Oral Answers
Monday 5 March 2012

Work and Pensions 545
      Bereavement Benefit 560
      Child Poverty 547
      Cold Weather (Financial Assistance) 553
      Female Unemployment 556
      Incapacity Benefit 551
      Mesothelioma 553
      PAYE 552
      Student Support 548
      Topical Questions 560
      Universal Credit 555
      Work Capability Assessments 559
      Work Experience 545
      Work Programme 558
      Youth Contract 549
      Youth Unemployment 554

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 5 March 2012

Communities and Local Government 47WS
      Supporting England's Ports 47WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 49WS
      Foreign Affairs and General Affairs Council (February 2012) 49WS
Home Department 52WS
      Domestic Violence 53WS
      Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Amendments) 52WS
Justice 54WS
      Emergency Workers (Obstruction Act 2006 Post-Legislative Scrutiny 54WS
Treasury 45WS
      ECOFIN 21 February 2012 45WS

Written Answers
Monday 5 March 2012

Attorney-General 488W
      Crown Prosecution Service 488W
      Serious Fraud Office: Finance 489W
Business, Innovation and Skills 597W
      Action for Employment 597W
      Business: Government Assistance 600W
      Carbon Emissions 604W
      Clinical Trials: EU Law 604W
      College of International Co-operation and Development 605W
      Competition Commission: Manpower 605W
      Construction: Schools 605W
      Consumers: Protection 606W
      Copyright 606W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 607W
      Export Controls 607W
      Exports: Saudi Arabia 607W
      Exports: Tunisia 608W
      Higher Education 610W
      Members: Correspondence 611W
      Multimedia: Archives 611W
      Student Loans Company 612W
      Students: Work Experience 612W
      Supermarkets: Farmers 613W
      Tankers: Procurement 614W
      Trade Descriptions Act 1968 615W
      UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation: Libya 615W
      UK Trade and Investment: Wales 615W
Cabinet Office 558W
      Action for Employment 558W
      Children: North West 559W
      Department of Health 559W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 559W
      Departmental Responsibilities 559W
      Employment: Private Sector 560W
      Families 560W
      Minister without Portfolio: Official Visits 561W
      Public Sector 561W
      Public Sector: Billing 561W
      Reed: Government Departments 562W
      Seetec: Government Departments 562W
      Suicide 562W
      Teenage Pregnancy: Pendle 563W
Church Commissioners 597W
      Metal: Theft 597W
Communities and Local Government 483W
      Council Tax 483W
      Departmental Training 484W
      Enterprise Zones: Heysham 484W
      Enterprise Zones: Job Creation 485W
      Enterprise Zones: Operating Costs 485W
      Fire Services: Finance 485W
      Housing: Westmorland 485W
      Local Government: Greater Manchester 486W
      Mayors: Greater Manchester 486W
      Planning Permission 486W
Culture, Media and Sport 492W
      Arts 492W
      BBC: Licensing 493W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 493W
      Freeview 494W
      Mobile Phones 494W
      National Lottery: Sports 495W
      Radio Frequencies 495W
      Sports 496W
      Television: Licensing 496W
Defence 582W
      Armed Forces Covenant 582W
      Armed Forces: Education 582W
      Defence Equipment: Scotland 583W
      Departmental Apprentices 583W
      Departmental Procurement 584W
      Departmental Regulation 584W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012: Medals 585W
Deputy Prime Minister 552W
      Constituencies: Parliament 552W
      House of Lords: Reform 552W
Education 538W
      Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 538W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 539W
      Departmental Internet 539W
      Departmental Pay 539W
      Departmental Regulation 539W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 540W
      Schools 540W
      Schools: Sports 541W
      Self-Control: Curriculum 542W
      Special Educational Needs: Autism 544W
      Special Educational Needs: Dyslexia 544W
      Vocational Guidance 545W
Energy and Climate Change 552W
      Energy: Housing 552W
      Energy: Meters 553W
      Energy Supply: Mobile Homes 552W
      Fuel Poverty Review 553W
      Green Deal Scheme 553W
      Housing: Insulation 553W
      Local Energy Assessment Fund 554W
      Renewable Energy 554W
      Renewable Energy: Heating 557W
      Renewables Obligation: Finance 557W
      Solar Power 557W
      Solar Power: Social Rented Housing 557W
      Warm Homes Discount Scheme 558W
      Wind Power: Yorkshire and the Humber 558W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 505W
      Broadband: Rural Areas 505W
      Departmental Meetings 506W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 506W
      Departmental Training 507W
      Dogs 507W
      Electronic Training Aids 508W
      Environment Protection: EU Law 508W
      Fisheries 508W
      Flood Control: Expenditure 508W
      Gangmasters Licensing Authority 509W
      Hares: Animal Welfare 509W
      Land 510W
      Litter: Publicity 510W
      Marine Conservation Zones 510W
      Marine Management Organisation: Manpower 511W
      Rights of Way 512W
      Rights of Way: Coastal Areas 512W
      Rural Areas: Finance 512W
      Sharks: Imports 513W
      Sustainable Development: British Overseas Territories 513W
      Water Industry (Financial Assistance) Bill 2010-12 514W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 545W
      Azerbaijan 545W
      Burma 545W
      Cambodia 546W
      Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections 547W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 547W
      Departmental Recruitment 548W
      Departmental Secondment 548W
      Fossil Fuels: Subsidies 548W
      Grace and Favour Housing 548W
      Libya: Embassies 549W
      North Korea 549W
      Pakistan: British Nationals Abroad 549W
      Palestinians: Elections 550W
      Russian Language 550W
      Sri Lanka 551W
      Sudan: Sanctions 551W
      Uganda 551W
      Western Sahara 551W
Health 616W
      Autism: Children 616W
      Autism: Research 616W
      Cancer: Health Services 617W
      Carers: Standards 617W
      Cervical Cancer: Lancashire 617W
      Children: Internet 618W
      Departmental Consultants 619W
      Diabetes: Health Services 619W
      Emergency Services 619W
      Health Services: North West 620W
      Health Services: Regulation 620W
      Health Visitors: Leeds 620W
      HealthWatch England 621W
      Herbal Medicine 621W
      Locums 622W
      Meals on Wheels 622W
      Monitor 622W
      Neurology: Standards 623W
      NHS Commissioning Board 623W
      NHS Foundation Trusts: Private Sector 624W
      NHS: Pay 624W
      Pain 625W
      Pharmacy 625W
      Pharmacy: Databases 625W
      Plastic Surgery: Regulation 626W
      Prescription Drugs: Prices 626W
      Primary Care Trusts: North West 626W
      Private Patients: NHS Trusts 627W
      Risk Assessment 628W
Home Department 514W
      Abu Qatada 515W
      Antisocial Behaviour 516W
      Antisocial Behaviour: Alcoholic Drinks 517W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders 514W
      Asylum 517W
      Crime 517W
      Crimes of Violence: Alcoholic Drinks 518W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 518W
      Departmental ICT 518W
      Deportation 518W
      Domestic Violence: Housing 519W
      Drugs: EU Action 519W
      Drugs: International Co-operation 519W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs Council 520W
      Immigrants: Detainees 521W
      Immigration: Ports 521W
      Khat: Drug Seizures 523W
      Legal Opinion 523W
      Metropolitan Police: Cybercrime 524W
      National Crime Agency 524W
      Sir Michael Scholar 524W
      Stalking 525W
      Theft: Metals 525W
      UK Border Agency 525W
      UK Border Agency: Pay 526W
      Visas: Tripoli 526W
House of Commons Commission 487W
      Big Ben: Tourism 487W
International Development 585W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 585W
      Developing Countries: Tax Avoidance 586W
      EU Aid 586W
      Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 586W
      Kenya 587W
      North Korea 587W
      UN Central Emergency Response Fund 588W
Justice 526W
      Chief Coroner 526W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority: Public Expenditure 527W
      Employment Tribunals Service 527W
      Employment Tribunals Service: Fees and Charges 531W
      G4S 532W
      Harassment 532W
      HMP Lindholme 533W
      Iran 533W
      Legal Aid Scheme 533W
      Legal Services Commission 533W
      Magistrates: Closures 534W
      Magistrates: Translation Services 534W
      Office of Chief Coroner 535W
      Prisoners: Sentencing 535W
      Prisons: Yorkshire and the Humber 536W
      Reoffenders: Young Offenders 537W
      The Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act 2010 537W
      Translation Services 538W
      Trespass: Crime 538W
Northern Ireland 490W
      Air Passenger Duty 490W
      BMI 491W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 491W
      Departmental Responsibilities 491W
      Human Trafficking 492W
      Politics and Government 492W
      Public Expenditure 492W
Prime Minister 489W
      Immigration Controls 489W
Scotland 489W
      Tugboats 489W
Transport 497W
      Aviation 497W
      Aviation: Biofuels 497W
      Aviation: Carbon Emissions 497W
      Crossrail Line: Costs 498W
      Cycling: Safety 499W
      Driving Offences: EU Action 500W
      EU Action 500W
      Motor Vehicles: Carbon Emissions 501W
      Network Rail 501W
      Oil 502W
      Railways 502W
      Railways: South East 503W
      Railways: South West 503W
      Railways: Theft 503W
      Railways: Wales 504W
      Roads: Accidents 504W
      Rolling Stock 504W
      Rolling Stock: Procurement 505W
Treasury 588W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Prices 588W
      Child Care Tax Credit 588W
      Child Care Vouchers 589W
      Convention on the Protection of the European Communities’ Financial Interests 589W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 589W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 590W
      Excise Duties: Biofuels 590W
      Excise Duties: Fuels 590W
      First-time Buyers 591W
      First-time Buyers: Stamp Duties 591W
      HM Revenue and Customs 591W
      Income Tax 592W
      Income Tax: Tax Rates and Bands 592W
      Insolvency: EU Action 592W
      Interest Rates 593W
      Investment: Carbon Emissions 593W
      Multinational Companies 593W
      National Insurance: Data Protection 594W
      PAYE 594W
      Pocket Lighters: Import Controls 594W
      Revenue and Customs: ICT 594W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax: Greater London 595W
      Tax Avoidance 595W
      Tax Avoidance: Bookmakers 595W
      Tax Credit: Greater London 596W
      Tax Relief: Manufacturing Industries 596W
      Taxation: Gambling 596W
      Working Tax Credit 596W
Wales 490W
      Air Passenger Duty 490W
      Devolution 490W
Women and Equalities 490W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 490W
Work and Pensions 564W
      Absenteeism 564W
      Active Operations Management 566W
      Atos Healthcare 566W
      Auto-enrolment Staging Dates 568W
      Carers: Employment 567W
      Children: Day Care 569W
      Council Tax 569W
      Departmental Internet 570W
      Departmental Responsibilities 570W
      Disability Living Allowance 570W
      Disability Living Allowance: Scotland 571W
      Employers’ Liability 571W
      Employment Schemes 571W
      Employment Schemes: Newcastle Upon Tyne 572W
      Employment Support Allowance 564W
      Flexible Support Fund 572W
      Housing Benefit 572W
      Independent Review of the Work Capability Assessment 573W
      Jobcentre Plus: Vacancies 573W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance 573W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance: Domestic Violence 574W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance: Work Experience 575W
      Members: Correspondence 575W
      New Enterprise Allowance 576W
      Personal Injury: Compensation 576W
      Social Security Benefits 577W
      Social Security Benefits: Northern Ireland 577W
      Tell Us Once Scheme 577W
      UK Debt Management Office 578W
      Welfare State: Northern Ireland 579W
      Work Capability Assessment 580W
      Work Experience: Unemployed People 580W
      Work Experience: Young People 580W
      Work Programme 564W
      Work Programme 581W