Oral Answers
Tuesday 6 March 2012

Treasury 693
      Budget Deficit 705
      Child Care 696
      Economic Growth 701
      Financial Services 698
      Gross Value Added 706
      Job Creation (Private Sector) 702
      Money Advice Service 705
      Tax Avoidance 700
      Topical Questions 707
      VAT (Hospitality Industries) 699
      Working Tax Credit 693

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 6 March 2012

Defence 55WS
      HMS Victory 55WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 57WS
      Environmental Council 57WS
Treasury 55WS
      Pensioner Taxation and Employee Share Schemes 55WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 6 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 693W
      Business: Loans 693W
      Business: Recruitment 694W
      Credit 695W
      Debts: Democratic Republic of Congo 696W
      Electronic Commerce: Trading Standards 696W
      Higher Education: Student Numbers 696W
      Non-governmental Organisations: Finance 697W
      Overseas Trade: Libya 698W
      Overseas Trade: Sudan 700W
      Public Houses 700W
      Royal Mail 701W
      Trading Standards 701W
      UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation 701W
Cabinet Office 680W
      Unemployment: Redditch 680W
Communities and Local Government 677W
      Affordable Housing: Leeds 677W
      Homelessness 677W
      Housing 678W
      Housing Benefit: Private Rented Housing 678W
      Local Government: Manpower 679W
      Planning Permission 679W
      Private Rented Housing: Electrical Safety 679W
      Property Development 680W
Defence 645W
      Air Force 645W
      Air Training Corps: Expenditure 646W
      Armed Forces 645W
      Armed Forces: Agencies 647W
      Armed Forces: Capita 647W
      Armed Forces: Languages 647W
      Armed Forces: Manpower 648W
      Armed Forces: Newspaper Press 648W
      Armed Forces: Olympic Games 2012 648W
      Armed Forces: Psychology 649W
      Armed Forces: Recruitment 646W
      Defence Equipment 651W
      Defence: Finance 654W
      Defence: Training 654W
      Departmental Animal Experiments 654W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 655W
      Departmental Equality 655W
      Departmental Lost Property 655W
      Departmental Pay 656W
      Departmental Procurement 656W
      Depleted Uranium 658W
      Eastern Europe: Military Aircraft 659W
      Hebrides Missile Range 660W
      Iran: Military Intervention 660W
      Kenya: Armed Forces 660W
      Kenya: Military Aid 661W
      Large Goods Vehicles 661W
      Medals: Veterans 661W
      Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability Programme 662W
      Military Aid 662W
      Military Aircraft: Procurement 666W
      Navy: Procurement 666W
      USAF Lakenheath 666W
Education 724W
      Class Sizes 724W
      Education Funding Agency: Manpower 723W
      Grammar Schools: Admissions 725W
      Languages: GCSE 726W
      Local Education Authorities 727W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 727W
      Primary Education: Lambeth 727W
      Schools: Health Education 727W
      Self-Control: Curriculum 728W
      Special Educational Needs: ICT 728W
      Young People: Autism 729W
      Young People's Learning Agency: Manpower 730W
Energy and Climate Change 684W
      Energy 684W
      Energy Supply 685W
      Green Deal Scheme 685W
      Local Energy Assessment Fund 686W
      Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Consultants 686W
      Solar Power 686W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 687W
      Wind Power: Finance 687W
      Wind Power: Planning Permission 688W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 667W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses 667W
      Animal Welfare: Pigs 667W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control 668W
      Bread: Prices 668W
      Carbon Emissions 668W
      Cattle: Disease Control 669W
      Conservation 669W
      Departmental Regulation 670W
      Departmental Travel 670W
      Dogs 671W
      Dogs: Breeding 671W
      Farms: Storage 672W
      Food: Financial Markets 672W
      Marine Conservation Zones 673W
      Nature Improvement Areas 673W
      Pets 674W
      Pets: Animal Welfare 674W
      Pets: Tagging 674W
      Reservoirs: Safety 674W
      Rural Areas: Private Finance Initiative 675W
      Schmallenberg Virus 675W
      Schmallenberg Virus: Kent 677W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 688W
      Economic and Monetary Union 688W
      Falkland Islands 688W
      North Korea 688W
      Saif Al Islam Gaddafi 689W
      Sri Lanka 689W
      Tunisia 690W
Health 715W
      Alcoholic Drinks and Drugs: Rehabilitation 715W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Labelling 715W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Southampton 715W
      Autism: Prisoners 715W
      Cancer: Health Services 715W
      Dementia 716W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 716W
      Diabetes: Drugs 717W
      Diabetes: Prescription Drugs 718W
      Disease Control: Livestock 718W
      Emergency Calls: Kent 718W
      Health Professions: Regulation 719W
      Hospitals: Food 719W
      Hospitals: Infectious Diseases 721W
      NHS: Private Sector 721W
      Nurses: Pay 721W
      Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman 722W
      Physiotherapy: Rehabilitation 722W
      Plastic Surgery 722W
      Primary Care Trusts: Lancashire 723W
      Savernake Hospital 723W
      Vaccination: Compensation 724W
Home Department 636W
      Animal Experiments 636W
      Animal Experiments: Inspections 636W
      Animal Experiments: Pay 638W
      Asylum 638W
      Asylum: Syria 639W
      Biofuels: Manufactured Goods 639W
      Biometrics: Eyes 640W
      Charities: Shops 640W
      Crime Prevention 640W
      Departmental ICT 641W
      Deportation 641W
      Drugs 641W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs 642W
      National Crime Agency 643W
      National Policing Improvement Agency 643W
      Serious Organised Crime Agency 644W
      Smuggling: Alcoholic Drinks 644W
      Theft 644W
      Theft: Metals 644W
      UK Border Agency 644W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 645W
International Development 690W
      Departmental Data Protection 690W
      Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria 691W
      India: Overseas Aid 691W
      Libya: Education 692W
      Libya: Regulation 692W
      Malaria 692W
      North Korea 693W
Justice 703W
      Applied Language Solutions 703W
      Employment Tribunals Service 703W
      Extradition: Children 705W
      Fines: Driving Offences 705W
      Prosecutions 705W
      Translation Services 706W
Northern Ireland 629W
      Domestic Visits 629W
      Politics and Government 629W
Prime Minister 707W
      UK Border Agency 707W
Scotland 629W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 629W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 629W
Transport 631W
      Bridges: South East 631W
      Crossrail: Rolling Stock 631W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 631W
      Driving: Licensing 632W
      Manufacturing Industries: Procurement 632W
      Maritime and Coastguard Agency 633W
      Network Rail: Finance 633W
      Office of Rail Regulation 634W
      Railways: Electrification 635W
      Transport: Incentives 636W
      Transport Select Committee: Expenditure 635W
Treasury 680W
      Air Passenger Duty 681W
      Employee Share Ownership Plans 682W
      High-tech Industries 682W
      Job Creation: Private Sector 681W
      Monetary Policy: Republic of Ireland 683W
      National Insurance 682W
      Pay 684W
      Public Sector Borrowing Requirement 680W
      Tax Thresholds 681W
      Taxation: Banks 684W
      Taxation: Second Homes 684W
Wales 629W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 629W
Women and Equalities 630W
      Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee 630W
      Equalities and Human Rights Commission: Scotland 630W
      Recruitment: Quotas 631W
Work and Pensions 707W
      Departmental Contracts 707W
      Departmental Regulation 707W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 708W
      Employment: HIV Infection 709W
      Hearing Impairment: Compensation 709W
      Jobcentre Plus 710W
      Jobseeker's Allowance: Young People 710W
      Mortgages 712W
      New Deal Schemes 712W
      Pensioners 712W
      Social Security Benefits: Greater London 713W
      Universal Credit 714W
      Work Capability Assessment 714W
      Work Experience 714W

Ministerial Correction
Tuesday 6 March 2012

Treasury 9MC
      Living Standards 9MC