Oral Answers
Wednesday 29 February 2012

Prime Minister 280
      Engagements 280
Wales 271
      Burdens on Business 275
      Crime 279
      Feed-in Tariffs 273
      Funding Reductions (Women) 276
      High Speed 2 279
      Inward Investment 271
      Public Service Delivery 277
      St David’s Day 278
      The People’s Rail 274
      Tourism 280

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 29 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 31WS
      English for Speakers of Other Languages 31WS
Defence 31WS
      Police and Guarding Agency 31WS
Deputy Prime Minister 32WS
      Electoral Registration (Annual Canvass 2012) 32WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 32WS
      Hong Kong (Sino-British Declaration) 32WS
Health 33WS
      Winterbourne View 33WS
Home Department 33WS
      Immigration 33WS

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Communities and Local Government 3P
      Definition of Gypsy Status 3P

Written Answers
Wednesday 29 February 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 376W
      Apprentices 376W
      Bus Services: Brighton 377W
      Bus Services: Competition 377W
      Business 377W
      Business: Government Assistance 378W
      Departmental Pay 378W
      Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme 379W
      Exports 379W
      Public Houses 380W
      Student Loans Company: Pay 380W
      Students: Finance 381W
Cabinet Office 386W
      Departmental Pay 386W
      Departmental Recruitment 387W
      Government Departments: Freedom of Information 387W
      Government Departments: Offices 387W
      Grace and Favour Housing 387W
      Prostate Cancer: Death 388W
      Public Bodies: Manpower 388W
Communities and Local Government 339W
      Coastal Communities Fund 339W
      Departmental Billing 349W
      Departmental Food 340W
      Departmental Internet 341W
      Departmental Procurement 341W
      Departmental Regulation 341W
      Departmental Travel 342W
      Electoral Register 342W
      Email 343W
      Environment Protection: Planning Permission 343W
      Fire Services 343W
      Fire Services: Pensions 344W
      Fire Services: Standards 344W
      Homelessness: Greater London 345W
      Housing: Repairs and Maintenance 346W
      Local Authorities 346W
      Local Authorities: Airports 346W
      Planning Permission: Travellers 347W
      Planning Permission: Wind Power 347W
      Private Rented Housing 348W
      Recycling: Shropshire 348W
      Social Rented Housing: Finance 348W
      Wind Power: Planning Permission 349W
Culture, Media and Sport 314W
      Telecommunications: Competition 314W
      Television: Licensing 316W
Defence 386W
      Armed Forces: Skilled Workers 386W
      Radar: Wind Power 386W
Education 383W
      Adoption 383W
      Children: Allergies 383W
      Dyslexia 384W
      Education: Assessments 384W
      Grammar Schools: Admissions 384W
      Members: Correspondence 385W
      Schools: Inspections 385W
      Schools: Transport 385W
      Teachers: Ex-servicemen 385W
Energy and Climate Change 305W
      Departmental Regulation 305W
      Electricity: Prices 305W
      Energy: Meters 306W
      Exhaust Emissions: Shipping 307W
      Fuel Poverty 307W
      Gas: Prices 307W
      Green Deal Scheme 308W
      Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Economic Situation 308W
      Housing: Insulation 309W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 309W
      Sellafield 310W
      Wind Power: Yorkshire East 310W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 350W
      Action for Employment 350W
      Birds of Prey 350W
      Common Fisheries Policy 351W
      Departmental Data Protection 351W
      Droughts: Lincolnshire 352W
      Droughts: London Olympics 2012 352W
      Environment Agency: Manpower 353W
      Fisheries 353W
      Floods: Pendle 354W
      Fly-tipping: Cycling 354W
      Food: Packaging 355W
      Food: Waste 355W
      Genetically Modified Organisms: Crops 355W
      Landfill 356W
      Landfill: Arpley 357W
      Landfill: Lancashire 357W
      Landfill: North West 358W
      Marine Stewardship Council: Consumers 358W
      Members: Correspondence 358W
      Morocco: Fishery Agreements 358W
      Pesticides 359W
      Pollution: Incinerators 359W
      Rhydymwyn Valley 360W
      River Rom: Conservation 361W
      Rural Areas: Broadband 361W
      Rural Areas: Private Finance Initiative 362W
      Scallops 362W
      Seas and Oceans: Technology 362W
      Third Sector 362W
      Water Companies 363W
      Water: Pollution 364W
      Water Supply: Finance 363W
      West Africa: Fisheries 364W
      Western Sahara: Fisheries 365W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 397W
      A4e 397W
      Departmental Internet 397W
      Departmental Responsibilities 398W
      Kosovo: Serbia 398W
      Western Sahara 399W
Health 325W
      Allergies: Children 325W
      Antenatal Care 326W
      Cardiovascular System: Health Services 326W
      Departmental Internet 326W
      Departmental Pay 327W
      Diabetes: Chiropody 327W
      Diabetes: Orthopaedics 328W
      Health Services: Ex-servicemen 329W
      Hospices 329W
      Hospitals: Waiting Lists 330W
      IVF: Leeds 330W
      McKinsey and Company 330W
      Medical Treatments 330W
      Mental Health Services: Per Capita Costs 331W
      Neurology 331W
      NHS: Reorganisation 331W
      Obesity: Bexleyheath 332W
      Organs: Donors 332W
      Physiotherapy: Greater London 333W
      Primary Health Care 334W
      Prostate Cancer 334W
      Prostate Cancer: Drugs 335W
      Transplant Surgery 335W
Home Department 316W
      Action for Employment 316W
      Arrest Warrants 317W
      British Nationality: Assessments 318W
      Civil Disorder 318W
      Databases: Telecommunications 319W
      Departmental Research 319W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 320W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students 321W
      Foreign Nationals: Offenders 322W
      Forensic Science Regulator: Finance 323W
      Knives: Crime 324W
      Proceeds of Crime 324W
      Terrorism: International Cooperation 325W
House of Commons Commission 313W
      Drinking Water: Costs 313W
International Development 389W
      Bangladesh 389W
Justice 365W
      Appeals: Employment and Support Allowance 365W
      Barristers: Pay 366W
      Children: Custody 366W
      Courts: Crimes of Violence 367W
      Courts: Security 367W
      Criminal Proceedings: Translation Services 368W
      Death Certificates 368W
      Departmental Internet 368W
      Employment Tribunals Service 368W
      EU Staff: Corruption 370W
      Judicial Conduct 370W
      Legal Aid Scheme 371W
      Legal Profession: Pay 371W
      Prison Sentences 371W
      Prisoners 372W
      Reoffenders 374W
      Sentencing 375W
      Young Offenders: Restraint Techniques 375W
Leader of the House 381W
      Members: Pay 381W
Northern Ireland 313W
      Action for Employment 313W
      Departmental Pay 313W
      Members 314W
      Political Parties 314W
Scotland 312W
      Action for Employment 312W
      Departmental Pay 313W
Transport 311W
      Departmental Recruitment 311W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 311W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line: Nature Reserves 312W
      M25: Hertfordshire 312W
      Motor Vehicles: Safety 312W
Treasury 336W
      Banks: Loans 336W
      Child Tax Credit 336W
      Departmental Internet 337W
      Income Tax: Gillingham 337W
      Income Tax: National Insurance 337W
      Revenue and Customs: Closures 338W
      Tax Avoidance: Ghana 338W
      Taxation: Aviation 338W
      Taxation: Self-assessment 339W
Wales 314W
      Broadband 314W
      Inward Investment 314W
Women and Equalities 381W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 381W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission: Manpower 381W
      Homophobia: Sports 382W
Work and Pensions 390W
      Atos Healthcare: Scotland 390W
      Children: Maintenance 391W
      Cold Weather Payments: Reading (Berkshire) 391W
      Disability Living Allowance 392W
      Housing Benefit 392W
      Housing Benefit: Pension Credit 393W
      International Pension Centre 393W
      International Pensions Centre 394W
      New Enterprise Allowance 394W
      Pensions: Fraud 395W
      Public Sector: Redundancy 395W
      Social Security Benefits 395W
      Widowed Parents Allowance 396W
      Winter Fuel Payments 396W
      Work Capability Assessment 397W
      Work Capability Assessment: Northern Ireland 397W