: Northern Ireland 230W
      Internet: Organised Crime 230W
      Marriage of Convenience 230W
      Ministers: Official Residences 223W
      Production Orders: Wales 231W
      Public Sector: Internet 231W
      Terrorism: Racial Incitement 231W
      Third Sector 232W
      UK Border Agency: Manpower 233W
      UK Border Agency: Passengers 233W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 286W
      Departmental Data Protection 286W
      Departmental Meetings 286W
International Development 273W
      A4e 273W
      Afghanistan 273W
      Burma 274W
      Departmental Pay 274W
      Departmental Private Education 274W
Justice 173W
      Action for Employment 173W
      Business: Freedom of Information 173W
      Dangerous Driving: Death 174W
      Departmental ICT 175W
      Departmental Legal Opinion 176W
      Departmental Pay 177W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 177W
      Family Law: Legal Aid Scheme 178W
      Freedom of Information 178W
      Judiciary: Complaints 178W
      Legal Aid Scheme 179W
      Olympic Games 2012 181W
      Prison Sentences 181W
      Prisoners: Suicide 185W
      Proceeds of Crime 186W
      Repossession Orders 186W
      Society of Editors: Media Lawyers Association 189W
      Translation Services 189W
      Young Offenders: Sports 191W
Scotland 215W
      Devolution: Advocate-General for Scotland 215W
      STV 216W
      Television 216W
Transport 216W
      Air Travel Organisers' Licence 216W
      Bus Services: Concessions 217W
      Bus Services: Finance 218W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 218W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 218W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Enforcement 218W
      Electric Vehicles 219W
      Fuels: Excise duties 219W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Safety 219W
      Rescue Services: Air Force 220W
      Rescue Services: Contracts 220W
      Rescue Services: Scotland 221W
      Roads: Accidents 221W
      Speed Limits 222W
      Transport: Expenditure 222W
Treasury 267W
      Action for Employment 267W
      Gift Aid: Leeds 267W
      Monetary Policy 267W
      Non-domestic Rates 267W
      Planning Permission 268W
      Tax Avoidance 268W
      Taxation: Business 268W
      Taxation: Debts Written Off 269W
      Taxation: Oil 269W
Wales 209W
      Action for Employment 209W
      Departmental Pay 209W
Women and Equalities 200W
      Action for Employment 200W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 200W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission: Veredus 200W
      Human Trafficking 200W
Work and Pensions 236W
      Action for Employment 236W
      Automated Service Delivery Project 237W
      Employment and Support Allowance 238W
      Jobseeker's Allowance: New Enterprise Allowance 238W
      Jobseekers Allowance: Young People 239W
      New Deal Schemes 240W
      Post Office Card Account 240W
      Work Capability Assessments 243W