Oral Answers
Thursday 1 March 2012

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 407
      Bats 426
      Bell Ringing 424
      Bishops (Staff) 423
      Cathedrals (Insurance) 423
      Church Commissioners 423
      Circuses (Wild Animals) 411
      Common Agricultural Policy 413
      Dangerous Dogs 414
      Departmental Apprentices 412
      Farmers (Regulations) 407
      Flooding (Insurance) 415
      Metal Theft 416
      Metal Theft 425
      Metal Theft (Forensic Marking Systems) 428
      Same-sex Marriage 427
      Schmallenberg Virus (Wales) 418
      Sugar Industry 417
      Syria 426
      Topical Questions 418
      Water Resources 409

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 1 March 2012

Communities and Local Government 37WS
      Fire and Rescue Control Services 37WS
Defence 39WS
      Defence Transformation 39WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 41WS
      Circuses (Wild Animals) 41WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 42WS
      Diplomatic Security in Syria 42WS
Home Department 43WS
      Border Force 43WS
Leader of the House 43WS
      State Opening of Parliament 43WS
Transport 44WS
      Mobility Scooters / Powered Wheelchairs 44WS

Written Answers
Thursday 1 March 2012

Attorney-General 401W
      Euthanasia 401W
      Immunity From Prosecution 401W
      Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 401W
Business, Innovation and Skills 443W
      Business: Government Assistance 443W
      Consumers: Protection 443W
      Departmental Internet 444W
      Departmental Regulation 444W
      Food: Research 444W
      Green Investment Bank 444W
      Imports: Safety 445W
      Intellectual Property: Animation 445W
      Lifelong Education 446W
      Redundancy 446W
      Teachers: Training 446W
      Trade Descriptions Act 1968 446W
      Unfair Dismissal 447W
Cabinet Office 455W
      Action for Employment 455W
      Hospitals: Death 455W
      Mesothelioma: Death 456W
Communities and Local Government 465W
      Cala Homes: Legal Aid Scheme 465W
      Community Relations 466W
      Council Tax Benefits 466W
      Councillors: Pensions 467W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 467W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 467W
      Fire Services 468W
      First-Time Buyers: Greater London 469W
      Housing: Energy 469W
      Housing: Repairs and Maintenance 470W
      Legal Aid Scheme 471W
      Local Government: Disability 471W
      Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Government Procurement Card 472W
Culture, Media and Sport 404W
      Broadband: Brighton 404W
      Departmental Regulation 404W
      National Railway Museum 404W
      Olympic Games 2012: Bexley 405W
      Public Libraries 405W
Defence 436W
      Action for Employment 436W
      Afghanistan: Armed Forces 437W
      Air Training Corps: Expenditure 437W
      Armed Forces: Mental Health Services 437W
      Armed Forces: Pay 438W
      Armed Forces: Psychology 438W
      Armed Forces: Retirement 438W
      Army: Training 439W
      Chinook Helicopters 439W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 439W
      Large Goods Vehicles 440W
      Military Decorations 440W
      Ministry of Defence Police: Gosport 441W
      Veterans 441W
      Veterans: Finance 442W
      Veterans: Health Services 442W
Deputy Prime Minister 420W
      Departmental Air Travel 420W
Education 426W
      Schools: Finance 426W
Energy and Climate Change 405W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 405W
      Fuel Poverty 406W
      Green Deal Scheme 406W
      Insulation 407W
      Renewable Energy 407W
      Renewable Energy: Technology 408W
      Renewables Obligation 409W
      Salix: Energy Supply 409W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 434W
      Animal Welfare: Hares 434W
      Bovine Tuberculosis 434W
      Dangerous Dogs 435W
      Dogs 435W
      Dogs: Electric Shock Equipment 435W
      Livestock: Waste Disposal 435W
      Nature Conservation 436W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 413W
      Algeria 413W
      Burkina Faso 414W
      Christianity 414W
      Conflict Resolution 415W
      Departmental Recruitment 415W
      Dogs: Meat 416W
      East Africa 416W
      Egypt 417W
      Somalia 417W
      Syria 418W
      Turks and Caicos Islands 419W
      Western Sahara 419W
Health 472W
      Departmental Regulation 472W
      Diabetes: Leicester 473W
      Diseases 473W
      Drugs: Delivery Services 473W
      Health: Screening 474W
      Health Services: Bexley 473W
      HIV Infection 475W
      Mesothelioma: Research 475W
      Multiple Sclerosis: Drugs 476W
      NHS: Drugs 477W
      NHS: Repairs and Maintenance 478W
      Organs: Donors 479W
      Pregnancy: Counselling 480W
      Prescription Drugs 480W
      Streptococcus: Screening 480W
      Transplant Surgery 481W
Home Department 456W
      Action for Employment 456W
      Animal Experiments 457W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders: Birmingham 458W
      Asylum 458W
      British Nationality 458W
      British Nationality: Terrorism 458W
      Broker Direct 459W
      Demonstrations: Parliament Square 459W
      Departmental Regulation 461W
      Deportation: Tamils 461W
      Domestic Violence 461W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs Council 462W
      Illegal Immigrants: Employment 462W
      Immigrants: Detainees 462W
      Immigration 463W
      Members: Correspondence 464W
      Police and Crime Commissioner 464W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals 464W
      Stalking 465W
      Youth Custody 465W
House of Commons Commission 402W
      Information and Communications Technology 402W
      Plants: Costs 402W
      Recess: Operating Costs 403W
International Development 412W
      Africa 412W
      Brussels 412W
      Developing Countries: HIV Infection 412W
      Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria 412W
      Somalia 413W
      World Bank 413W
Justice 429W
      Action for Employment 429W
      Compensation: Industrial Diseases 429W
      Departmental Contracts 430W
      Departmental Pay 430W
      Employment Tribunals Service 430W
      Legal Profession: Fees and Charges 433W
      Magistrates: Payments 433W
      Witnesses: Payments 433W
Leader of the House 402W
      Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority 402W
Northern Ireland 410W
      Anniversaries 410W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 410W
      Economic Situation 411W
      Organised Crime 411W
      Politics and Government 411W
Prime Minister 403W
      Aung San Suu Kyi 403W
Transport 447W
      A64 447W
      Blue Badge Scheme: Fraud 447W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 448W
      Departmental Regulation 448W
      Driving: Licensing 449W
      Electric Vehicles: Safety 449W
      Government Car and Dispatch Agency 451W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 451W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Safety 451W
      Liverpool Port: Finance 452W
      Liverpool Port: Safety 452W
      Motor Vehicles: Testing 453W
      Older People 453W
      Railways: North West 453W
      Railways: Theft 454W
      Rescue Services 454W
      Road Signs and Markings 455W
Treasury 426W
      Customs: Cross Border Cooperation 426W
      Departmental Manpower 427W
      Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation 427W
      Members: Correspondence 428W
      Moody's Investors Service 428W
      Revenue and Customs: Finance 428W
Wales 403W
      Public Expenditure 403W
Women and Equalities 409W
      Disability: Crime 409W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 410W
Work and Pensions 420W
      Action for Employment Contracts 420W
      Charities 420W
      Children: Day Care 421W
      Children: Maintenance 421W
      Employment and Support Allowance 422W
      Employment Schemes 422W
      Employment Schemes: Young People 423W
      Housing Benefit: Private Rented Housing 424W
      Jobseeker's Allowance 424W
      Social Security Benefits: Industrial Diseases 425W
      Universal Credit 425W
      Work Capability Assessment 425W
      Work Programme: Scotland 426W

Ministerial Correction
Thursday 1 March 2012

Health 1MC
      Maternity Services: Expenditure 1MC