Oral Answers
Wednesday 7 March 2012

Northern Ireland 827
      Bill of Rights 831
      Defence Capability 836
      Economic Development 835
      Inward Investment 833
      Pat Finucane Review 832
      Security Situation 827
      United Kingdom 829
Prime Minister 837
      Engagements 837
      Engagements 844
      Visits (Central Ayrshire) 844

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 7 March 2012

Cabinet Office 59WS
      Cabinet Committee List 59WS
Defence 59WS
      Medical Assessment Programme 59WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 59WS
      Single Payment Scheme 59WS
Health 60WS
      NHS Pension Scheme 60WS
Home Department 60WS
      Justice and Home Affairs Council 61WS
      Police and Crime Commissioners (Pay) 60WS
Work and Pensions 63WS
      Disability Employment Support 63WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 7 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 782W
      Departmental Responsibilities 782W
      Departmental Secondment 782W
      Financial Services: Conveyancing 783W
      Foreign Investment in UK 783W
      Higher Education 783W
      Industry: Water 784W
      Office of Fair Access: Manpower 784W
      Overseas Trade: Egypt 784W
      South West Regional Development Agency: Pay 785W
      Trading Standards 785W
      University Technical Colleges 785W
Communities and Local Government 765W
      Coastal Communities Fund 765W
      Fire Services: Emergency Calls 766W
      First Time Buyers 766W
      Homelessness: Greater London 767W
      Housing Benefit 767W
      Housing: Construction 768W
      Housing Improvement: Finance 767W
      Land: Planning Permission 769W
      Land: Sales 770W
      Local Government: Calderdale 770W
      Local Government: Complaints 771W
      Local Government: North East 771W
      Local Government: Pay 771W
      Planning Permission 772W
      Planning Permission: Incinerators 772W
      Urban Areas: Planning Permission 773W
      Urban Areas: Regeneration 773W
      Waste Management 773W
Culture, Media and Sport 778W
      Arts: Asians 778W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012: Medals 779W
      Sports: Young People 779W
Defence 780W
      Air Training Corps 780W
      Departmental Disclosure of Information 780W
      Future Local Area Air Defence System 780W
      Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability Programme 781W
      MOD Bicester 781W
      USA: Military Alliances 782W
Education 798W
      Academies 798W
      Academies: Private Finance Initiative 798W
      Boarding Schools 799W
      Building Schools for the Future Programme 799W
      Food Technology: Curriculum 800W
      Free School Meals 800W
      GCSE 801W
      GCSE: Disadvantaged 801W
      Literacy: Secondary Education 802W
      Mathematics: GCSE 802W
      Military Academies 803W
      Ofsted: Inspections 803W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 804W
      Private Education 804W
      Schools: Admissions 805W
      Schools: Capital Investment 806W
      Schools: Crimes of Violence 806W
      Schools: Governing Bodies 806W
      Schools: Standards 807W
      Schools: Teaching Methods 809W
      Science: GCSE 809W
      Science: Schools 810W
      Secondary Education 811W
      Students: Finance 811W
      Teachers: Employment 812W
      Teachers: Recruitment 812W
      Teachers: Redundancy 813W
      Teachers: Training 814W
      University Technical Colleges 815W
Energy and Climate Change 786W
      Departmental Ethnic Minority Staff 786W
      Natural Gas: Exploration 787W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 787W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 775W
      Agriculture: Droughts 775W
      Broadband: Finance 775W
      Droughts: Subsidence 775W
      Fish: Marketing 776W
      Pet Animals Act 1951 776W
      River Thames: Sewage 777W
      Tyres: Exports 777W
      Water: Olympic Games 2012 777W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 738W
      Burma 738W
      Departmental Data Protection 739W
      Henderson Island 740W
      Mali 740W
      Nigeria 741W
      Occupied Territories 741W
      Private Education 741W
      Yemen 742W
      Zimbabwe 742W
Health 815W
      Asthma 816W
      Cancer: Drugs 816W
      Cancer: Health Services 817W
      Cardiovascular system: Health Services 818W
      Departmental Manpower 819W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants 819W
      Health: Finance 820W
      HIV Infection: Greater London 820W
      Influenza: Vaccination 815W
      Lyme Disease 820W
      Lyme Disease: Blood Tests 821W
      Maternity Services 822W
      Medical Treatments abroad 822W
      National Health Service Commissioning Boards 816W
      NHS: Procurement 822W
      NHS: Reform 823W
      NHS: Reorganisation 823W
      Palliative Care 823W
      Patient Access Scheme 824W
      Physiotherapy: Administrative Delays 825W
      Prescription Drugs: Shortages 825W
      Spinal Injuries: Health Services 826W
      Transplant Surgery: Waiting Lists 827W
Home Department 828W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Redditch 828W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Southampton 829W
      Asylum 829W
      Civil Disorder 829W
      Crime 830W
      Detention Centres 830W
      Detention Centres: Children 830W
      Drugs: Crime 830W
      Emergency Calls 831W
      Freezing Orders 831W
      Licensed Premises: Greater London 832W
      Members: Correspondence 833W
      Metals: Theft 834W
      National Crime Agency: Costs 834W
      Police 834W
      Police: Information and Communications Technology 835W
      Reoffenders: Foreign Nationals 835W
      Riots (Damages) Act 1886 835W
      UK Border Agency 836W
      West Midlands Police 836W
House of Commons Commission 763W
      Big Ben: Tourism 763W
      Catering 764W
International Development 792W
      Conflict Prevention 792W
      Corruption 792W
      Developing Countries: Health Services 793W
      Developing Countries: HIV Infection 793W
      Private Sector 794W
      Somaliland 795W
      Sudan: Debts 796W
      Syria 796W
      West Africa 797W
Justice 743W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders 743W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 743W
      Departmental Public Expenditure 744W
      Domestic Violence 744W
      Fines 744W
      Prisoners: EU Nationals 745W
      Prisoners: Repatriation 751W
      Public Expenditure 751W
      Reoffenders 752W
      Repossession Orders 754W
      Repossession Orders: North West 755W
      Sentencing 756W
      Sentencing: Mental Health 758W
      Sentencing: Young People 758W
      Translation Services 759W
Northern Ireland 774W
      Corporation Tax 774W
      Eurozone 774W
      High Profile Anniversaries 774W
      Security 774W
Transport 761W
      A453 761W
      Action for Employment 761W
      Bus Services: Concessions 761W
      Crossrail: Contracts 761W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Disclosure of Information 762W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 762W
      Motorways: Speed Limits 762W
      Oil: EU Action 762W
      Transport: Industrial Disputes 763W
Treasury 731W
      Bank of England: Scotland 731W
      Capital Allowances 732W
      Capital Gains Tax 732W
      Capital Gains Tax: Second Homes 731W
      Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks 732W
      Government Departments: Procurement 734W
      Higher Education: Northern Ireland 734W
      Housing Revenue Accounts: Wales 735W
      Monetary Policy 735W
      Moody's Investor Services: Press Releases 735W
      National Insurance: Insolvency 735W
      NHS: Reorganisation 736W
      Pensions: Teachers 736W
      Public Expenditure 736W
      Public Expenditure: Wales 737W
      Public Sector Net Cash Requirement 737W
      Smuggling: Alcoholic Drinks 737W
      Tax Avoidance: Civil Servants 737W
      Tax Collection: Complaints 738W
      Taxation: Motor Vehicles 738W
Women and Equalities 797W
      Equalities and Human Rights Commission 797W
      Equalities and Human Rights Commission: Scotland 798W
Work and Pensions 787W
      Atos Healthcare 787W
      Carer's Allowance 788W
      Housing Benefit 788W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance 788W
      Nuclear Information 788W
      Pensions 789W
      Redundancy: Private Sector 789W
      Social Security Benefits 789W
      Social Security Benefits: Hyndburn 790W
      Social Security Benefits: Northern Ireland 791W
      Universal Credit: Housing Benefit 791W